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The Line Zen Cheats & Tricks: 5 Great Tips to Get a High Score

The Line Zen is the sequel to last year’s casual success The Line, and it is once again developed by Ketchapp – remember that few, if at all, do it better than this company in the field of super-casual mobile gaming. While you’ll still bob and weave through the in-game world and avoid the red shapes, the twist here is that you’ll be using friendly green shapes to your advantage, but also taking note that they may sometimes get in the way. According to Ketchapp, you can play forever as you solve puzzle-style rooms and try to beat out high scores. But how do you go about this? We’d suggest you to check out the following The Line Zen cheats, tips and tricks if your goal is to top a high score, may it be your own, your friends’, or those (realistic ones) you see on Game Center or Google Play.

1. Avoid All Red Objects

The game’s description says it all from the get-go – the goal is still avoiding red shapes. While it does say that green shapes may sometimes get in your way, don’t avoid all of those shapes either. Your game won’t end, after all, if you hit one of them.

2. Green Shapes Can Be A Distraction

How do those green shapes throw you off your focus? This can happen in any number of ways, but whatever the case is, these shapes will increase the chances of you bumping into a red shape, thus ending your game. Be careful when dealing with the green.

3. Use Green Shapes To Your Advantage, Here’s How

Making the green shapes your “friend” in The Line Zen may be easier than you think. Take note that hitting these shapes knocks them away from you, and if you hit these shapes properly, they can knock red obstacles out of your way. Think of the green objects as a pick to set you up for a good shot in basketball, or a shield protecting you from the red. It may take practice, but if you keep at it, mastering this technique could keep you going a lot longer.

4. Be Wary Of The High Scores

Checking the leaderboard on GameCenter or Google Play will allow you to see how you rank against other The Line Zen players. But you may also encounter some ridiculously high scores – these are only possible through hacks, so you may want to scroll down a bit to see more realistic and doable scores you can try to beat.

5. Play Without Ads If You Want To Top High Scores

In the above tip, we warned you about some of the high scores you may see on the leaderboards. If you’re chasing those realistic ones, it may often be of help to play the game offline – switch your phone to airplane mode or simply turn off cellular or Wi-Fi. But since developers do need to monetize their creations, we advise you to play with ads once in a while – taking them out, if it means anything, will only cost you a dollar anyway.