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Mannequin Challenge Tips & Tricks to Get a High Score

You knew there had to be a game based on one of the newest viral trends these days – the Mannequin Challenge. But Ketchapp’s Mannequin Challenge isn’t quite what it seems. Like just about every title from this super-prolific maker of casual mobile games, this one is available for Android and iOS. But the game itself has nothing to do with the viral trend; instead, this is a game where you control a virtual hoverboard in hopes of capturing more mannequins. You can collect coins to unlock new characters, much like you could in other Ketchapp games, as well as chase your own high score or those of other players.

Unlike many other Ketchapp titles, this game has two modes of play. The first is a more casual endless runner game where you simply have to go as far as you possibly could, while the second mode requires you to stick orbs to the larger orb in the center. So how can you succeed in both modes, score a lot of points, and unlock more characters? Check out these Mannequin Challenge tips and hints and we’ll be happy to show you how.

1. How To Play In Adventure Mode

Adventure Mode requires you to stick smaller orbs to the larger one in the center, and while that sounds easy enough, you will have to make sure you do not hit the medium-sized orbs in between the smaller ones and the large one. You’ll also have to deal with speed changes, which could be quite frustrating at first, as the spinning could become slower or faster without a moment’s notice. If there’s no spinning, just wait it out for a few seconds, and the orb should start spinning.

2. Pay Attention To The Flash

This is another tip for Adventure Mode, and something you should keep in mind, as it could help you in increasing your score. When the wheel stops moving, wait until the line flashes. This is your sign that the wheel is about to move once again. There is a fixed pattern to the wheel’s movement, and while it might not be easy to figure out at first, focusing on the line will help you learn this mechanic faster. Again, the key is knowing when that fixed pattern starts and when it ends.

3. How To Play In Action Mode

Action Mode is the endless mode in this game, and that’s where the Mannequin Challenge you may know comes in. This mode comes chock full with cameras, as well as people trying to do the challenge. Your character will run around non-stop, and your goal is to make that they run onto the black platforms. Rotate those platforms so that your character can successfully head onto them, and so that they can move from the moving platforms to the stationary ones. It’s quite simple to pull off, though as you probably know from Ketchapp’s games, things can get complicated as you try to keep that string going for as long as possible.

4. Do The New Characters Change Gameplay?

This is something we probably shouldn’t be mentioning in tips and tricks for Ketchapp games. But just in case you’re new to the company and haven’t played their games before, we shall remind you of it in this tip. The new characters in the game can be purchased and unlocked with the coins that you earn, but the thing with these characters is that they do not change gameplay. They’re just there to break the monotony, and give you incentive to earn more coins and add to your collection. And since things can get monotonous if you keep playing with the same character, a little variety can be helpful.

5. Just How Well Are The Other Players Doing?

You may also be wondering how players have been faring in Mannequin Challenge – the mobile game, that is. Tap on the trophy button on the main menu, and you can see how well you’re doing in comparison to others on Google Play or Game Center. For Adventure Mode, we’ve seen some players go over the 1,200-point mark, so that’s a rather lofty goal to chase for.

6. Should You Get Rid Of Ads?

The in-game ads may not appeal to everyone, but if you want to get rid of them, all you have to do is to turn off your Wi-Fi or switch your phone to airplane mode. The game can be played offline, and removing the ads can eliminate distractions. But you can also do Ketchapp a solid by making an in-app purchase to get rid of the ads.

Thanks for reading this guide. We hope you’ve learned something new in this guide, that will help you become more successful in Mannequin Challenge. As always, if you know some other hints for the game, feel free to drop us a line!