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CodyCross Answers & Solutions for All Levels

Fanatee Games’ mobile title called CodyCross is a “new crossword experience” recently released for Android and iOS devices. In this game you will be joining the titular alien CodyCross, who has landed on Earth and needs your assistance in helping him learn about our planet. There are various “thematic” worlds in this game for you to explore as you travel across space and time, unveiling Earth’s history and humanity’s accomplishments. Due to the thematic nature of this game, this differs from the average word game/brain teaser/crossword puzzle game, though you can be rest assured that there are some easy questions for you to solve in here.

What’s to do if you’re stuck with some of the questions and not sure what the answers are? Should you take a screenshot of the game and send it to your friends for some hints? That’s all well and good, but we would still advise you to read our CodyCross answers and solutions, which covers the first five levels of the game. Check this answer key any time you’re having problems with the questions/puzzles, but do not read from start to finish, because you wouldn’t want to kill the thrill of the game by spoon-feeding yourself all the answers!

CodyCross Answers & Solutions for All Levels

Level 1 (Secret Word: Solar System)

One of the days of the week – Thursday
Parts of a TV show – Episodes
Technology used in computer networks – Wireless
Shirley ______, actress in Terms of Endearment – MacLaine
Flying _______, the B-17’s nickname – Fortress
Mountains between the Black and Caspian Seas – Caucasus
A person who works for wages or salary – Employee
To feel great worry over something – Stressed
Herb used in Mexican, Chinese and Italian Dishes – Cilantro
California’s City of Roses – Pasadena
A Rapid spread of a disease – Epidemic

Level 2 (Secret Word: Stratosphere)

Residents of this state are known as cheeseheads – Wisconsin
A sport played during the Olympic Games – Badminton
Dried plant material used as home fragrance – Potpourri
Spending more than you have in your bank account – Overdraft
Bewitched forest – Enchanted
Family of woodwind instruments played in jazz – Saxophone
Scarlett _____, actress in Lost in Translation – Johansson
Fruit name which combines a tree and another fruit – Pineapple
The whole area that drains into a lake or river – Watershed
Trick or treat – Halloween
Facial hair named after Civil War general – Sideburns

Level 3 (Secret Word: Global Warming)

This man invited children to his TV neighborhood – Rogers
A famous comet was named after him – Halley
A film telling someone’s life story – Biopic
Fear of ____ and children is called pedophobia – Babies
Common light tan; casual dress pants – Khakis
Smallest US paper money issue – Dollar
Not giving one is a way of giving one – Answer
The capital of New York – Albany
Long and narrow sea inlets bordered by steep cliffs – Fjords
Anything related to the skin – Dermal
Part of the eye where images are created – Retina
Defoliant used during Vietnam War: Agent _____ – Orange
Vince ______, actor who starred in Wedding Crashers – Vaughn

Level 4 (Secret Word: Civilizations)

Different pieces of clothing sewed together – Patchwork
Plant with thistle-like flower head that’s cooked – Artichoke
The first effective drug used to treat syphilis – Salvarsan
Someone who is given something like an award or organ – Recipient
Allegedly cursed NASCAR Superspeedway – Talladega
Medical specialty; x-rays – Radiology
_______ Banks, actress in Pitch Perfect, 30 Rock – Elizabeth
Istanbul even before it was Constantinople – Byzantium
Religion developed in Jamaica – Rastafari
A pinch of this will make you fly – Pixiedust
Wrote the first history book – Herodotus
Nine, eight, seven, six – Countdown
Kelly Ripa’s husband, Mark ____ – Consuelos

Level 5 (Secret Word: Gulf of Mexico)

American music genre popular in the early 20th century – Ragtime
A person who attends a school or college – Student
One of America’s largest retailers – Walmart
Where the majority of plays occur in baseball – infield
Rabat is the capital of ____ – Morocco
To enclose something within a set of boundaries – Confine
Popular 90s toy, “Go” version was 2016 craze – Pokemon
_______ Fusion, used to convert Hydrogen to Helium – Nuclear
Added or mingled with something else – Admixed
Medical condition of people over normal weight – Obesity
Person with rank or authority in the military – Officer
Famous abstract expressionist, Jackson _____ – Pollock