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BitLife Wall Street Wolf Challenge Guide: How to Complete the Wall Street Wolf Challenge

Last week, BitLife rolled out its first major update in quite some time, the Movie Star Update, and while we shall be diving deep into this update in a few days’ time, we’ve still got challenges to cover on a weekly basis, because that’s what Candywriter does to keep longtime players engaged.

These limited-time events have proven popular because of how they use pop culture references, as well as everyday situations, to inform their themes. You’ll find out in a bit why we’re phrasing it this way, but it’s safe to say that this feature of BitLife is not (censored) leaving.

bitlife wall street wolf challenge requirements

This week’s BitLife challenge is a nod to one of Martin Scorsese’s greatest films, The Wolf of Wall Street, but in order to avoid any copyright issues, Candywriter simply renamed it the Wall Street Wolf Challenge.

The idea, however, is still the same. It’s up to you to do your best Jordan Belfort impression while trying to complete this challenge, and that means working as a stockbroker, getting rich beyond your wildest dreams, and of course, doing the dangerous and illegal stuff that Leonardo DiCaprio’s character (who happens to be a real-life person) did in the 2013 film.

This challenge may require a bit of patience, but if you follow what we’ll be advising you in this BitLife mini-strategy guide, you’ll be completing the challenge and claiming your mystery prize sooner rather than later.

Becoming A Famous Athlete Or Musician Could Get You That $22M Quickly

For the benefit of those who didn’t watch The Wolf of Wall Street, Candywriter chose $22 million as the magic number for your character’s bank balance in the Wall Street Wolf Challenge because that’s how much Jordan Belfort’s Stratton Oakmont made in the first three hours after the Steve Madden initial public offering.

But since BitLife still doesn’t allow stockbrokers to raise ridiculous amounts of money through pump-and-dump schemes (embezzlement is only worth $15,000 per pop at the most for stockbrokers), what you’ll need to do is to embark on a musical or athletic career before going to work as a stockbroker.

bitlife school

That’s because these two celebrity careers are the ones that have the best earning potential of them all — you should have $22 million in the bank account by the time you reach your early 30s. Choose Sports or Music as your Special Skill if you have God Mode, but if you don’t, it should be easier to opt for an athletic career — just make sure you’re walking or studying martial arts from the age of 8 onward, and going to the gym from age 12 onward to boost your Athleticism stats.

That said, you’ll still need to attend college and take a relevant course (Finance, etc.) in order to  be eligible to work as a stockbroker. Accept the athletic scholarship if given to you, join a fraternity for a good chance at skipping the interview process, and embark on your chosen celebrity career.

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bitlife stockbroker job

We advise earning well over $22 million — $30 million and above should be fine — as you will need that cushion for certain purchases required in the Wall Street Wolf challenge. Retire from your sport/walk away from your recording contract once you’ve reached the $30 million mark, then choose any one of the available Jr. Stockbroker/Stockbroker jobs as you switch careers and get cracking on the other requirements of the challenge.

Contracting Four Different STDs Is The Riskiest Part Of The Challenge

If you’ve been playing BitLife for a while and have tried on many an occasion to get the Wicked or Scandalous ribbon, this may seem easy — keep hooking up with random partners until you get four different sexually transmitted diseases.

bitlife chlamydia

Unfortunately, the game’s mechanics when it comes to challenges temporarily make certain tasks harder than they should be, and that’s the case with this requirement in the Wall Street Wolf Challenge. You may end up getting the same STD several times in a row, and it may literally take dozens of hookups before you get four different ones. As such, patience is required, but beyond that, you may face a number of risks while trying to complete this requirement.

The first risk is the huge possibility of paternity test requests if you’re controlling a male character — naturally, if you hook up with dozens of women, a few of them will inevitably claim that you fathered their child. And since you’ll need to do it without protection in order for the possibility of contracting an STD to come into play, you may, if playing as a male, end up fathering multiple children — if you’ve already gotten your $22 million at this point, this shouldn’t be an issue, but you always have the option to adopt them out.

cured disease in bitlife

Lastly, while you’ll likely live several more years after contracting it, HIV can take out huge chunks from your Health, so we would suggest avoiding this STD by quitting out of the game, restarting it, and going back to the Love section under Activities to keep hooking up. It all comes with the territory of living a virtual life similar to that of Jordan Belfort, but this isn’t the only part of the challenge where a lot of patience is required.

You May Need Several Tries Before You’re Able To Sink Your Yacht

One of the key moments in The Wolf of Wall Street happens when Belfort’s yacht, which he insisted on sailing despite numerous warnings of rough conditions, capsizes while en route to Monaco. That means in BitLife’s Wall Street Wolf Challenge, you’ll need to buy a yacht and sink it, but before that, you will first need to pay $200 to take your boating license test.

boating test in bitlife

This isn’t anywhere as easy as the driver’s license test, as there are far fewer people who sail boats than drive cars, but a quick internet search should help you pass it instantly — it’s all a matter of guessing what the symbols mean.

Most yachts in the game cost upwards of $3 million, so if you followed our advice above, you should have more than enough money saved up to make the purchase and buy the yacht outright. The next thing to do would be to go to the Assets menu, select your yacht, then choose the Ride option. Then choose it again. And again. And again.

bitlife big wave

You get the idea — this is a task that requires a lot of repetition, and once again, possibly dozens of tries until you’re placed in a random situation where you have to choose between saving your own life, saving the boat, or trying to do both. Once this situation pops up, choose Abandon Ship or any similar option, and there’s a very good chance you will survive even as your boat capsizes.

Avoid Getting Addicted To Hard Drugs!

Jordan Belfort’s drugs of choice, as portrayed in The Wolf of Wall Street, were cocaine and Quaaludes, and he took a whole lot of both before the law finally caught up with him. Unfortunately, those virtual Bitizens aren’t cut in the same mold as Belfort, as addictions to hard drugs could get your character killed in just a few years’ time.

bitlife alcohol addiction

So when trying to complete the addiction requirement, you can gamble compulsively (but avoid making big enough bets to push your balance below $22M) in order to get a gambling addiction, or try enough drinks at the club so you can have an alcohol addiction.

It’s also possible to get hooked on marijuana in the BitLife universe, so don’t pass on the weed — even if you’re “addicted” to pot in the game, it’s not like it will kill you before the challenge is over. That said, it’s still best to stick to booze and gambling, as the former will only take out minimal amounts of health per year (which you can nullify by going on a healthy diet), and the latter won’t affect your character’s health at all.

Commit A Crime And Try To Get Caught To Wrap Up The Challenge

Last, but not the least, the Wall Street Wolf Challenge requires that your character spends at least two years in jail. As stock market fraud is not one of the many crimes you can commit in BitLife, you’ll need to do more of the usual stuff here, but probably stop short of murder — all you need here, after all, is two years in the slammer to satisfy the final requirement of the game.

bitlife conviction

That’s the paltry amount of time Belfort spent in prison for his actions, and while almost any crime (i.e. those that aren’t punishable by the death penalty) will do, we would suggest trying to get arrested for grand theft auto — if you get caught, you could face three years in jail for your first offense, but by pleading guilty, you can get that cut down to two years.

Once again, that’s all the jail time you need, and once you’re free from jail, that should wrap things up for the challenge and allow you to pick one of the four prize chests for a new pair of eyewear or a new hat — the standard deal for all BitLife challenges.