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Basketball Showdown 2015 Cheats & Strategy Guide: 5 Tips to Lead Your Team to Glory

Basketball Showdown 2015 by Naquatic is more of a casual gaming experience than an immersive game where you can control or manage actual professional players. Yes, you can become a coach of your very own team, but when the game says “recruit real players,” that means other human players playing the game. Still, the game promises ultra realistic physics, which does make for a good selling point indeed. So with that quick overview out of the way, we’re here to share some useful Basketball Showdown 2015 cheats, tips and tricks to help you outshoot and outgun the competition.

1. Time Shots Carefully

When playing against an opponent, your shots and their shots are fired independently. That means there is a chance your balls may knock into one another before reaching the hoop, and while this would prevent your opponent from scoring, you wouldn’t be scoring any points either. This makes timing key if you’re looking to outshoot your opponent. And when it comes to timing, practice makes perfect.

2. Ensure That Your Finger Is Swiping Straight

Basketball Showdown 2015 is not a game that would reward you for swiping wildly and arbitrarily. Instead, you should make sure that your swiping finger goes as straight as possible. We would suggest holding your phone or tablet in one hand, and ensuring your wrist is straight in a horizontal position, so as to allow you to swipe straight and send that ball into the net.

3. Land Five Consecutive Shots Or More

Your ball will literally turn into a fireball if you hit five shots in a row. And when you hit another shot once your ball is on fire, that will give you two points, instead of the usual one point. Going back to the first two tips, that’s what makes regular “shooting practice” so important – remember that the magic number is five if you want to score double for each shot that you drain.

4. Login To The Game Every Day And Always Visit The Shop

You can buy gold bars at the in-game shop at any time, but you’re limited to doing so once per day. But for each consecutive day you visit the shop, you’ll get a bigger gold bonus. This will allow you to buy gold bars without parting ways with any real money.

5. Use Your Gold Bars To Buy Better Balls

Gold bars, as you may have assumed correctly, are the game’s premium currency. And you would be best served using this currency to buy better basketballs. Each of the five tiers have specific balls to choose from, and in the three middle tiers, you can choose a balanced ball, one that prioritizes range, or one that prioritizes accuracy. Depending on your playing style, choose wisely and go for a ball that favors the way you prefer to play.