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CatLife Ribbons Guide: How to Get the Ordinary, Bad Kitty, Killer Cat, Purrfect, Alpha and Omega Ribbons

CatLife is the latest in Candywriter’s series of life simulator games, and while one can say it’s almost like a re-skinned version of DogLife with the ability to play as a cat or a dog, that doesn’t make it any less of an intriguing addition to the popular series that started more than three years ago with BitLife.

Unlike DogLife, which only added the feature later on, CatLife came with the ribbons feature right off the bat — these are awarded at the end of your virtual animal’s life, with each one corresponding to the way they lived their life before crossing the rainbow bridge.

catlife ribbons guide

Much like we recently did for DogLife, we’re going to get started with CatLife and take a look at six of the 23 ribbons that you can collect in the game and dive in deep into how to get them. These are among the easier ribbons to collect for the most part, but as you will find out soon enough, it can sometimes be tricky, as you may end up getting a completely different ribbon than the one you were originally aiming for.

So in this CatLife ribbon guide, we shall focus on the Ordinary, Bad Kitty, Killer Cat, Purrfect, and Alpha ribbons and show you the best strategies for how to get them.

How to Get the Ordinary Ribbon in CatLife

There are several ways to get the Ordinary ribbon in CatLife, but the same principle applies to what you may know from DogLife’s Ordinary ribbon and BitLife’s Mediocre ribbon. When controlling your cat (or dog) in CatLife, you want to go with the flow, but you also want to avoid any situation that may qualify you inadvertently for another ribbon. You can act out and get reprimanded, but you should also avoid getting scolded too much by the humans around you.

catlife snuggle

You can attack other animals or submit to them, but not to the point that you’re getting enough respect to be an Alpha or a low level of respect that could doom you to Omega status for life. And you should also avoid any situations where you may end up being too loved by your owners or have too many offspring with different partners.

catlife ordinary ribbon

Ultimately, it will be very easy for you to get the Ordinary ribbon without even trying, But as we illustrated above, trying too hard to get this ribbon might result in you getting a completely different ribbon. As such, it’s best to see where your game takes you — if you get another ribbon, then well and good. But if you get the Ordinary ribbon, it should be the first of many more to follow as you keep on playing CatLife and encountering different situations.

How to Get the Bad Kitty Ribbon in CatLife

The Bad Kitty ribbon is given to cats (or dogs) in CatLife who “spend a life getting reprimanded.” This is, quite obviously, the game’s equivalent to Bad Dog in DogLife, and the same principles apply here. Keep doing things that humans don’t like, such as acting up around the house, messing with them, jumping or lunging or hissing at them, or even worse, spraying them with your pee.

catlife scratch

If these actions get you sent to the shelter, then you can keep up the act there by acting belligerent, though not outright malevolent toward the staff members, and that would mean doing everything we mentioned above, as well as fighting with other animals whenever the opportunity arises. In short, the goal here is to make humans as upset with your actions as possible.

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One thing to avoid when trying to get the Bad Kitty ribbon is killing other animals, and especially humans. Kill too many cats and dogs and other creatures and you might end up getting the Killer Cat ribbon, kill a human and you may get euthanized, which, in turn, will earn you the Wasteful ribbon for dying young and wasting whatever potential you had. So while it is crucial to be at close to your worst behavior when gunning for the Bad Kitty ribbon, don’t be at your actual worst.

catlife bad kitty ribbon

You may also want to avoid picking too many fights with other animals at home, at the pet shop, or at the shelter, as that might result in Alpha Male or Female status and give you a better chance of getting a completely different ribbon. (Which we shall also be discussing in this guide!)

How to Get the Killer Cat Ribbon in CatLife

This ribbon is most easily achieved by creatures with high Strength, a stat that is only adjustable upon character creation if you have God Mode enabled. In order to get the Killer Cat ribbon, you need to “be responsible for many deaths,” and this can be achieved in a number of ways.

catlife chomp

Killing humans also counts here, but since that could catch the attention of Animal Control and get you euthanized sooner than you want, we would suggest doing most of the damage against other animals. Slice, Slash, Maul, Mangle, and Chomp are all great actions to choose from when attacking another creature (or human, though this is best done after you’ve racked up several animal kills), and the throat, groin, neck, and even the tongue are all good body parts to target.

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Don’t expect much here if you’ve got low Strength, but considering how you cannot edit Strength if you don’t have God Mode, the best thing to do here would be to keep going for the kill if you end up killing one or two animals early in life. We don’t have an exact figure for how many kills would be needed in order to get the Killer Cat ribbon, but we found that seven or eight seems like a reasonable target to aim for.

catlife killer cat ribbon

As usual, you could end up getting another ribbon if you are doing a few other things particularly “well” aside from fatally attacking other cats or dogs or other animals. For example, you could get Bad Kitty if your actions also got you reprimanded multiple times by humans, so for the best chances of avoiding such an override, it’s best to choose the streets as your habitat. That way, you won’t come into too much contact with humans, so you don’t need to worry about getting scolded for your violent ways.

How to Get the Purrfect Ribbon in CatLife

The description for this ribbon reads “live a happy and beloved life,” so with that in mind, the two stats to keep an eye on here would be Happiness and Love. The Purrfect ribbon can be achieved in just about any habitat except the streets (where there aren’t any humans out there serving as owners, handlers, or authority figures), but it seems like the best odds of getting this ribbon are found if you choose Home as your habitat.

catlife cuddle

Of course, you also run the risk of ending up with bad owners who won’t show you much love, but if you see that their Friendliness stats are high, you have a fighting chance of getting this ribbon.

The main thing to keep in mind when trying to collect the Purrfect ribbon is positive interactions. That means cuddling with humans, cheering them up when they’re down, and treating various family members with love and kindness of your own volition, and not just when those dialog boxes pop up after hitting the Age button.

catlife purrfect ribbon

You’ll also need some kind-hearted humans at home, the pet shop, or the shelter, but another reason why Home is the best habitat to choose is the nature of how pet stores and shelters work — these aren’t really happy environments by default.

It would seem that telling your owners you love them right before getting euthanized (we’re not crying, you are) increases your chances of getting the Purrfect ribbon, so if it does come to that, make sure you’re going out by showing your love for these people one last time.

How to Get the Alpha Ribbon in CatLife

It can be a bit tricky to get the Alpha ribbon, similar to what you may have also experienced while playing DogLife. After all, CatLife states that this ribbon can be achieved by being a “pack leader for life.” Do not take this 100 percent literally, as the options to act aggressively toward other animals only appear once you’ve reached the age of 6 months.

catlife dominance hierarchy

But once you’re able to hiss, flash your but, spray, or do any of those other cool things that could make you a badass in the Dominance Hierarchy, do it whenever you could. Exert your dominance by acting like a bully among your pack regardless of the habitat. But don’t go so far as to kill animals your size (eating a smaller animal alive may be a better idea), as that could put you in Killer Cat territory if you take things too far.

On that note, you should also pick your battles and avoid even as much as hissing at an animal with high Strength and Aggressiveness stats. These creatures tend to do a lot of damage while attacking, and if you get counter-attacked by an animal you just clawed, sprayed, or attacked in some other way, that could cost you your Alpha Male/Female status and drop you down the hierarchy.

catlife alpha ribbon

And when it comes to maintaining your alpha status going forward, act indifferent or unwelcoming to the new cats, dogs, and other animals that may enter the picture. Never back down from a fight, and if you want to avoid getting physically injured, enlist the help of another animal to do your dirty work. Your respect can potentially go up if they’re able to do your bidding successfully, but it may also take a slight hit if the animal you chose lost the fight.

How to Get the Omega Ribbon in CatLife

This is the opposite of the Alpha ribbon, and it is much easier to collect because all you need to do to ensure a lifetime of being the lowest rung in the Dominance Hierarchy is to submit to everyone. You don’t even need to wait until another animal attacks you — the moment the Submit option becomes available (at 6 months), just select the current Omega Male or Omega Female, submit to them, and boom — you’re now at the bottom of the pecking order.

catlife dominance hierarchy 2

Keep submitting as well when picked on by other animals — not only does this ensure that you remain at the bottom, but this also helps you avoid getting attacked and losing even more Health. (If you live in the streets, this is especially important, as your Health will progressively decline each time you hit Age.)

In order to further ensure your lowly status as the Omega Male or Female, act welcoming toward every new animal that arrives, regardless of habitat. Be as apathetic as possible — don’t get involved in any fights, and show love toward the animals you’re on good terms with.

catlife omega ribbon

And if you live in the pet store or the animal shelter, be cooperative when dealing with the humans. Other animals hate it when they see their own kind playing along with the humans, and that’s sure to dent your Respect even further, or bring it back to zero after it crawls back up to the 5-10 percent range.

Being passive is the name of the game if you’re trying for the Omega ribbon, so don’t hesitate when the chance to submit arises!