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EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy Character Guide: Tips & Strategies to Build Each Character and Your Ultimate Team

EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy certainly had an explosive launch, bringing to the table a unique, isometric action adventure RPG that combines superb audio-visual quality and dynamic gameplay. While the core features that fans of the RPG genre love and enjoy are all present in the game, EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy also deviates from some conventional features commonly contained in mobile RPGs like gacha systems that determine which characters players are going to be able to recruit.

Although there are currently only 7 playable characters in EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy, each one can be acquired by players without the need to spend any kind of resource or currency to do so. The only requirement is to progress the story campaign up to its current limit. While some may be inclined as well to rank each of the 7 characters in a tier list, we feel that all of them are practically equal. This is due to the number of ways each of the characters can be built considering the players’ choices in relation to gears, skills, and other character enhancement features.

edens zero pocket galaxy character guide

If you are a fresh adventurer within the world of EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy, and still unfamiliar with what we have been discussing above so far, then we highly recommend that you first read through our EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy beginner’s guide. Our dedicated article for beginners covers all the basic features of the game and provides tips and strategies as well to help boost your progression in your adventure.

Although we have already touched on the basics of team considerations and character enhancements in our beginner’s guide, we will be diving deeper into each of the available characters in EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy. Understanding each one’s strengths and limitations can help you decide on the more ideal builds. However, it should not prevent you from straying from any recommendations with unconventional builds for each one.

Shiki Granbell [Role: Tank – Friendship Skill: Increases Defense]

Fans of the franchise might expect an attacker out of the series’ main protagonist, but Shiki fits the role of a tank perfectly as he can be built to be at the front end of every battle he engages in. Shiki’s skills in combat are largely close range but some of his active skills enable him to close the distance between him and his targets. Capitalizing on his defense is the best way to go but mixing it up with some investments to increase his damage works too, especially if there are no solid damage-dealers in the team.

His first ether skill, Gravity Windmill Kick: Lsen, is a 2-pronged attack by default, which boosts his allies’ defense and also lowers the enemies’ attack. Variants of this skill that can be unlocked and equipped later is Gravity Windmill Kick: Ruin, which boosts allies’ defense and lowers enemies’ defense, and Gravity Windmill Kick: Sevr, which boosts allies’ defense and disables enemies temporarily.

shiki granbell edens zero pocket galaxy

The next type of ether skill to unlock is the Gravity Fist: Strk variant, which is a taunt that attracts enemies while also increasing his critical chance. The Rec variant of this taunts as well and boosts his HP recovery rate. Further down the skill tree are stronger modes of this ether skill called Gravity Fist Frenzy, which consumes more EP and have different sub effects as well. The Lsen variant can lower the enemies’ power if the last strike connects; the Rec variant can heal him if the last hit connects; and the Ruin variant lowers the enemies’ defense if the last hit connects.

Shiki’s third type of ether skill is the Gravity Rush, which is his self-sustaining skill that restores his HP. The Sevr variant can disable enemies if it hits; the Void variant can cancel out the enemy’s buffs if it hits; and the Halt variant can temporarily bind enemies if it hits.

The first type of recast skill in Shiki’s arsenal is the Gravity Wall, which provides buffs to allies within its area of effect. The Def type boosts his allies defense; the Pow type increases their power; and the Strk type increases their critical chance. Gravity Center is a debuff type skill that lowers the enemies’ movement speed and has variants that either boost Shiki’s defense or boost his critical chance.

Gravity Cannon is likewise a debuff skill with twin effects that always come with a speed reduction. The Ruin variant also lowers the enemies’ defense; the Wane variant lowers HP; and the Lsen variant reduces power. Gravity Wave works more like Gravity Wall and has an area of effect but has buffs for Shiki, debuffs for enemies, and sucks them in when activated. The Rec variant heals him and lowers enemies defense; the Def variant boosts his defense and lowers enemies defense; and the Vita variant recovers his EP while lowering his enemies’ defense.

Finally, Shiki’s Anti-Gravity skills also generate a field that blows enemies away while increasing his own power. The Def variant boosts his allies’ defense; the Spd variant increases the team’s speed; and the Strk variant increases allies’ critical chance.

Rebecca Bluegarden [Role: Healer – Friendship Skill: Increase HP Recovery Speed]

Rebecca is the first support unit who will join your team and is the best partner for Shiki. She has some ranged attacks to contribute a bit of damage from a relatively safe distance and possesses strong HP recovery skills that tremendously boost the team’s survivability. As a healer, the best way to build her is to capitalize on her own survival and boost her own HP and defense stats. However, the potency of her HP recovery skills depend on her skill stats so investing on it is important as well.

Rebecca’s first ether skill, Spinning Shot deals damage to enemies and imposes debuffs as well. The Lsen variant reduces enemies’ power; the Wane variant inflicts HP drain; and the Void variant can remove buffs on them. Her Blast skill only has 2 variants which will either boost her allies’ speed or her own defense.

rebecca bluegarden edens zero pocket galaxy

Rebecca’s Burst skill can either be utilized to sustain allies or weaken enemies further. Its Rec variant restores HP to allies while its Ruin and Wane variants will inflict defense down and HP drain on enemies, respectively. Concentration is a double purpose support skill that does not damage enemies but will improve HP recovery rate for the whole team. The Strk variant increases Rebecca’s critical chance; the Endr variant cancels out debuffs within range; and the Def variance improves her defense.

For recast skills, anyone can certainly appreciate Rebecca’s Flashbang skill for its ability to temporarily stun enemies it hits. The Void variance instantly cancels out buffs on enemies; the Wane variance reduces HP of enemies; and the Spd variance increases her own movement speed. First Aid is most certainly among the basic skills to consider for her given that it recovers HP for the team. Its Rec variant also improves allies’ recovery rate while the Def variant boosts her own defense.

As a substitute to or in combination with First Aid, Rebecca also has Regenerate, which improves the HP recovery rate of her allies. The Pow variant increases allies’ power and the Def variant boosts their defense. The Endr variant cancels out debuffs inflicted on them. Berserk is a recast skill that lowers defense for a boost as a trade-off. The Pow + Strk variant lowers Rebecca’s defense but increases both her power and critical chance while the strike variant lowers her defense for a bigger critical chance boost. The Pow variant lowers her allies’ defense but boosts their power.

Rebecca has an Antidote recast skill that focuses mainly on removing debuffs on her allies. The Rec variant improves their recovery rate; the Spd variant improves their movement speed; and the Def variant improves their defense. Last, but not the least, of her recast skills is the Regeneration Field, which is an AoE skill that heals allies within its range and also inflicts debuffs on enemies. The Lsen variant reduces enemies’ power; the Ruin variant reduces enemies’ defense; and the Slow variant slows them down.

Weisz Steiner [Role: Ranger – Friendship Skill: Increase Critical Chance]

Weisz will be the third character who will complete your first full team. As a ranger, his skills and basic attacks also target enemies from a distance and while his damage outputs may pale in comparison with an attacker, he more than makes up for it with a host of buffs for his allies as well as debuffs for his enemies. To some extent, he can also help his team not just with increases to his survivability but also skills that can help sustain his team’s needs.

Steiner’s first ether skill, Atlas Flame, is basically a team support skill that has 2 effects that include inflicting HP drain on enemies. The Strk variant increases allies’ critical chance; the Pow variant boosts allies’ power; and the Endr variant cancels debuffs on allies. Steiner’s Violent Release is designed to disturb enemies with its Def variant increasing his defense while its Spd variant improves the team’s movement speed. Lastly, Steiner’s Locked On skill disturbs enemies and inflicts a debuff on them. The Slow variant reduces their movement speed; the Ruin variant lowers their defense; and the Halt variant temporarily binds them.

weisz steiner edens zero pocket galaxy

While Steiner may seem to have fewer than usual choices for ether skills, he does have plenty of unlockable recast skills. The first type is the Toxic Mist which is an AoE skill that improves the critical rate of allies. The Lsen variant reduces enemies’ power; the Ruin variant lowers their defense; and the Slow variant reduces their movement speed. Tune Up improves Steiner’s critical chance and also provides a buff for all allies. The Def variant boosts allies’ defense and the Spd variant increases their movement speed.

Stealth is a recast skill that mainly disturbs enemies. The Rec variant heals allies; the Endr variant removes debuffs from them; and the Vita variant recovers EP. Steiner can deploy turrents in combat through his Set Up Turret skill. The Strk variant also boosts allies’ critical rate and the Def and Pwr variants increase defense and power, respectively.

Steiner can also use Set Trap skills that lower the movement speed of enemies. The Lsen and Ruin variants lower enemies’ power and defense, respectively while the Slow variant reduces their movement speed more. In contrast, he also has a Set Shield skill that improves the HP recovery speed of his allies. Its Halt variant temporarily binds enemies while its Void variant removes their buffs. The Sevr variant temporarily disables enemies.

Bullet Rain can reduce enemies’ defense along with one other perk. The Pow variant boosts Steiner’s power; the Spd variant increases allies’ movement speed; and the Slow variant reduces enemies’ movement speed.

Homura Kogetsu [Role: Attacker – Friendship Skill: Increase Power]

As the only attacker type unit in EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy for now, Homura is likely to become a popular pick for players who want some solid DPS unit on their team. She certainly has the potential to be peerless in terms of damage capability, but may need some more survivability in some cases. Most of Homura’s skills can be set up to further increase her own power as well as damage capabilities of her team but she has a few skills that can be considered to increase her own survivability.

Homura’s basic ether skill, Snake Bite, can remove buffs on the enemy it hits and activates buffs for allies as well. The Pow variant boosts allies’ power; the Spd variant improves their speed; and the Strk variant increases their critical chance. Her Snake Strike skill inflicts HP drain on enemies along with a self-buff. The Def variant boosts her defense while the Hard variance improves her resistance from Boss attacks.

homura kogetsu edens zero pocket galaxy

Rising Dragon is an attack skill that also comes with a buff for Homura. The Pow variant increases her power; the Strk variant improves her critical chance; and the Def variant raises her defense. Dragon Fang can hit enemies hard and also inflict debuffs on them. The Lsen variant lowers their power; the Slow variant decreases their movement speed; and the Ruin variant lessens their defense.

Homura’s Black Dragon Talon disturbs enemies it hits and also grants her unique self-buffs. It has a Pow, Strk, and a Spd variant, which boosts her power, critical chance, and movement speed, respectively. Tiger Kick Flash is yet another offensive move that simultaneously makes Homura stronger. It has Strk, Pow, and Spd variants that boosts her critical chance, power, and movement speed, respectively. Finally, Homura’s Towering Crane Flash skill improves her movement speed and comes with a different buff depending on its version. The Pow, Strk, and Def variants improve her power, critical chance, and defense, respectively.

With a wide variety of ether skills to unlock and equip, you can expect Homura to have relatively fewer nodes on her skill tree for recast skills. Her first one is the Wild Tiger Claw, which is an attack that comes with temporary boosts for her if it connects. The Pow variant boosts her power and the Def variant increases her defense.

The Hard variant gives her more resistance against Boss attacks. Soaring Crane Fan is a skill that can stun enemies. The Void variant cancels out their buffs while the Slow variant cuts down their movement speed. Last, but not the least, Leopard Dance comes with a series of strikes that can buff allies. The Pow variant increases allies’ power if the last strike connects while the Def variant can boost their defense. The Strk variant can increase the team’s critical chance.

Witch Regret [Role: Tank – Friendship Skill: Increase Boss Damage Resistance]

Witch Regret is a tank unit that considerably has more defensive capabilities than Shiki. As such, you can expect her to somewhat lag behind him in terms of damage potential. A lot of her skills will either boost her own defensive strength, or have taunt effects that force enemies to focus their attacks on her. Her friendship skill certainly makes her an excellent team front liner in boss battles but going for differing builds with her will always revolve around the tank class.

Regret’s Lightning Ether is a skill that boosts her defense temporarily that inflicts debuffs on enemies it hits. Ruin lowers enemies defense; Lsen lowers their power; and Wane inflicts HP Drain. Ice Ether is an AoE skill that taunts all enemies it hits and temporarily binds them. The Hard variant also increases allies’ resistance against boss attacks while the Rec variant heals allies.

witch regret edens zero pocket galaxy

Ignition is a crowd control skill that comes with a self-boost for Regret. The Def variant gives her a temporary defense boost; the Endr variant removes debuffs on her; and the Rec variant improves her health recovery rate. Flame Ether is an attack that can grant allies temporary boosts. The Pow variant increases their power; the Hard variant improves resistance from boss damage; and the Def variant increases their defense.

Finally, Regret’s Vortex Tornado is an AoE skill that pulls enemies within it as well as reduces their movement speed. This comes with self-buffs depending on its variant. The Def, Rec, and Hard variants increase her defense, HP recovery rate, and boss damage resistance, respectively.

For her recast skills, Regret can also provoke enemies with her Diamond Rain. Its Def variant increases allies’ defense while the Strk variant increases their critical chance. The Endr variant cancels out debuffs on them. White-Hot Breath is a skill that binds enemies and its Strk variant also increases allies’ critical chance while its Endr variant removes debuffs.

Earth Ether provides Regret with different self-buffs based on its variant. Def boosts her defense, Rec increases her recovery rate, and Hard strengthens her resistance against boss damage. Green Storm is an AoE attack that draw in enemies and also improves allies’ critical rate. The Lsen variant lowers enemies’ power; the Wane variant inflicts HP Drain; and the Ruin variant decreases their defense.

Sister Ivry [Role: Healer – Friendship Skill: Recovers HP]

Just like how Witch Regret is compared to Shiki, Sister Ivry is likewise a more defensive type of healer that focuses largely, if not entirely on the team’s survival. She is a melee combatant as well and will more likely be more susceptible to taking damage from enemies. However, she can be built to provide more healing instances for her team as well as contribute to crowd control thanks to her ability to stun and bind targets.

Paradise Wave stands as Ivry’s most basic ether skill for healing allies. It can also boost allies’ power with its Pow variant; improve their defense with its Def variant; and increase health recovery rate with its Rec variant. Hellhole is a healing skill for her that can also slow down enemies or reduce their power depending on its version.

sister ivry edens zero pocket galaxy

Paradise Atonement almost works the same way as Hellhole, healing Ivry and inflicts debuffs on enemies. The Ruin variant lowers enemies’ defense; the Lsen variant lowers their power; and the Slow variant slows them down. Hell’s Disaster is an attack that inflicts a negative status effect on the enemy while also improving the health recovery rate of allies. Lsen lowers the enemy’s power, Ruin lowers the enemy’s defense, and Wane inflicts HP Drain. Finally, Paradise Punishment slows enemies down anc comes with buffs for allies as well. The Hard variant improves resistance from boss damage while the Strk variant increases critical hit rate.

For recast skills, Paradise Requiem offers different benefits for allies if it hits enemies. The Rec variant heals; the Vita variant recovers EP; and the Endr variant removes debuffs from allies. Hell Gaze can stun surrounding enemies and inflict bind on enemies in a straight line as well. Its Void variant removes buffs from enemies while its Ruin variant lowers their defense.

Paradise Ovation is an AoE heal that comes with added effects based on its variant. Def reduces the enemies’ defense; Rec improves health recovery rate; and Hard increases resistance from boss attacks. Similarly, Paradise Maiden is also an Aoe skill that recovers EP for allies along with added effects. Pow increases power; Endr discards debuffs; and Strk increases critical hit rate. Lastly, Paradise Frenzy is an AoE debuff attack that can also heal allies. Lsen reduces enemies’ power; Ruin lowers their defense; and Void removes buffs on them.

Hermit Mio [Role: Ranger – Friendship Skill: Increase Recast Recovery Speed]

Hermit Mio can perform almost like Steiner and, like Witch Regret and Sister Ivry, swerves more towards defensive skill effects compared with Steiner. Mio expectedly has a wide assortment of long range attacks that have its distinct behavior or effects on enemies compared with Steiner. However, as far as contribution to damage outputs are concerned, she will hardly be able to contribute unlike Steiner. Her friendship skill, however, shortens gaps between recast skill usage, which in effect makes for her allies to use those skills more often.

Mio’s Bombs Away is an AoE attack aimed at disabling enemies while also giving buffs on allies. Its Strk variant improves allies’ critical hit rate; its Spd variant increases allies’ movement speed; and its Pow variant increases allies’ power. Overlay is a unique skill that works like the opposite of taunting enemies, imposing debuffs on enemies as well. Its Lsen variant reduces enemies’ power while the Wane variant inflicts HP Drain.

hermit mio edens zero pocket galaxy

Mio’s Matrix Bomb deals damage and also provides buffs for allies if it connects. Def improves allies’ defense; Rec increases health recovery rate; and Hard improves resistance against boss damage. Dissipation Light confuses enemies and has a chance of stripping off their buffs as well, giving Mio a self-buff depending on its variant.

Pow increases her power; Rec improves her health recovery rate; and Hard increases resistance against boss damage. Lastly, Dissipation Pulse is an AoE attack that reduces enemies’ movement speed and comes with an extra debuff when it hits. Lsen and Ruin lowers enemies’ attack and defense, respectively while Wane inflicts HP Drain.

For recast skills, Mio’s Dissipation Barrier lets her set up a shield that temporarily binds enemies it comes in contact with and comes with buffs for allies depending on its variant. Pow and Def boosts power and defense for allies, respectively, while Strk improves critical hit rate. Decoy can disturb enemies and its Hard variant improves Mio’s resistance against boss damage while its Spd variant improves her movement speed.

Dissipation Heal is an AoE health recovery skill for allies that comes with debuffs as well on enemies within its range. Ruin and Lsen lowers attack and defense, respectively, while Slow decreases movement speed. Dissipation Charge removes buffs on enemies it hits and buffs Mio depending on its variant. Def increases her defense while Strk increases her critical hit chance. Hard improves her resistance against boss damage. Finally, Dissipation Mist cleanses allies from debuffs and also inflicts negative status effects on enemies. Ruin and Lesn lowers enemies’ defense and power, respectively, while Slow lowers their movement speed.

Knowing each character’s respective roles, their unique friendship skills along with their available skills to unlock and equip is just the start of the process in conceptualizing how to build each of them along with your ultimate team. Note that there are also 2 types of passive skills for you to unlock within their skill tree: ones that need to be equipped; and ones that automatically apply to their stats.

Additionally, there are different gear sets, Lacrima equipment, and stat boost allocations to consider for each one of them. Considering everything, it all boils down to following a process of selection on how each of the heroes you have should be developed. With only a trio of heroes to use for a full team, it is relatively easier to focus on one to build the team around on.

Once you have chosen your main character, then you can determine how to build him or her before deciding from among the remaining choices which one to consider next, and so on. With this procedure in mind, you can focus more on the skills and traits you feel are most important for your main character for you to make progress fast and efficiently across the numerous challenges. What follows are a couple of characters whom you feel will best support the main one in achieving your goal.

It is best to decide on an end in mind when it comes to the skills you can consider as priorities in terms of unlocking nodes in the skill tree. Even if some skills you want are yet beyond your reach, you can also begin considering gear sets that complement your desired build.

Similarly, your decision on which characters get first dibs on specific types of Lacrima shards should follow. Points allocated across different stat boost options should likewise be well-aligned with your chosen build for your characters. Though these can be reset using Glee, efficiency requires best use of resources and spending 10,000 Glee for this purpose can be expensive.

With currently only 7 characters in the roster, you are very much free to choose any combination. However, we recommend considering 3 characters with different roles or classes. For example, you can go with a tank, healer, ranger combo much like the initial 3 characters that you will get to use.

To some extent, choosing characters you recruit later has its own set of disadvantages attributable to their levels being 1 as well as resources and time you will need to catch them up to your other heroes. However, the luck factor that comes in obtaining equipment from the usual grind may lead to obtaining better gears that fit the newer characters better, or exclusively.

Given that EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy’s current story campaign promises a continuation in an upcoming update and given as well that there are plenty more characters in the franchise not yet in the game, we can confidently expect the roster of playable characters to grow over time. For now, though, this wraps up our EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy character guide and we hope that you learned a good deal from what we discussed above.

There are plenty of fun and creative ways to build each character and how each one can synergize with their respective allies on the battlefield can have surprising results. If you have come up with a nifty character build or team that you feel is worth sharing, we strongly encourage you to do so in the comment area!