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Bears vs. Art Cheats & Tricks: 5 Excellent Tips You Need to Know

Bears vs. Art is a relatively new game from Halfbrick Studios, which is the same mobile game developer that brought you classics such as Fruit Ninja and Jetpack Joyride. The premise of the game is that millionaires have opened galleries where they can show off their artwork and admire it for themselves. Your character, Rory the Bear, is furious that humans are showing off those pieces of art, and your job is to control him and fight back and rip those works of art to shreds. You can play in 150 galleries and solve a variety of puzzles as you deal with guests, security guards, art thieves, and a number of security traps. So having said that and given you a brief overview of this iOS/Android title, let’s get cracking with a couple of Bears vs. Art cheats, tips and tricks.

1. Manage Your Energy Properly

There are several things you should know about the energy system and how it works in Bears vs. Art. Your energy, for starters, is measured by the number of paws per level, and once you run out of energy, you need to wait a while to recharge, or buy more energy jolts. What’s tricky here is that the refill rate isn’t quite clear. So how can you work around this? Entering any level and checking the “Entry Fee” box will show you your recharge status through the paw price you have to pay for that level; below that is the number of paws you presently have.

2. Read The Completion Goals Thoroughly

Before you play any level in Bears vs. Art, you’ll want to read through your objectives for completion, as well as the restrictions – depending on the level, you may be limited to a certain number of moves or a certain amount of time. Remember that you wouldn’t want to go crazy with those moves when that is, in fact, your restriction, or take your sweet time only to find out there’s a time limit.

3. It Isn’t Just Left, Right, Up, And Down

Straight lines will be very common in the earlier levels, but when things start getting more difficult, that’s when you may have to reach a painting by moving diagonally. This makes it more important than ever to use the square floor tiles when trying to plot your next move.

4. Check The Marks On The Wall To Avoid Those Laser Beams

Lasers are one of the many security traps you’ll run into in this game, and if you want to avoid getting hit by a laser beam, look for the scorch mark that you’ll see for the entire level. As lasers switch on and off per move, check those marks for a better idea of where the laser may hit when it toggles on next.

5. Be Careful When Zooming In Or Out

Pinching the display will allow you to zoom in or zoom out, and this could help you fine-tune your strategy. But there’s also a chance you may end up moving Rory by accident. That means he’ll move wherever you may have tapped on by accident, so remember to have both your fingers on your display before pinching.