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Car vs Cops (Ketchapp) Cheats, Tips & Tricks to Get a Super High Score

Prepare for the ultimate car chase of your life! Following the success of titles such as Dunk Line and Ballz Rush, Ketchapp is back with a new mobile game called Car vs Cops, which is all about running away from the cop cars, trucks, tanks, and even helicopters! Available for Android and iOS devices, this game lets you feel the thrill of starring in your own action movie. There are dozens of vehicles to choose from. Once you find your car of choice, it is time to push the pedal to the metal. Take on different challenges as you speed across an endless map. When you are confident in your driving skills, you can start pushing your score even further by triggering combos. See how close you can let the cops get before pulling away. Taunt them while running circles around them. Do you have what it takes to get away from the law? Don’t forget to read our Car vs Cops cheats, tips and tricks to ensure your success and get a high score!

1. Adjust The Controls

One of the most important things in this game is that you should be comfortable with the controls. The game offers two control systems. The default one is a virtual joystick. Just tap anywhere on the screen to make the joystick appear, then drag in the direction you want to steer. This is common in mobile RPGs and MOBAs, but it can feel a bit awkward when used in driving.

The second option for controls is the touch system. Just touch the side of the screen where you want the car to go in order to steer the car. This control system is more intuitive, and it may be better for players who are used to driving games. Try out both control systems and see which one is best suited for your play style.

2. Let The Cops Get Close

One of the best ways to get a high score in Car vs Cops is by triggering the combo mode. In this mode, you will gain a score multiplier that increases with each cop car that you crash. Sustain your combo for as long as you can in order to gain massive points. To trigger the combo mode, you need to allow at least one cop car to enter the combo field. This is the faint circle that appears around your car when cops get close.

As long as there is a cop car within the combo field, the blue gauge will continue to fill up. Once it is full, the combo mode will be triggered. It takes a bit of practice before you can master this skill. Don’t get discouraged if you end up getting caught a few times.

3. Drive And Dodge

As you progress further in your run, the cops will start calling in the cavalry. You will soon be seeing tanks, armored vehicles, and even helicopters. Of course, that means your life will be a lot more difficult. Make sure you learn how to drive and dodge. Don’t just drive in a straight line because that will make it easy for the cops to catch up. Try to shake them off by making tight turns and swerving all over the map. The good thing about the map is that you can just keep driving without worrying about the obstacles. Just focus on ditching your pursuers. Keep an eye out for missiles as well. If you see one headed your way, you will need to make a hard turn at the last second to keep it from hitting you!

4. How To Get More Cars

In Car vs Cops each new car costs 200 purple coins. This is a good thing since they all work the same way. The car you use does not have any impact on gameplay. With that said, it is still a good way to keep things interesting. You can work towards unlocking your favorite cars, or you can collect them all as some kind of trophies.

A straightforward way to earn more purple coins is to simply pick them up as you play. You will see multiple purple coins scattered throughout the map while you drive. Make sure you only pick them up when you are sure you can safely reach them without getting caught. Do not risk your run for the sake of a single coin.

Another way to earn coins is to take on the challenges. You can find what the current challenge is by going to the main menu and checking the bottom of the screen. Challenges normally involve earning a certain number of points, surviving for a specific time, and so on. The more challenges you complete, the more purple coins you will earn.

Finally, the easiest way to earn more purple coins is to claim your daily rewards. Make sure you log in every day even if you don’t have time to play. The game rewards you for playing daily, so you can expect a lot more by logging in for seven days in a row.

5. Crash The Cop Cars

Since you will be busy driving, you can’t exactly shoot at the cops to get rid of them. The only way for you to reduce the number of cop cars chasing you is by making them crash into each other. To do this, start out with gradual turns. This will allow you to lead them towards where you want to go. Once you have two or more cars come close, make a sharp turn in the opposite direction to make them crash into each other.

This is a skill you need to master since crashing car cops is the only way to increase your combo multiplier. Once you have it down, it will be easier to increase your scores even more. You will even look forward to having a lot of cars chasing you since it you will have more potential crash victims.

6. Get Some Freebies, Here’s How

Car vs Cops gives you two bonus cars for free by simply going to their social media pages. Just launch their Facebook and Instagram pages from within the game in order to earn the free cars. Keep in mind that both cars also don’t have any impact on the gameplay. It is just nice to get a few more freebies from the game.

It is time to run from the long arm of the law in Ketchapp’s new game Car vs Cops! Be sure to use the tips and tricks we provided you to get a high score!