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BitLife Gilmore Girls Challenge Guide: How to Speed-Run Your Way through the Gilmore Girls Challenge

There are few more things more certain in life than death and taxes, and we might as well include near-weekly BitLife challenges in there as well. With very few exceptions, Candywriter has rolled out limited-time events for iOS and Android BitLife players on a weekly basis since the feature debuted in late 2019, and for those who aren’t familiar, these challenges involve completing a series of tasks based on a given theme. Sometimes the theme is based on general in-game accomplishments, while other times, the theme is inspired by a popular movie, television series, or a famous actor, athlete, or musician’s accomplishments.

bitlife gilmore girls challenge requirements

After two weeks of classic BitLife challenges that weren’t based on any popular intellectual property, Candywriter is back with another challenge inspired by a TV show. The Gilmore Girls Challenge is, of course, inspired by the now-classic 2000s dramedy of the same name, and while it’s not as racy as the Euphoria Challenge from a few weeks back, you will certainly need to do some naughty stuff behind your partner’s back…while remaining best friends with your mother.

This is actually one of the easier challenges we’ve completed in recent weeks, but if you still need a bit of help getting things done before the challenge expires, just keep reading as we walk you through the Gilmore Girls Challenge in this BitLife mini-strategy guide.

Getting Started – Choose Hartford As Your Birthplace, Get Good Grades In School

As stated in the requirements of the Gilmore Girls Challenge, your character needs to be a female born in Connecticut, which means you need to select the only Connecticut city represented in BitLife, which is Hartford.

bitlife hartford

You can re-roll new characters until you get someone with above-average Smarts or better, though this may not really be that important as long as you stay out of trouble and keep using the Study Harder option to get your grades up. Joining extracurricular activities also improves Smarts, so as long as you don’t start out with very poor Smarts (20 and below), you should be good to go for a college scholarship.

bitlife scholarship

As is often the case with BitLife challenges, the game will make it a bit harder for you to get the required course among the options for a college major, so you may need to quit and restart the game quite a few times before Journalism pops up among the options.

university application in bitlife

Choose Journalism and you’re all set for that requirement — you don’t need to keep your grades at a certain level anymore, so you can move on to the other requirements you may not have completed yet.

What Activities Should You Do With Your Mom?

Even those who aren’t familiar with Gilmore Girls are likely familiar with the strong mother-daughter bond between Lorelai and Rory Gilmore, and that’s something you should keep in mind when trying to complete BitLife’s Gilmore Girls Challenge. When it comes to spending time with your mom, you need to choose all the positive activities you can do with her (i.e. “Ask for Money” and “Insult” are definitely not included) — initially, that will include going to the movies, giving gifts, and the generic “Spend Time” option.

bitlife mother

The first and the third can be taken care of in childhood, while you may need to work a freelance job (which becomes available to you at 13) in order to earn enough money for the second option. At that point, the Give Money option will also become available, so make use of that one whenever you could — it doesn’t matter whether your mom turns down the money or not, as long as you offer to give her some cash at some point during the challenge.

Another important thing to remember is that performing other activities with friends, pets, and other family members will NOT un-check the requirement, so feel free to spend time with your father, hang out with your school friends, or walk your dog to maintain a positive relationship with them.

You May Need To Go Through Multiple Exes To Complete The Final Requirements

The last two requirements in the Gilmore Girls challenge are to cheat on your current partner with an ex, and get pregnant with an ex. Sounds pretty easy at first — start dating someone while still in school, dump him (or wait till he dumps you), use the Love option under Activities and Date to find a new boyfriend, then, while in a relationship with that boyfriend, hook up with your ex and do it without protection.

bitlife pregnancy

However, there are many potential wrinkles that you have to take into consideration. First, not every ex will be up for a booty call. Second, not every ex will be receptive if you try to build up your relationship through phone calls or gift — they may even go as far as to serve you with a restraining order! Third, it won’t be as easy as usual to get pregnant, even if your ex has high Fertility stats — BitLife tends to make the chance of such random events smaller when they’re included among a challenge’s requirements.

bitlife exes

Our advice here would be very simple — just be patient, and don’t sweat it if your first ex isn’t down to hook up. Just repeat the process until you find an ex who you can cheat with and who’ll end up fathering your kid — simply doing it with an ex takes care of the “cheat on partner” requirement, but getting pregnant takes care of the second. And if you have God Mode, you may want to edit your exes’ Willpower stats — the lower the stat is, the likelier they are to say yes to a booty call!

Take care of these final two tasks and that should complete the Gilmore Girls Challenge — as always, you can then pick a prize chest out of the four available ones, and claim a new hat or eyewear for your Bitizens and NPCs to use.