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Cookie Run: OvenBreak Tips, Cheats & Tricks: How to Get a High Score

Cookie Run: OvenBreak is a new game from Devsisters that you can now download for your Android or iOS device. Unlike other games featuring cookies as a main theme, this isn’t a Match 3 game or restaurant/bakery/time management game. This is an endless runner where you will be “baking no prisoners,” as you help GingerBrave and his cookie friends break out of the Witch’s oven. There’s going to be a lot of jumping and sliding through the Cookie World, a choice of “bite-sized” characters that include a zombie, vampire, and even an outer space donut, and lots of fun in this casual adventure through a delicious cookie world.

While the game may have its share of similarities to LINE Cookie Run, there are enough twists to make it stand out as a completely different title. And once everything is said and done, your objective is to make it as far as you could, while collecting cookie fragments, chests, coins, gems, and other goodies. So if you want your runs to last longer, and if you need some help in upgrading your characters for the long haul, we’ve got just what you’ve been waiting for, in this list of Cookie Run: OvenBreak tips, tricks and hints.

1. Know What Each Cookie Does

Each of the cookies in the game comes with their own unique characteristics, and each of them have their own special abilities. Always look at the information of each cookie, because you’ll need some knowledge of what they do and what they don’t do when choosing your main cookie and relay cookie. This would also come into p lay when it comes to leveling up your cookies – for instance, consider the Skater Cookie, which becomes faster whenever you level it up. Also make sure you’re aware of what your “pets” do, and that you level them up accordingly to improve their bonuses.

2. Collect More Coins, Here’s How

You should be going after everything you could to improve your score, but coins should be close to the top, if not at the top of your priority list. Silver coins are worth only one unit of currency, but if you get a gold coin, that will be worth ten silver coins in value. Both coins also have giant equivalents that are worth more than the standard-sized versions. You can also earn coins by spinning the wheel, and you can get more spins if you complete the jelly-related side quests. Opening chests, of course, could earn you more coins, as well as cookie parts for upgrades.

3. Join The Trophy Races

If you want to earn more free chests in Cookie Run, you might want to join the trophy races and see how well you do. Now it’s important that you try to do as well as possible in these races, as the better your position is, the better the quality of your rewards will be. So how does this “mini-game” of sorts work? You will, for starters, be put in a group of eight players, and your objective is to get the highest score and beat out the other seven or so players taking part. You will be eligible to receive your rewards the moment the timer has run out.

4. Buy Cookie Parts At The Store

You can spend your coins at the in-game store to level up your characters quickly, without having to do so by collecting chests. That’s also going to allow you to perform faster level-ups for your own player level, as you get additional XP each time you upgrade cookies or pets. Remember that player level gives you better bonuses for jellies and coins, and that in turn leads to even higher scores and greater coin rewards.

5. How To Earn More Gems

Gems are the game’s premium currency, and you can go to the diamond area of the in-game store to watch ad videos. Each video is going to earn you some free gems, and while it won’t be much, your gem total should add up over time. You can then use your gems to buy chests, and when it comes to buying chests, you can start out with the Chocolate chest in the early goings. It may be the most affordable, basic chest you can buy, but you’ll still get a lot of cookie fragments, coins, and other freebies, all of which can help you last longer and level up your cookies and pets to a greater extent.

For now, these would be our tips and tricks for Cookie Run: OvenBreak. Do you know other hints for the game? Let us know in the comment section!