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120 Photo Crosswords II Answers for All Levels

Nebo Apps’ 120 Photo Crosswords II is now available for your Android or iOS device, and it’s a word game where each crossword comes with a photo related to the puzzle. It’s pretty simple and straightforward in terms of mechanics – just get the words right across “many” challenging levels, and zoom into the picture by tapping on it if you aren’t able to see it clearly. Some of the answers may be no-brainers, but you may also end up scratching your head while trying to solve some of the trickier puzzles. There really isn’t much else on the game description to add here, except the fact that this is one of the many brain teaser/tickler/trainer games for mobile that may leave you hooked when everything is said and done.

That said, there may be some puzzles in this game that really are tricky, and you may need some easy answers without having to wait for your friends to fill you in. So why not check out our 120 Photo Crosswords II answer key? We’ve got answers for the first five puzzle packs/levels in the game, so feel free to refer to this answer key any time you’re finding yourself stuck in the game and unable to move forward.

120 Photo Crosswords 2 Answers Level 1

#1-1 – Mouth
#1-1 – Bite
#1-1 – Crocodile
#1-1 – Risk
#1-1 – Mustache
#1-1 – Beads
#1-1 – Dangerous

#1-2 – Beach
#1-2 – Ocean
#1-2 – Children
#1-2 – Ball
#1-2 – Play
#1-2 – Lighthouse
#1-2 – Football

#1-3 – Leg
#1-3 – Ears
#1-3 – Boots
#1-3 – Collar
#1-3 – Flod
#1-3 – Laces
#1-3 – Style
#1-3 – Pattern

#1-4 – Sled
#1-4 – Wigwam
#1-4 – North
#1-4 – Night