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Bed Wars – Adventures Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Protect Your Beds and Destroy Your Enemies’ Beds

Bed Wars – Adventures is a PvP game developed by Studio Cubo where you and your team, or, alternatively, you against everyone else, are stationed on a floating archipelago. Your objectives are simple: destroy the beds of your enemies while protecting your own, and make sure no one but your team is standing to claim victory. Build up defenses and pathways while navigating towards the enemy bases, avoiding retaliation the entire way. Be careful, as your enemies can do the same and your bed is as much at risk as their beds.

bed wars adventures intro

Bed Wars – Adventures resembles the likes of Minecraft and Roblox in various respects, and as such the interface of Bed Wars – Adventures should be familiar to those who have played those games before. In comparison to those titles, Bed Wars – Adventures uses a custom game mode that has the same premise and rules. Bed Wars – Adventures can be considered a standalone version of that game mode, but with more features. These include additional customization options and passive upgrades you can manage and utilize to gain the upper hand in future matches.

bed wars adventures filler a

This guide is for players new to this game mode, so expect a rundown on the basics before we dive deeper into the other mechanics. It is more than just building bridges and whacking away as everyone has access to armor, bombs, and bows to soften up opposing players before they get close for a proper scrap. Stay with us to learn how to play Bed Wars – Adventures!

1. Crashing Cots For Dummies

bed wars adventures login

If you are starting Bed Wars – Adventures for the first time, the game will request that you make an account to access the game. The game mainly uses Sandbox, a service built into the game itself, though you can use pre-existing services like Facebook if preferred. The game also has a “quick login” system that generates basic account details without requiring an email address if you want to skip the previous options. If you go for the quick login, you can still change your given username if it is available for use. Completing this will bring you to the tutorial.

Before starting the tutorial, the game will let you decide between two control schemes for moving your character:

bed wars adventures control selection
  • Button: An eight-button keypad with a movement toggle button in the middle;
  • Rocker: A more traditional joystick common in other mobile games. This offers more precise control over your direction, so we opted for this form of control. The movement toggle button is placed above the jump button.

Now, either control scheme will be placed to the left side of your screen, while the button on your right is your jump button. The movement toggle button cycles your characters movement from walking, to sneaking, and finally to running, specifically in that order. However, you will not be able to access this until after the tutorial. If you want to interact with anything, move close to it and tap it.

bed wars adventures ingots

Bed Wars – Adventures has multiple game modes for players to match up in, but in any game mode you must collect metals and gems as currency to purchase equipment during a game. At first, you start off scrounging iron and gold ingots. However, depending on the map, there may be areas where emeralds and diamonds could spawn. The tutorial will give you some iron ingots right in front of you, but iron and gold gradually regenerate in a designated area in any team’s base.

As the name of the game suggests, Bed Wars – Adventures has you protecting your bed from other players, while breaking through their defenses and destroying their beds in turn. The bed serves as a respawn point for you and your team, so destroying it denies further reinforcements. Any active beds are depicted at the top of the screen and are crossed out when they are destroyed. Surviving team members can still act, so they can kill other players or even destroy other beds as long as they stay alive.

Victory is decided when one team is left standing, whether or not their bed has been destroyed. You can scavenge blocks and other pickups (collectively called “props”) from fallen players, which may be preferrable for sneakier players or players in teams. All players have nine slots in the bottom of their screen for quick access to inventory items, with the tenth slot reserved for accessing the rest of their collected equipment.

Above the inventory menu is a “backpack” that lets you carry additional items earned outside of matches. You have seven quick slots in the backpack while the eighth slot lets you open your backpack to access the rest of its contents.

bed wars adventures bed defense

To fortify your bed, you will need blocks to build defenses. You purchase blocks with the bars and gems you have on your person. The game does give a simple overlay for players to follow, but players can freely build up bed defenses in any way they see fit. All team bases have a shopkeeper at your team’s base, though from time to time, the game may display a popup that lets you buy blocks regardless of your location. Block durability is tied to whatever is needed to purchase it.

For example, wool blocks, whose color always matches the team that bought them, are easily destroyed by attacks but only need four iron ingots to purchase, making them easy to obtain and carry. More durable blocks, such as wood or obsidian, require pricier ores in exchange.

bed wars adventures bridges

Blocks are also used to navigate the map, as matches in Bed Wars – Adventures take place on several floating islands with no connections. Players must build these connections themselves using the blocks they purchase or scrounge up by placing them on nearby surfaces.

Players must be careful as this generally results in bridges that are only one block wide, so attacks can easily result in players falling to their deaths if they are not killed outright. Since you can only place blocks on nearby surfaces, the game helpfully gives you a button that automatically puts a block down in front of you, aiding in rapid construction.

bed wars adventures battle

When it comes to combat, all players start off with a wooden sword and no armor, and they have to purchase upgrades using ores and gems as usual. The sword deals decent damage and can be used to destroy enemy buildings and paths, but it is beaten by dedicated tools, which have to be purchased separately as well. These tools are:

  • Pickaxe: A tool great for breaking apart stone and related materials;
  • Axe: Useful for breaking apart wooden blocks; and
  • Shears: Confusingly depicted as scissors, shears take very little time in breaking apart beds, but are near-useless on everything else.

You can upgrade the material of most tools through the store, increasing their damage against players and objects as you do so. The scale goes: wood, iron, gold, and diamond, with diamond being the most effective and the most expensive.

Armor is purchased and upgraded in the same way but starts at iron, since wooden armor would just look ridiculous. Tools and armor can also be enchanted to further bolster their performance. You can also purchase ranged options, such as a bow (though arrows have to be bought separately), and bombs that can be thrown to blow up enemies.

2. Management And Matches

bed wars adventures lobby

When not in an active match or logging back into the game, you will be placed in an available hub area where players congregate and chat, occasionally recruiting people for matches. During our playthrough, holiday decorations were still up; do not be surprised if they have been taken down after reading this guide.

The hub is a safe place to socialize with other players, manage your winnings between matches, and equip new props and powerups. You can also access the store by tapping the shopping cart icon on the upper right corner of your screen.

The store lets you purchase Keys, props, temporary boosters that last a few hours, and some free rewards you can redeem by watching some ads. Meanwhile, you can purchase Gcubes, the premium currency of Bed Wars – Adventures, via in-app purchases by selecting your current amount of Gcubes displayed next to the store button.

bed wars adventures npcs

Rather than selecting options from a menu, Bed Wars – Adventures has you walk up and interact with a select NPC to access certain services. These NPCs are in the middle of the hub and cannot be missed. These NPCs are depicted below, and offer the following services:


The leftmost NPC is a Skeletal Wizard who lets you manage Runes, which are passive bonuses applied to your character during a match. Runes are acquired mainly by opening Chests, which will be discussed later, and can be equipped and swapped as needed. Runes are split into four categories, each with a designated color:

bed wars adventures rune menu
  • Attack (Red): Runes that boost your combat performance. These can range from simple damage boosts to setting enemies on fire.
  • Defend (Blue): Runes that give you regeneration or increase your health pool, either directly or gradually increasing it the longer you stay alive. For reference, all players start with 20 health.
  • Feature (Purple): Runes that give you additional inventory items at the start of a match, or upon respawn. These can include ingots, blocks, or even tools. 
  • Skill (Yellow): Runes that give you bonuses upon killing someone.

Players can equip up to seven Runes in each category, but only start with three slots available. Additional Rune slots are unlocked by levelling up your character. The shape of the Rune denotes its overall rank, and you can sell duplicated or obsolete Runes in exchange for Keys, which are used to open Chests.

bed wars adventures rune inventory


Next to the Runes NPC is a zombie that lets you open Chests. Chests require Keys to open, which can be acquired via winning matches, buying them with Gcubes, selling duplicate Runes, or as login rewards. Chests require 10 Keys to open, and you can opt to open one Chest at a time, or open 10 Chests at once.

bed wars adventures chest menu

Chests can reward Runes or new cosmetics for your character, and after using 300 Keys to open Chests, you get a more valuable Chest with better rewards. The game starts you off with some complementary free Chest openings, and you can open a Chest without spending Keys by watching an ad.


The NPC in the middle of the crowd is a skeleton that lets you view the Leaderboards, arranging players by their Ranking or Level, which is discussed below. A straightforward function, but a good way to see who is currently on top.

bed wars adventures leaderboards


Bed Wars – Adventures has three types of matches players can join in, along with a ranked mode for more competitive players. These match types are as follows, and as mentioned above, the last team standing is the winner of that match:

bed wars adventures team creation
  • 4v4v4v4: The “standard” mode, this pits four teams of four players each.
  • Duo: Splits players up into two-man squads, with eight teams in total.
  • Solo: Every man for himself, with eight players in a free-for-all.

Choosing any of these matches brings you to a preparation area, where you can recruit other players to join your team before entering the match proper. You can also just jump straight into a match instead, and the game will automatically assign you to a team with a free slot.

Unfortunately, if there are not enough players available that have the same Ranking, which determines a player’s overall performance in matches, the game may add players with a much higher Ranking than everyone else. This can result in one team being heavily lopsided in terms of skill.

Meanwhile, Ranked Matches are much stricter on who can join up, and will generally try to keep the Ranking of all players on the same level. Ranked Matches use the 4v4v4v4 mode, and the outcome of that match will affect your Ranking accordingly. This offers a fairer gameplay experience, and trains players so that they can deal with more challenging opponents.

bed wars adventures event prizes

Besides matches and login rewards, Bed Wars – Adventures has events that offer exclusive cosmetics and free Chests if you complete certain tasks that the game assigns you daily. Bed Wars – Adventures does not use a Stamina system like other games so players are free to complete these tasks as soon as they can without getting interrupted. Events only last for a set duration, so if you join the game when an event is wrapping up you might not even get a chance at what the event has to offer. You may have to wait until it comes around next time.

3. Battle In The Skies

Here we discuss how to improve your skills in Bed Wars – Adventures.

bed wars adventures filler b

First off, newer players will generally try to get to the thick of battle as soon as possible, partly because they do not have the Runes or resources to buy stronger blocks as soon as the match begins. This means that beds in rookie matches will generally be fortified with wool.

If you have the time and resources, either by farming them from the base or looting it off defeated players, consider replacing those wool blocks with more durable materials, slowing down sieges enough that you and/or your team can arrive to defend the area. Conversely, you should keep an eye out for teams who do the same thing, so purchase and upgrade the necessary tools beforehand.

When building bridges, it is easy to build straight paths for rapid movement, but accessing locations diagonally requires a little more finesse. Make paths in a zigzagging pattern to minimize block use and distance travelled. This is especially important as in most maps, areas that can spawn diamonds are typically placed in far-off isles, and you want to get there as soon as possible. Zigzagging paths offer slightly more space to move in, making it a bit more forgiving if you almost walk off a bridge by mistake.

bed wars adventures filler c

In combat, jumping and immediately attacking your enemy deals more damage compared to simply swinging your weapon repeatedly. It can be tricky to perform at first, but with practice, you will be consistently performing jumping swings in no time. Until then, simply swinging your weapon will suffice.

If the enemy is taking too long to take down, you can always shove them off the map; no amount of armor will protect them from falling damage. While this deprives you of collecting any equipment they may have dropped, it still gets rid of the enemy in question and prevents said equipment from falling into the hands of other players.

Keep in mind that ranged attacks are still viable in Bed Wars – Adventures, and while it might not be as frantic as melee combat, picking off enemies with the bow can soften them up before choosing to get close. You can even kill them or at least knock them off ledges, and some players may opt to retreat rather than face a foe if they have taken enough damage. If melee is not your strong suit, you can always purchase a bow and start firing.

bed wars adventures filler d

Regardless of your chosen weapons, remember to upgrade your equipment as the match goes on. The game helpfully lets you purchase upgrades even if you are far from a store, offering some level of freedom when you need to sharpen your gear. Just remember that you will stay still when accessing these upgrades so at least find a safe place to make the purchases unless you want an ambush.

Finally, even if you lose your bed, it is not a guaranteed loss. Try sabotaging the beds of other teams, so that even if your team goes down for good, those teams will not be able to reinforce either. You can potentially even win a match despite the loss, as newer players might assume a team without a bed making it a lost cause. On the other hand, remember that the enemy can do the same to you.

bed wars adventures free chests

Back at the hub, remember to cash in any free Chests the game offers daily, either through the Chest interface, or through the store. They can offer equipment to store in your backpack or Runes to power your character up, making future matches less difficult. When it comes to equipment, consider placing ingots and gems in the backpack quick slots so you can quickly transfer them to your inventory and use them accordingly.

Managing Runes plays a large role in victory, but since you start with limited slots, you have to choose which ones are instant picks:

  • Ideally, for Attack Runes you prioritize those that increase damage without any additional effects. If you have room, you can place more special Runes like one that gives your sword a small chance to set enemies on fire. Either way, any Rune that simply boosts damage goes in first.
  • For Defense Runes, chose Runes that increase maximum health at the start of the match over those that gradually increase it, as an early death can invalidate that bonus. Regeneration, while weak at this point of the game, is still useful for patching yourself up after a fight and can mean the difference between losing your next fight or winning by the skin of your teeth.
  • Although we did not encounter Skill and Feature Runes in our playthrough, consider Feature Runes that add ingots to your inventory, followed by Skill Runes that give you tools at the start of the match. Skill Runes are very reliable on getting kills, but Runes that grant regeneration on kills can make killstreaks potentially devastating if you can get them.
  • Finally, do not forget to sell any duplicate or obsolete Runes for Keys. It clears up your Rune inventory and makes it easier to navigate.
bed wars adventures outro

And that concludes our guide to Bed Wars – Adventures. If you guys have any tips or tricks to share,  please let us know in the comment area below!. Good luck, and game on!