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LINE Cookie Run Cheats: 6 Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

LINE Cookie Run is an endless runner type of mobile game developed by Line Corporations, which is available for iOS and Android platforms. The game allows you to be a cookie hero as you escape the villainous wicked witch, and it’s one of those many titles with its own Fever Mode, which means you can grab a ridiculous amount of coins without having to worry much about the consequences. Unlike other casual titles where new characters simply look different, but don’t have special skills, the developer promises that won’t be the case. As you can see, this game isn’t as casual as it sounds, and if you need some help figuring things out, we’ve come up with some useful LINE Cookie Run cheats, tips and tricks for you.

1. Upgrade Your Jellies

If you’ve got enough money to spend, you can choose one of three permanent upgrades before starting a level. It’s the jelly upgrade that you want to take advantage of. Physically, this allows you to change your jelly’s shape, but more importantly, this also increases the number of points each jelly could score for you.

2. Socialize

On the other hand, making use of the social features in LINE Cookie Run is very much advisable. But this tip refers to socializing outside of the game. If you can’t find anyone else who’s playing the game on the Line app, you can head to the LINE Cookie Run forums, or check its Facebook page to see if you can make friends with anyone and find someone to play the game with.

3. Upgrade Your Energy Boost

Aside from the jelly upgrade, you can also upgrade your energy boost in Line Cookie Run. As you keep upgrading your energy, this will increase the value of each energy potion collected. Energy means greater distance, and compared to the two other permanent upgrades, this one can be purchased on the cheap.

4. Connect Your Game To The Line App

This isn’t absolutely necessary to do in the game, but if your game is connected to Line’s official app, this will allow you to take advantage of Line Cookie Run’s social element. But even if you couldn’t care less about the social aspects of this game, connecting to the Line app allows you to keep your saved information and resume where you left off, even when changing devices.

5. Find The Right Cookie / Pet Matches To Get A Combo Bonus

It’s important to have the right mix of pet and cookie if you want a combo bonus. But finding this perfect mix isn’t something that has to be done via trial and error. In fact, you can go to the Pet Book, tap any of the pets you see, and check which cookie can be combined with which pet for a combo bonus.

6. Upgrade Your Cookie And Pet

Yes, it’s another upgrade-centric tip, but this last tip is also very important. Upgrading both your cookie and your pet would enhance special attributes – remember, Line says that each cookie has their own special skills or attributes, so you really want to upgrade those cookies. Likewise, pets also have specific benefits for your character, so they should be upgraded as well.