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League of Stickman Tips, Cheats & Tricks to Get Unlimited Coins and Diamonds

Dreamsky’s latest mobile title called League of Stickman is an immersive action-packed game available for Android. In this game you can experience the thrilling sensation of different types of attacks as you kill more monsters, team up with other heroes as you fight the “Monster King boss,” and take your team to the top of the leaderboards, may they be for your friends, for your home country, or for the entire world.

In order to climb up the leaderboards, one thing you and your team will need to have is currency, and that could mean coins and/or diamonds. Our compilation of League of Stickman tips and tricks will show you how to get yourself more of these coins and diamonds, and probably make some much-needed headway in the leaderboards.

1. Farm Campaign Mode

Campaign Mode may seem like the least interesting feature in games such as this, but playing it over and over again is one of the easiest, if not fastest ways to get more gems. You earn ten gems per completed level, which means you can get 1,000 gems if you complete 100 levels, thus allowing you to unlock the Hunter, the game’s most expensive hero. And while a thousand gems does sound quite premium for one character alone, you can get other heroes for “only” a hundred gems each.

2. Watch Video Advertisements

Fortunately, League of Stickman allows you to watch videos, an uncomplicated way for players to earn more gems without having to complete one of those catch-laden special offers other games offer as an option. This is good if you get tired of farming campaign mode and playing solo, and you can keep watching video ads as long as there are some available.

3. Upgrade Heroes After Each Chapter

In relation to Campaign Mode, you can improve your chances of completing it quickly by upgrading your heroes after each completed chapter. Enemies tend to drop progressively better items every five levels or so, and once you’re able to equip these items, you can sell your old ones to earn yourself some coins. It’s also good practice to enhance your equipment and crystals and upgrade your hero abilities; as a word of warning, the latter may be a bit more expensive than the former, so you’ll only want to do that if you can really afford it.

4. How To Go About The Dungeon

The Dungeon Mode is completely worth it due to the rewards you can earn if you’re prepared, but you really, really have to be prepared in here as it is much tougher than simple Campaign Mode. Make sure you’ve properly upgraded your heroes before entering the Dungeon, but if you should die while in there, you can spend ten gems on the Resurrect option to bring your hero back to life.


Wednesday 14th of October 2020

Thanks! this helps alot


Thursday 14th of May 2020

U can also keep farming chapter 3's ending level over an over again for a hundred gems over an over to get 1000 gems for only ten replays