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Colopl Rune Story Tips, Tricks & Cheats to Get Unlimited Jewels

It wasn’t too long ago when we told you about Colopl’s new action-RPG called Colopl Rune Story, which is available for Android and iOS mobile devices. Back then we provided you a list of tips, albeit mostly on the general side of things. As a reminder, this game is a real-time co-op action RPG with an anime theme, and as the game description tells us, there are more than 100 characters to unlock, six classes and a whole lot of weapon combinations, and the opportunity to become the strongest build and make your town as prosperous and unique as possible. This game comes with some serious social elements, as you can join a guild, and a lot of city-building mechanics are included in the mix as well.

We’re already done with Colopl Rune Story tips and tricks for general success in the game, but this time around, we shall be focusing on one specific topic, which is how to get more of the game’s premium currency – jewels – the next time you play.

1. Why You Should Login Every Day In November

If you’ve been playing the game every day since the last time we talked about Colopl Rune Story, then you can consider yourself lucky. For the month of November, Colopl has a special wherein players can get a special prizebox event reward for daily logins. We’re not sure what rewards you could get if you’re only logging in now, but we do know that the event will be on until the end of November, and that you can win some great prizes in the box, including more jewels. Getting all the daily rewards, in fact, can get you 200 jewels just like that.

2. Collect Your Daily Bonuses

Apart from the special prizebox reward, there’s another reason for you to login every day. For each consecutive day that you log in, you’ll get a jewel (or jewels) as your reward. The number of jewels you can receive will all depend on how often you’re able to login consecutively, with the count increasing per day. So even if you aren’t able to get the big November prize due to your not logging in earlier in the month, you can still look forward to your usual dailies.

3. Complete Achievements

The yellow badge on the main menu contains all your achievements. These would require you to do a certain thing, and if you’re able to pull it off, you can get rewards. But what kind of achievements should you be most focused on? We suggest Mission and Town Achievements, as opposed to Daily Achievements that are only active for one day.

4. Complete Objectives

All quests in Colopl Rune Story have three objectives you can also try to achieve. These are optional, but if you complete them, you can get one jewel per objective. You’ll even get some bonus jewels by completing all three objectives. Not to worry, though; the objectives here are pretty simple and straightforward.