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Chronicle of Infinity Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Level Up Fast and Dominate the Alien Creatures

If you have played and enjoyed a number of MMORPGs on mobile, then you may be familiar with some of Neocraft’s games. Tales of Wind, Guardians of Cloudia, and Eternal Sword M stand as the company’s most successful titles.

Chronicle of Infinity is Neocraft’s latest MMORPG on iOS and Android, and just like its other titles, it offers a huge fantasy world brimming with a wide variety of adventures and challenges. Although the game is still in its beta version at the time of this writing, Chronicle of Infinity already showcases graphics and overall quality comparable with the best in the mobile gaming market.

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Long-time MMORPG enthusiasts and complete beginners in the genre alike can easily find themselves hooked in on Chronicle of Infinity, given the pace at which progress can be made even for players with a limited amount of free time to spare.

The plethora of content and features that Chronicle of Infinity contains, as well as the graphics and gameplay quality it showcases, may leave a first impression that beginners may find overwhelming. Despite its share of complex features and mechanics that will be new even for veteran RPG players, Chronicle of Infinity provides quick and easy ways for everyone to navigate through its contents.

The initial part of the adventure serves as part of the game’s tutorial with quick guides along the way as new features and contents are unlocked. Chronicle of Infinity also holds an auto feature that tremendously helps in progressing quests and engaging in combat.

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The initial hours or day of gameplay ensures even complete beginners of fast-paced progression. However, if you are raring to level up and increase your power fast, then be sure to read our Chronicle of Infinity beginner’s guide below!

1. Choose The Best Class

One of the most basic questions every beginner asks relates to the character classes, particularly which one from among the available choices is the best one. While the trio of available classes in Chronicle of Infinity stray from the conventional ones, they stay adherent to the balance maintained across different character classes typically imposed on RPGs. In essence, no single character class is an absolute best considering their overall strengths and limitations.

Each character class in Chronicle of Infinity is designed to have a different stats and skills and each player likewise has different preferences and play style. Considering this, the best character class to choose is the one that best suits your taste.

chronicle of infinity victory

Regardless of your choice, you will still be able to progress through each of the challenges ahead of you, especially the early parts of the journey. However, tougher boss challenges, cooperative dungeons, and competitive arenas will later on present challenges that will allow each class to shine differently.

The Phantom class is best for you if you prefer close range combat along with high damage potential. This class specializes in dealing burst damage and can make relatively shorter work of single enemies like bosses. The Phantom’s agility also contributes to his defensive capabilities, increasing his survivability rate as well.

chronicle of infinity phantom

The Dragoon very much resembles a tank with high defensive capabilities as well as an arsenal of crowd control skills. Of the 3 classes, the Dragoon has the least damage potential. However, the added effects of his attacks, especially AoE ones, are beneficial not only to himself but his teammates as well. The Dragoon is a definite pick for someone who enjoys team quests and challenges especially those who prefer being at the front lines.

chronicle of infinity dragoon

Last but definitely not the least is the Arcania, which very much resembles mages and sorcerers in conventional RPGs. The Arcania exhibits superb damage outputs in addition to being able to attack from a distance. She can excel in dealing damage both against single targets and groups of enemies. The Arcania, however is the least defensive character class in Chronicle of Infinity, which requires players using them to play much safer to ensure their survival.

chronicle of infinity arcania

At present, you can only play as one character per account in Chronicle of Infinity. If you somehow want to try each of the 3 classes first before immersing yourself further in the game, then you can always play on a guest account first. In any case, Chronicle of Infinity provides for a variety of ways to link accounts to the game and switching in an out of different accounts is not that much of a hassle if you prefer playing different classes.

2. Accomplish Main And Side Quests Strategically

Chronicle of Infinity may have a lot of content and features locked behind progression milestones but considering the pace at which new ones become available, it will soon become fairly challenging to identify activities that should be prioritized over others. For the most part, Chronicle of Infinity provides a lot of liberty to players early on and you can take on challenges however you choose to do so. However, for efficiency’s sake, we recommend aligning your progression with main and side quests available.

chronicle of infinity auto fighting

One of the first sets of activities you will get to take on are the initial main quest objectives. The current objective can be seen at the left side of the screen and tapping on it conveniently takes you to where you need to be to initiate the quest. Most main quest objectives will have you progress through the campaign stages although some missions take you through newly-unlocked features and game modes.

Accomplishing main quests should be top priority in general considering progression through it serves as your key in unlocking the rest of what Chronicle of Infinity’s world has to offer. Beyond that, each quest objective you complete earns you several resources as rewards, along with EXP that you need to level up your hero. Although some game modes will later on prove to be a better source of specific resources, the rewards from the main quests stand as the best overall source of basic resources.

chronicle of infinity progression

At some point early in your journey, you will begin to unlock several side quests as well. Although side quests do not necessarily relate the main quest objectives or the campaign for that matter, they relate to your progress across several aspects of your adventure. Side quests typically involve reaching certain upgrade levels or meeting other milestones relative to features you have unlocked. Some can be completed even without you targeting them considering resources you invest on powering your hero up.

Whenever there are available side quests, it is best to peek into them first and see if you can accomplish them fast. If not, then you may proceed to progress the main quest as doing so will eventually lead to acquiring resources needed to fulfill the requirements of the side quests at hand. Note as well that more than 1 side quest may become available at the same time although only a couple may be shown and you will have to scroll through the quest list.

chronicle of infinity auto questing

A lot of the dungeons or other game modes you will unlock have limited attempts provided within the day. Expending attempts in these game modes become top priority once they become available, outranking main quest progression. This is because limited daily attempts often involve resources of great importance and you should never miss it daily. In any case, each and every game mode you partake in only lasts a few minutes of your time.

3. Do Not Hesitate On Performing Upgrades

In addition to holding a wide variety of game modes and challenges, Chronicle of Infinity provides players with a plethora of enhancement and upgrade options. Although your hero receives an increase in stats and overall Battle Rating (BR) with each new level reached, more can be acquired through the various enhancement options on the character itself as well as gears and other attached sources of power.

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If you have played traditional RPGs before, particularly MMORPGs, then chances are that you will have inhibitions on spending resources for enhancements with a mindset that saving them for later may yield better results. In Chronicle of Infinity, however, much like more modern MMORPGs, there is hardly any reason to exercise prudence when it comes to enhancements and upgrades. What you would want is an increased BR at the soonest possible time given that higher campaign and dungeon levels become more and more challenging.

Next to levelling up your hero, gears you equip are among the most basic sources of BP increases. Gears in Chronicle of Infinity come with different rarity grades and star levels and while you can fully equip your hero with 8 basic gear types rather early, you will likely be changing some of them from time to time as better gears can easily be acquired from quests and challenges especially in the early part of your journey.

chronicle of infinity radiant blade

Upon acquiring new gears, you will be prompted to equip it instantly from the main screen if it is a better one. Putting on gears are just the start of getting BR increases from them as there are plenty of ways to improve each equipped gear you have. You can access the gear menu from its icon at the lower right side of the screen. If you failed to equip new gears acquired after the pop-up, you can simply click the “change” button here and select a better gear available, as indicated by the up arrow on its BR.

The gear icon will have a red dot indicator when an upgrade or enhancement becomes available for it. All these can be accessed through the “Develop” button. There are 4 different ways each piece of gear can be developed. The most basic enhancement method is Augmentation, which primarily only requires coins for each upgrade level. As this method has 4 tiers, the latter 3 tiers will require augment stones in addition to coins and you will need to max out the level on a tier first before proceeding to the next one.

chronicle of infinity rank up

Refining gears require refinement stones, gear chips, and coins and each higher level of refinement will require more resources. Reaching certain milestones in terms of gear refinement levels unlock marks that further boost the bonuses you receive from them. Ranking up a gear is even more challenging as this requires rank-up stones and has a lower success rate the higher the rank-up level goes. Additionally, failing to rank a piece of gear up will have higher consequences on higher gear levels.

chronicle of infinity socket

Finally, each piece of gear in Chronicle of Infinity has 6 gem slots where 5 basic gems and a matrix gem can be attached. Gems have different types and effects and have varying rarity grades as well. Combining lower level gems will yield higher grades one and you can quickly swap better gems in through the “Fast Socket” button.

Just like gears, each hero’s set of skills can also be enhanced for an increase in their power, which results in an increase in overall BR as well. Skills can be upgraded using skill stones and coins, requiring more of each resource the higher the skill level goes.

chronicle of infinity skill upgrade

While there is a fast and convenient way of enhancing skills, we recommend carefully planning on which skills to prioritize. An equal distribution of resources across skills is best if you engage in auto mode for the most part but if you play manually, then you should consider prioritizing skills you use more often.

The Ougi System is a unique feature aligned with your characters skills where Ougi Points earned from the campaign as well as other sources can be distributed across various skill upgrades that have different effects. In addition to Ougi Points, you also need to reach specific skill levels as well as node levels within the Ougi Chart to progress.

chronicle of infinity ougi points

Extra gear, more specifically, lower grade ones that you will consistently acquire still have great value in the world of Chronicle of Infinity. Under the “Set” feature, which you can access on the lower right side of the main screen, you will be able to see the current gear set you have and will have an option to combine similar ones to acquire superior gear. Reaching higher star grades for your gear set not only comes with stat increase, but also endow your character with added special effects.

combining gear in chronicle of infinity

Chronicle of Infinity also has pets, avians, ranks, and titles you can upgrade as you make progress in your adventure. Although we will not be delving deep into these features, what is important to know is that there is nothing to lose for investments made across any of the features that can make your hero stronger. Upgrades to gears, for example, are made on the gear slots and not the gear itself, which means that your upgrade investments stay even if you switch gears later on.

4. Join A League As Soon As Possible

Guilds, clans, factions, alliances or leagues, in the case of Chronicle of Infinity, have long been a part of online games, most especially RPGs and strategy games where there are plenty of cooperative game modes and challenges. Beyond being an extension of the game’s social features, leagues play a very vital role in the growth of your character and the progression of your adventure.

chronicle of infinity league

Although you can revel in a number of single player game modes in Chronicle of Infinity, there are some challenges that require allies. Leagues are your best source of allies and reliable friends whom you can team up with to conquer various challenges.

Additionally, Chronicle of Infinity provides a lot of perks and rewards only obtainable by members of any league. As such, there is no question on whether or not you should join a league as you definitely should and at the soonest possible time as well.

chronicle of infinity league info

The league’s goals, in addition to helping each member, is to reach high banner ranks to unlock additional perks and features. Ranking up requires activity from each member so be ready to remain as active as possible once you become a member of a league. As soon as you join up, you can begin reaping benefits from your league.

Although activity in this sense may relate to additional challenges within the league, most of it actually mirror the usual activities you should engage in even if you are not a league member. Likewise, rewards you earn for your dedication are not entirely just for the league itself but will be beneficial for you even across other challenges outside of the league.

chronicle of infinity league worship

It is important to make donations to your league in the form of coins and if you want to take the extra mile, you can also donate diamonds. Achievements you earn across a variety of activities in your adventure can earn you red packets that you can send for fellow league members to claim. Likewise, you can also claim these red packets up to 25 times a day.

5. Expend Attempts On All Modes

As we mentioned earlier, Chronicle of Infinity hosts a variety of game modes that each become unlocked as you make progress through the main campaign. These can be accessed via the “Modes” icon at the upper right side of the screen. Modes are classified under 3 main groups which are: Daily Must-do, Daily Limited Time, and More Resources.

chronicle of infinity daily must-do mode

As much as possible, it is recommended that you play through each available game mode across the 3 groups each day. However, what we consider as the top priority are the game modes under the first group.

chronicle of infinity daily limited time mode

The Daily Must-do itself contains 3 distinct subgroups, each filled with its own set of game modes you should partake in. For beginners, the whole idea of having to go through all game modes on top of quests and campaign battles sound overwhelming. However, most of these game modes only take a couple or more minutes each day and are all worth the time and effort.

chronicle of infinity more resources mode

The best part about Modes is that you will already be given a solid idea of the resources you can get from a particular game mode, so prioritization within each group can be adjusted based on your most critical needs. Likewise, information on whether the challenge is a single player one or a multiplayer game mode is shown as well.

6. Push Forward Across The Elite Campaign Stages

With Chronicle of Infinity’s story campaign closely tied up to the main quest, you will likely make good progress in it if you adhere to our first strategy. Considering new gears and upgrades made along the way as well, chances are that it will take some time before you will actually feel a challenging battle within the normal campaign chapters.

However, progression through it will soon unlock an Elite Campaign and while progression through it hardly forms part of the main quest targets, it is an added feature that you should consistently play through as well.

chronicle of infinity elite campaign

As aptly named, the elite campaign chapters and stages are similar to the regular campaign ones but with harder difficulty. The elite campaign still adheres to the usual mechanics of the regular campaign, where a recommended BP is shown on the pre-battle screen and a maximum of 3 stars as ratings can be earned provided you meet the conditions. Each run costs stamina but each stage you beat earns you first time rewards as well as extra ones.

chronicle of infinity chapter 2

Star earned on campaign stages earn you additional rewards at the bottom of the page and stars are also used to boost your BP further using the Zodiacs feature found on the page as well. Campaign stages will always have a boss battle at the end of it, which serves as the ultimate test of your hero’s BP. While paying attention to the recommended BP is advisable, you should not back down of trying to conquer a level just because your BP is lower than what is prescribed.

A higher BP than what is recommended will almost always guarantee victory, not just in the campaign, but across all challenges in the world of Chronicle of Infinity. However, this applies only for players who subscribe to auto mode as players who play manually have a chance to perform much better than on auto mode.

chronicle of infinity zodiacs bonus

Even if you feel that you are too much of a beginner to take on challenges on your own, knowing that manually playing will let you time your skill usages right and dodge enemy attacks ensures a higher chance of survival against stronger enemies.

7. Accomplish Missions And Achievements

Chronicle of Infinity provides a ton of rewards with practically every activity you engage in. Most especially in the early part of your journey, you will find yourself performing upgrades on your gears, skills, pets, and so on as resources just keep pouring in at a very rapid pace. Beyond all the immediate and extra rewards you get from progressing through the campaign stages as well as the various game modes, Chronicle of Infinity provides addition incentives through the missions and achievements features.

Missions can be accessed via the Daily con at the lower right side of the screen. Tapping on the star at the lower right corner reveals some icons, one of which is the “Achieve” icon, which features your achievements. Both missions and achievements do not necessarily entail additional effort as all objectives under each set are well in line with the usual activities you engage in your adventure.

chronicle of infinity daily missions

For the most part, you are likely to clear targets in both missions and achievements without even knowing the specific objectives. However, it is best to peek into the list of objectives and use them as a guide towards going through your daily activities.

Missions are divided into daily missions and weekly missions. On top of EXP and other basic resources, daily missions also earn you activity points that are accumulated to earn you extra chest rewards at the top of this page. Although you only need to accomplish about half of the tasks to claim the top reward, make it a habit to finish as many daily missions as possible for the extra incentives.

Most weekly missions, on the other hand, work very much like the daily missions in the sense that accomplishing daily tasks naturally lead to the completion of weekly mission objectives as well. Naturally, as it takes a while longer to accomplish weekly missions, rewards are more valuable, especially the chest rewards.

chronicle of infinity achievements

Achievements are designed to be typically more challenging than daily and weekly missions in the sense that achievement targets relate to milestones you reach across every aspect of your adventure. Earning a certain number of stars from the campaign, sending stamina to friends, and donating to your League are just some of the achievement targets.

On top of diamonds being the reward for each accomplishment, points are earned as well to unlock valuable chests that earn you coins and more diamonds. Note that achievement targets are typically replaced by a more challenging one once you complete them.

8. Take Advantage Of Special Events

At this point in our guide, we have already established just how much of each resource will flow into your inventory as a result of earning rewards from completing campaign stages, engaging in all other game modes, and accomplishing missions and achievements in line with each activity you engage in.

While the abundance of perks and benefits seem to be more than enough to sufficiently provide for your needs, you will always find yourself always in need of almost each and every resource given that your need for them grows as well the stronger your hero becomes.

Fortunately, Chronicle of Infinity provides even more sources of rewards through the numerous special events that simultaneously take place in the game. While special events typically work very much like missions and achievements, in the sense that the objectives they provide directly relate to your usual activities in your adventure, the rewards they provide are generally more difficult to earn from regular game modes in Chronicle of Infinity.

chronicle of infinity objective

One of the special events you should take advantage of is the Carnival, which can be accessed via its icon at the upper right area of the screen. The carnival sets targets for your gears, pets, and avian in terms of growth, development, and objective.

Note that there is a limited period of time within which you have to clear objectives and claim their respective rewards. Most of the rewards here will be very difficult to farm outside of this special event so be sure to check on the targets regularly and clear as many of them as possible.

The Celestial Path Event works much like a special event for beginners, serving as an extra guide towards progression and begins as soon as you start your adventure. There is also a limited period of time within which you can accomplish targets spread across different aspects of your progression. You can access this via the Trial Level Progress Bar just above the main quest objective.

chronicle of infinity celestial trial

Although you may consistently see notification icons beside it to indicate unclaimed rewards, we recommend browsing through its numerous objectives and aiming to accomplish as many of them as you can.

There are still plenty of features and content in Chronicle of Infinity that we could not dig deeply enough into in one guide considering the sheer size of what it has to offer but as we end our Chronicle of Infinity beginner’s guide, we are confident that the tips and strategies we shared will more than suffice to propel your hero’s growth and progression even through the latter challenges.

Keep in mind as well that Chronicle of Infinity is currently still in open beta, which means that more developments and content will be implemented following its official launch. If you have spent a great deal of time within the world of Chronicle of Infinity and have your own experiences, tips, tricks, or strategies to add to our list, feel free to share them with us and your fellow players below!