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CatLife Ribbons Guide: How to Get the Cat-Astrophy, Wasteful, Wildcat, Alley Cat, Nomad and Sheltered Ribbons

While BitLife is keeping players busy on weekends by launching new challenges, the much newer CatLife appears to be engaging its player base through the ribbons feature. Although this Candywriter title doesn’t have as many ribbons as the game it spun off from, there are close to two dozen as of this writing, and it seems very likely that as the months and weeks pass, we should be seeing more ribbons added in with their own set of requirements.

catlife ribbons guide

In this second CatLife ribbon guide in a series of four, we shall be looking at six more ribbons, four of which may take some work and patience before you collect them, one that relies mostly on your luck, or lack thereof, and one that you can collect by performing one simple action in the game.

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That said, these ribbons are still quite easy to collect, but with the easy ones mostly out of the way, we shall be moving on next to the more challenging ribbons that you can collect in CatLife. For now, though, let’s examine the Cat-Astrophy, Wasteful, Wildcat, Alley Cat, Nomad, and Sheltered ribbons and walk you through the process of adding each one of them to your list of collected ribbons.

How to Get the Cat-Astrophy Ribbon in CatLife

Getting this ribbon is almost exclusively luck-based…or bad luck-based due to the name of the ribbon. In order to get the Cat-Astrophy ribbon, you just need to die very young due to one reason or another, may it be illness, animal attack, or some sort of freak accident. “Very young” would typically mean two years old or younger, which means you will likely end up with the “Ordinary” ribbon if you die after that cutoff and aren’t able to do anything truly noteworthy in the game’s eyes.

catlife cat-astrophy ribbon

This is, of course, the game’s equivalent to BitLife’s Unlucky ribbon, and while it may be hard to purposely collect, you’re sure to encounter your fair share of situations where your feline (or canine) character dies well before their time.

How to Get the Wasteful Ribbon in CatLife

The Wasteful ribbon in CatLife works similarly to the original version from BitLife, as well as the version from DogLife — this is the ribbon given to animals who “waste an opportunity in life,” and the easiest way to get this ribbon is by choosing the Surrender option.

catlife wasteful ribbon

But if you’d rather take a more organic route while trying to collect the Wasteful ribbon, you can create as much mayhem as possible without potentially qualifying for the Killer Cat ribbon — kill other animals or kill humans through your attacks, catch the attention of Animal Control, then get euthanized.

It’s the animal kingdom’s equivalent of the death penalty, and if you get busted early in life for taking the life of another creature and get put to sleep as a punishment for your actions, the game will deem that you wasted your potential in life and give you the Wasteful ribbon to add to your collection.

How to Get the Wildcat Ribbon in CatLife

This is similar to the Fertile ribbon, which we shall be discussing in the near future in another CatLife ribbon guide, but the difference here is that you need to have a lot of mates regardless whether you have kittens or puppies or not.

One general rule to keep in mind here is that you don’t need to wait until you see the “In Heat” indicator next to an animal’s name before mating with them. Of course, if they’re in heat, that means you’re likely to have offspring, but if they aren’t, you can mount them nonetheless (or allow them to mount you) and add another partner to your list of mates.

catlife heat

As such, you can be controlling a male or female animal while trying to collect this ribbon, just as long as you have as many different mates as possible.

There are some things, however, that could complicate matters if you’re trying to collect the Wildcat ribbon. First and foremost, keep in mind that not everyone you try to mate with will be okay with the idea — some of them may reject you, and while the game somehow allows offspring to mate with their parents, it doesn’t work the other way around when you’re trying to initiate the action.

catlife wildcat ribbon

Secondly, you may reach a point where you’ve mated with all the animals in your area — if that happens, you can either wander off to another street, or allow the animal catcher to get you and take you to the shelter so you can have a fresh new selection of potential mates.

How to Get the Alley Cat Ribbon in CatLife

CatLife describes the prerequisite for this ribbon as living a “long life in the streets,” which means you need to extend your life for as long as you could while living exclusively in the streets and not getting adopted by anyone or sent to the shelter by the animal catcher. This won’t be easy, as life on the streets can take huge chunks out of your Health, even if you’re able to boost this stat by successfully scavenging for food.

catlife scavenge

Then you’ve also got the other animals in your location to deal with — it’s bad enough that there are other stray cats and dogs out there in the streets, but wait till you encounter those zoo animals (big cats like mountain lions and jaguars, even macaques, baboons, and gorillas too), who can act like real bullies and deal serious damage when attacking other creatures.

Keeping all those risks in mind, the best way to live at least 15 years and therefore qualify for the Alley Cat ribbon is to avoid confrontation as much as possible. It doesn’t matter if you fall down the Dominance Hierarchy, as long as you don’t remain an Omega for most of your life, as that might earn you the Omega ribbon — don’t get into fights, and if you know you can’t win when another animal tries to push you around, it’s best to submit.

catlife alley cat ribbon

You can avoid staying at the bottom by helping another animal attack one of their enemies, but generally, it’s best to avoid trouble in order to avoid potentially fatal injuries. And if you fall ill while living on the streets, your best bet might be to try again if you can’t make it to 15 years — the Witch Doctor’s potions seem even riskier here than they are in BitLife!

How to Get the Nomad Ribbon in CatLife

The main requirement of the Nomad ribbon in CatLife is that you spend time in several homes, so you should ideally start out at a place where people can adopt you — the pet store or the animal shelter — or start out at someone’s home, as that’s going to count toward the number of homes you’ve lived in. Once you’ve settled in for 3-6 months or so, start acting up in hopes that your owner would eventually get so annoyed with you that they’ll have no choice but to drive you to the animal shelter.

catlife adoption

This may be harder with some pet owners than others, but those with low Friendliness stats are more likely than others to act angrily toward you. You can even attack the humans at home in order for them to send you to the shelter, but this might work too well if you end up killing them — Animal Control will be the ones bringing you to the shelter, but that also means you’ll have a very good chance of getting euthanized.

catlife nomad ribbon

Once you’re at the shelter, that’s when you can immediately start dancing, jumping, chasing your tail, or doing any of the available things that could attract the attention of a new owner. Simply rinse and repeat until you’ve spent time in at least five homes, and you’re set. Just bear in mind that the above steps need to be followed as closely as possible — too many stints in the shelter compared to homes lived in will result in you getting the very next ribbon we’ll be talking about, which is the Sheltered ribbon.

How to Get the Sheltered Ribbon in CatLife

This can be quite tricky to collect, as you could spend several stints in the animal shelter but end up with the Nomad ribbon if you end up getting adopted just as often as you’re sent back to the shelter.

returning to animal shelter in catlife

The process here is quite similar — start out at the shelter (that would count toward your shelter stints), try to get the attention of humans once you turn 6 months old, get adopted, then misbehave until your owner sends you back to the shelter. Here’s where things get a little different, as you may want to stay in the shelter for at least a year or so before doing those attention-seeking things and trying to get adopted again.

What you should do here is to aim for at least four stints in the shelter and make sure you don’t get adopted as often as you get driven back to the shelter due to misbehavior. Alternately, you can try escaping from the shelter and living a few years in the streets. If you’re lucky, the animal catcher will appear, but unlike what you would usually do, allow the catcher to nab you; don’t even bother jumping across the fire hydrants, just let him catch you and drive you back to the shelter.

catlife sheltered ribbon

And once again, be sure you’re keeping track of how many stints you’ve spent in the animal shelter! If you don’t return there often enough, then you just might end up with the Ordinary ribbon when your character crosses the rainbow bridge.