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VEGA Conflict Cheats & Strategy Guide: 5 Tips You Never Knew Before

Kixeye’s brand new mobile title, VEGA Conflict, is a game for iOS and Android devices that will have you teaming up with other players as you fight a bloody rebellion and try to take the galaxy back from the bad guys, the VEGA Federation. You get to create your own strategies and attack enemies in real-time, and you can continue your battle across different devices, as the game promises. There really isn’t much else to say about this strategy title, though, Kixeye does suggest to users that it would be best to use a high-end device, e.g. the Galaxy S5, LG G3, HTC One M8, or other related flagships to play the game. Regardless of the device or platform you use, the following VEGA Conflict cheats and strategy guide should help you take the Federation down and help you save the galaxy.

1. Follow The Quests

This is a very common-sense tip that you’ve probably seen suggested for other games, but it does make a lot of sense. By following the quests, you’ll be sure to be on the right path in the game, and if you want to go on the next active quest, simply go to the top right of your screen, tap it, and tap on the Find Target button. VEGA Conflict will tell you what to do, and you can take it from there – these quests will make sure you have the buildings and resources you need.

2. Use The Focus Fire Strategy When During Space Battles

The game’s tutorial will tell you about focus fire tactics, and you’ll want to use this strategy when fighting fleet battles in space. Tap on “Select All” to select all your ships, tap on an enemy ship, and your troops will fire away at that one ship. And if AI is turned on, all allied ships will aim for the enemy closest to them. This isn’t what you’d always want, so manually set the targets to repeat the focus fire tactics on another enemy ship.

3. Upgrade Your Research Modules

Make sure that all your resource modules are regularly updated, so that way you can have all research options unlocked when available. This will allow you to have more powerful weapons and stronger armor. And when you’ve got these upgrades in place, you can be sure of your ships being sturdy and powerful enough to take on the tougher enemies later in the game.

4. Get Resources From Loose Cargo Containers

Loose cargo containers can be seen floating around from time to time, and picking them up is a great way to boost your resources. If you find loose cargo, your ships will fire at them automatically, and the resources are all yours to keep.

5. Create Extra Combat Modules

Combat modules are excellent when it comes to boosting your defense, so it always is a good idea to have as many of them as possible. Your combat modules will keep your base safe from opposing players and from the AI’s enemies, and they’ll work regardless of what type of guns are attached to them.