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EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Complete More Quests and Dominate Your Enemies

Manga and anime fans, especially fans and followers of Hiro Mashima’s works, are in for a huge treat as Konami has released the first video game incarnation of EDENS ZERO with EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy. EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy is an isometric, hack and slash action RPG that lets players take on the role of their favorite characters from the franchise. Join Shiki Granbell, Rebecca Bluegarden, Happy, Weisz Steiner, and more and relive stories in the manga and anime series and engage in new adventures as well.

EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy presents the story of the main protagonist, Shiki Granbell, and his allies in a unique yet familiar way, sure to immerse fans of the series as well as newcomers to its world’s lore. Along with its high quality graphics, the game boasts fully-voiced story quests as well as action-packed battles along the way.

edens zero pocket galaxy guide

There is a long journey ahead for adventurers and numerous challenges await at every turn. With allies to discover and team up with as you make progress, and various features to strengthen and develop each character, players are given more than enough means to take on every challenge that comes their way.

The overall quality that EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy has can seem somewhat intimidating at first glance but it is an action adventure RPG that practically anyone can easily pick up and play, provided that their device meets the minimum requirements to run it.

The tutorial at the start of your dive into its world is sure to provide you with a good understanding of its core mechanics and the interface and control layout are easy to grasp even for complete beginners. There are brief introductions as well that come with every new feature or game mode that becomes available.

edens zero pocket galaxy tips

Overall, EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy may require some grinding but hardly limits how much players can progress, relative to their free time and effort. If you want to boost your progression rate fast and efficiently, complete more quests and dominate your enemies, then stay with us and read our EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy beginner’s guide!

1. Prioritize The Main Quests

The initial minutes you spend after you plunge into EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy already forms part of the main story. Just like most adventures, there will be plenty of storytelling as you are introduced to the main protagonist and his world. Although you can skip the narratives, it is best to read through it especially if you are not that familiar with the series.

Story chapters can vary differently in terms of overall content but combat will always be a part of it. The characters you use will earn EXP as you engage from one battle to the next, and each stage you complete comes with its own set of rewards. There are also first time completion rewards for each scenario and, most importantly, characters are unlocked following your progression in the game’s story.

edens zero pocket galaxy quest

EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy sets itself apart from most RPGs that have plenty of characters to recruit and upgrade. There are no gacha mechanics and all players are bound to obtain every playable character based on their progression in the main campaign. You can access the main quest line via the ship’s wheel. Be sure to take not of the recommended party rating in comparison with your current party rating to have a firm idea of its relative difficulty.

EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy also makes auto mode available right from the get-go, making it very convenient and easy for players to breeze through some stages. However, we recommend only utilizing this function only on previously conquered levels as much as possible. As convenient as auto mode is, it should never perform as good as a thinking player regardless of the latter’s skill level.

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Speaking of replays, keep in mind that EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy lets you revisit every episode you have previously conquered. On the scenario page where the next challenge is highlighted, you can click on the “Main Story Completed” banner and you will be presented with a list of episodes you have completed. You can replay any of them for the EXP and random rewards.

edens zero pocket galaxy main story

Given that the recommended party rating of the next episode may suddenly spike to numbers that are too much for your current party’s strength, grinding away at previous episodes is an option to consider when progression is hampered. Additionally, there are special events and other game modes that will become available as you progress through the story, and shifting to them to further strengthen your characters will likewise be an alternative if you can no longer move forward.

2. Assemble A Balanced Team

You will only be playing as a solo act for a short while in your adventures as the initial episodes in EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy will soon have you meet and recruit new characters. You will soon have a team of 3 heroes for succeeding challenges although more characters will join in as you progress. As can be expected, each character comes with different sets of stats and skills, as well as have a main class or role that they play in the team.

Choosing a trio of characters is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to building a team in EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy. Each of the characters may have a designated class or role but each one can be built in a variety of ways. Characters may either be a tank, an attacker, a ranger, or a healer. Each one has unique base stats and traits that suit their respective role in the team.

Tanks have the highest defensive capabilities usually depicted by immense HP or defense stat attributes. These types of characters typically take enemy aggression away from allies and serve as the team’s human shield. The main protagonist, Shiki, is a tank.

edens zero pocket galaxy magic mech soldier

An attacker is like the polar opposite of a tank and are usually built for strong offense. Attackers can dispose of enemies faster than other classes but usually lag behind in terms of defense. Homura, the fourth character who will join your team, is an attacker.

Rangers usually have ranged attacks and are second to attackers in terms of offensive strength. Rangers in EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy have support skills that can either provide beneficial buffs to allies or debuff enemy units. Weisz is an example of a ranger.

Last, but not the least, are healers who neither specialize in offensive strength or defensive capabilities. These types of units, however, are of utmost importance for their health recovery skills that boost the survivability of the entire team. Your first ally, Rebecca, is a healer in the game.

The amount of attack power and health each character earns with each new level reached differ from one another but the gears you choose to equip them with as well as the skills you choose for them will ultimately decide on the actual role you have in store for them.

EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy actually boasts over 100 different costumes you can use on your characters. While this may open up near-infinite customization options, the more remarkable aspect of building a character, in our opinion, relates to the skills you invest in and the gear types you choose for each character, especially the ones in your main team.

One of the customization aspects of the game centers around the skills you have for each character. When your hero reaches a new level, he or she does not just earn stat increases and skill points are acquired as well. To expend skill points earned, you can tap the character icon at the lower right side of your screen and then choose the “Skill Tree”.

edens zero pocket galaxy skill tree

The skill tree for each character is laid out differently but the base concept is that you need to invest points in one node to be able to continue investing in all nodes linked to it. While somewhat delimiting, you can still aim for the skills you want to unlock first with careful planning. You can see the character’s available skill points at the lower left side of the page and highlighting any node will reveal the points required to activate the skill.

What is good about the skill tree is that highlighting locked nodes will still give you an idea of what the skill does. Pay attention to the skill type icon at the lower left side of each node as you only have a limited amount of each skill type you can equip at one time.

Once unlocked, the skill will still not be readily applied to the character and you will still have to equip it. To do so, head on over to the main menu by clicking its icon at the upper right side of the screen and choosing “Skills”. Each character has 3 Ether Skills, 3 Recast Skills, 4 Passive Skills, and a Special Skill, which cannot be changed.

Ether Skills or Ether Skill effects, rather, serve as add-on effects to the character’s Ether Skills. Note that Ether Skills consume Ether Points or EP but can be used in combat continuously so long as you have EP. Recast Skills you equip are also add-ons to the character’s Recast Skill. Recast skills do not consume EP but have cool down times. Last but not the least of customizable skills are the passives. You can choose any 4 passive abilities to equip at a time.

changing skills in edens zero pocket galaxy

We recommend prioritizing skill purchases in the skill tree that will enable you to have a full skill set equipped first. This means going for the first 3 Ether Skills, first 3 Recast Skills, and first 4 Passive Skills you can unlock from the skill tree. This may require purchasing some skills more than what you can equip but at the very least, you will have the quickest route towards having all skill types equipped.

One of the character features in EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy you might easily miss are friendship skills. These are unique passive traits that activate when a character continues to land normal attacks in combat. While at some point you will be joined by characters who have the same class as the ones already in your roster, their unique friendship skills will have its own respective impact on your team and the challenge at hand.

3. Invest In The Right Equipment

Beyond stories and various gameplay mechanics and features, a huge chunk of the fun and excitement accorded to every RPG relates to its host of characters as well as the gears with which these characters can be further molded in accordance to the player’s preferences.

Choosing the right characters for your team relative to the task at hand and knowing how to efficiently utilize the squad as a whole in combat is just part of how you utilize strategies in an adventure. An equally significant, or sometimes even bigger, portion of these strategies relate to how you choose to equip each character.

changing equipment in edens zero pocket galaxy

EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy does not fall behind other RPGs in the equipment department as the game holds a wide range of gears that will not only strengthen your characters, but also support the builds you have in mind for each of them. There are basic weapons, armor items, and accessories that form part of the basic equipment set and then there are also Unique equipment called Lacrima that further enhances a character’s attributes.

EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy is very generous in providing players with a lot of gears as well as the means to enhance them. However, simply having access to these gears is not enough to bridge the gap between your team’s strength and the level of challenges at hand as you will have to utilize these supplements as best as you can. Weapons you obtain can only be equipped by specific characters and armor sets are either good for male characters or female characters. Some equipment slots have items that are not restrictive at all.

You can check the characters’ equipment by clicking on the main menu button and choosing “Equipment” from the menu. Each character has 10 different equipment slots and other equipment available are listed on the right side of the screen. Equipment comes with different rarity grades indicated by the stars as well as the gear’s color.

Higher grade equipment tends to come with better stat boosts as well as other perks. You can conveniently equip characters using the “Optimize” button at the lower right side of the page. In doing so, you can choose to optimize equipment choices based on overall stats or any specific stat attribute.

edens zero pocket galaxy character gear stats

By clicking on any piece of equipment, you will be able to see its level along with the stats it provides the character. However, these are not exclusively the important details to consider when choosing the right gear. There are perks under the E. Trait tab of the gear window and while these traits may not directly affect stats, they can greatly benefit the character’s performance.

More importantly, some pieces of equipment form part of a set, and choosing to equip 2 or more pieces of gears belonging to the same set can unlock additional perks for the character.

Considering all of the above, choosing to equip characters using the optimize function will hardly be the best way to go about doing so. It takes a little more effort to find the best set of equipment for each hero, considering their roles as well as their weaknesses. For one, you can choose to bank on increasing your tank’s HP and defense.

On the other hand, you can instead invest in his or her offensive strength to have a more balanced type character. Both these considerations are just examples and any decision in-between can be made. It should be based on how you feel is most suitable for your preferences and play style.

edens zero pocket galaxy lacrima equipment

Under the Character menu is the Lacrima Equipment feature, which is an extra means of further boosting your characters’ stats. There are only a few types of Lacrima available, each focusing on one of the character’s stats at a time. Like basic equipment, Lacrima Equipment also have rarity grades, and these grades basically determine the potency of their effects.

While you may initially just be happy to be able to fully equip your characters with Lacrima Shards, you will soon have the freedom to choose the best ones for each of your characters. On top of the types that determine the main stats boosted by the shards, be sure to also consider the sub traits for each type.

Equipment can also be leveled up to increase their stat attributes. Although higher grade equipment will be difficult to obtain earlier in your journey, we recommend exercising prudence in their upgrades if they are 3-star or below as you will most certainly be leaving them behind sooner or later. To upgrade equipment, simply click on the item icon at the lower right side of the screen and choose “Eq. Upgrade”.

edens zero pocket galaxy equipment upgrade

Each equipment type requires a type-specific upgrade shard and metal for each upgrade. The higher the upgrade level, the more materials you will need. If it seems easy enough to max out an item’s level, keep in mind that what follows is a limit break, which increases its level cap, and the next set of upgrades will then require higher grade materials.

Limit breaks are limited as indicated by the other set of stars on its page. For this reason, it is best to save up your resources for items that you are certain will be utilized by your characters for a long time, if not for good.

4. Craft Better Gear And Dispose Unwanted Ones

Basic Equipment as well as Lacrima equipment can be crafted in EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy. While there are plenty of ways to earn either in your adventures, you may be able to secure better ones right at the comfort of your ship. Under the item menu, “Crafting” takes you to a feature where you can either craft equipment or cosmetics. Both features have the element of randomness so every attempt to craft an item carries a risk of not getting the ones that you want.

edens zero pocket galaxy equipment crafting

For equipment crafting, you will need shards specific to the type of equipment you want as well as metal relative to the rarity grade of the best possible items you can craft. Depending on the recipes at hand, the product will be randomly selected from among the entire list provided.

Since you have no other use for these shards, for the most part, taking a gamble whenever you can, is recommended. For cosmetics crafting, you only need to expend Iridescent Material. These resources may not be as easy to come by but there are events that can help you earn them.

edens zero pocket galaxy rarity boost crafting

Lacrima Crafting works a lot differently than normal equipment crafting. In essence, this process works more like an enhancement feature divided between 2 possibilities. Lacrima crafting may either increase the item’s rarity or boost the effects of its sub trait.

For either process, what is requires is for you to sacrifice 5 shards of the same type and rarity to generate one of a higher grade or one with a more effective sub attribute. This process is also covered by probabilities, which can be boosted by spending Glee or EG.

Relative to equipment, another important information you need to be aware of is that gears, Lacrima shards, and cosmetics all have limited inventory slots. It may take a long while before you find yourself unable to obtain additional items resulting from lack of free space in your inventory but it is best to learn to manage your items at an early stage.

edens zero pocket galaxy item disassembly

The item menu in EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy comes with a feature that lets you get rid of unwanted items fast and conveniently. While some can be disposed of for extra resources, some can only be sold for Glee. Whatever your choice, this feature will at least leave you something for an otherwise useless gear that only takes up inventory space.

5. Do Not Rely On Auto Mode

As we have mentioned earlier in the guide, EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy comes with an auto mode feature that lets your team of heroes pursue the stage or episode goal on its own. Convenient as it is, we want to expound on the idea that manual controls will always prove to be the better option compared to auto mode regardless of your skills and level of expertise in combat. The exceptions, of course, would be taking on repeat runs of stages you have previously conquered and have recommended ratings well under what your team currently has.

edens zero pocket galaxy auto mode

For starters, auto mode will focus exclusively on the task at hand. Whether it is filling up a meter to finally be able to proceed to the next map or going in straight for a boss battle, auto mode will not consider all other aspects of the adventure. You may not easily notice it but when you click on the mini map at the upper left side of the adventure screen, the full map can be revealed. In most stages, there are areas on the map that hold treasure chests that you only need to interact with to unlock and claim the contained rewards.

Auto mode will completely ignore these treasure chests and the only way for you to secure them is to manually approach them. Although chest rewards are random and may at some point be insignificant for you, these are good sources of extra gears and materials that can help you early on in your journey.

edens zero pocket galaxy area

Once the meter you need to fill up to get to the boss battle has been capped or if it does not exist at all, auto mode will completely ignore all enemies on sight and will proceed straight to the designated area. While auto mode can be efficient in pursuing the area or stage’s goals, this may present some missed opportunities or threats for your team.

For one, auto mode will never utilize the dodge function and will simply soak up damage all the way to the ends of the stage. Likewise, extra enemies can present opportunities to earn extra XP or Glee as well.

Auto mode will always activate skills once available but will never utilize the character’s ultimate skill. As efficient as executing active skills one after another may seem, timing of skill usage is very important in RPGs like EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy.

edens zero pocket galaxy active skills

Knowing when to launch your ace attacks, provide shield for allies, or unleash a healing effect are just examples of actions that necessitate good timing. Shifting between going on offense as well as taking a step back when it is the enemy’s turn to unleash a powerful attack is also a big example of why manual controls are more efficient.

6. Accomplish Missions And Event Objectives

At the end of each episode or stage you have completed, you are certain to be happy with the amount of resources and materials you will obtain from each run, especially considering the EXP your characters earn from it, made convenient further with auto mode on succeeding replays. The absence of an energy system that limits the amount of time players can spend to grind for resources almost guarantees progression that can only depend on a player’s level of dedication.

Considering all of the game’s features, however, EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy provides even more means for players to earn extra items, and this is generally through the missions feature and special events that run for a limited period of time.

edens zero pocket galaxy daily missions

Missions typically do not require extra time or effort as the objectives are in line with the usual activities you engage in as you pursue your adventure. Special events are often coupled with a unique set of challenges on its own and may require deviation from the normal adventure battles you engage in to pursue its unique rewards.

You can access the list of missions via its icon under the main menu. Missions are divided into 5 separate tabs, each with its own list of target objectives. Daily missions are the easiest of the bunch and stand as the most basic guide towards activities you should engage in on a daily basis. Weekly missions are just like daily missions stretched across the entire week, taking into consideration activities that you should regularly partake in as well.

Both Planet and Character Missions require Mission Passes that you can purchase using EG, or the game’s premium currency. Last, but not the least, are Challenge Quests. These quests are equivalents of achievements in other games and serve as records of your milestones and accomplishments across every aspect of your adventure.

edens zero pocket galaxy event

EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy regularly holds unique special events that earn you a special currency you can exchange for various valuable resources. The special events are coupled with a unique adventure where you battle through stages with increasing difficulty levels for rewards. On top of the drops you earn with each run, you are guaranteed to obtain event currencies as well.

Like main story episodes, you can replay stages in special events if you cannot push forward with the succeeding levels, ensuring ways for you to earn the special currency and exchange them for the top rewards. Likewise, a separate list of daily missions and challenge missions are also available within the duration of the special event, further providing you with extra means to earn more materials and rewards.

edens zero pocket galaxy item exchange

EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy has only been around for 3 weeks at the time of this writing and we are confident that its world will continue to grow following its updates in the future. For now, this is where we end our EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy beginner’s guide but we will be sure to revisit this masterpiece again for another guide.

We hope that our compilation of tips and strategies will help propel your progression rate across the many challenges. If your adventures within EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy’s world has led you to uncover some nifty tricks and strategies of your own, be sure to tell us about them in the comments!