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KlickPop Puzzle Panic Cheats: 5 Awesome Tips to Get A High Score

KlickPop Puzzle Panic is a new time-bound puzzle game designed by Gamgo Games, that gives you just 60 seconds to destroy as many tiles as you could and top your previous high score. Gamgo Games stressed that this is a very fast-paced iOS game, but if you do well, you could gain access to a good number of power-ups, multipliers and boosters. You can also win and collect rare boosters while mastering a total of 24 challenges. That, in a nutshell, is how the developer describes this iOS-only game, so if you own an iPhone or an iPad and are having a hard time hurdling these challenges, fear not, as we’ve come up with some useful KlickPop Puzzle Panic cheats, tips and tricks that could help you get a high score.

1. Go For Big Chains

As you clear more tiles in this game, you’ll earn more points and your Fever Mode meter will fill up faster as well. However, you don’t have any control over the color of tiles you will be handling next, so do remember that; choosing another type of tile will result in the one you had last chosen turning into a different type. In addition, this could happen if it takes you a good while to clear tiles out.

2. Save One Tile Type For Later

This wouldn’t always work in every situation, but it does work, and it can help you create the big chains we mentioned above. In here, we would suggest that you take one type of tile, and don’t touch it until you have a chance to bunch a good number of them together. So how does this work? For instance, if you have pink hearts in your hand, wait until you clear all the tiles around them, and soon you will have a big bunch of pink hearts to work with.

3. Be Smart When Choosing Boosters

Yes, we understand that this game puts you under a lot of time pressure. But if you have to beat out a certain score, the X-factor in here could be the booster you choose. To be honest, all types of boosters could add to your total score, but some boosters work better in certain challenges than they do in others. Time boosters, for instance, are most helpful in coin collector challenges, as they add a few seconds to your time limit.

4. Redeem Free Gifts

On occasion, KlickPop Puzzle Panic will reward you with a free gift. The type of gift may vary – it may be a booster or it could be additional coins. Remember that you’ll get another free gift 15 minutes after you redeem the first one, so do take advantage of that.

5. If All Else Fails, Clear As Many Tiles As You Could

Practice will help you find the right balance between clearing a huge number of tiles in one go, and chipping away by clearing a smaller number. But if you’re all out of time and don’t really have an impressive score, you can go ahead and clear out as many tiles as possible while you still could. If anything else, this increases the chances of you getting a booster tile.