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Snake Mania Cheats & Tips to Get a High Score

Snake Mania brings the competitive gameplay of to Facebook Messenger! That means you will be able to compete against your friends on Andoid, iOS, and PC! If you are not familiar with the game, don’t worry. The gameplay is easy to pick up. You just need to guide your snake around the map and it will automatically eat all the treats it comes across. The more it eats, the longer it will become. Be careful, though. There will be other snakes moving around and if your head hits any part of their body, you will die. Of course, the same is true if their head hits your body. Try to kill other snakes by forcing them to bump into you in order to make it to the top! If you need help getting higher scores, just read our Snake Mania tips and tricks!

1. Eat A Lot In The Beginning

The game is designed in such a way that you will gain more points from eating stuff at the beginning, then you will start getting less as the game progresses. Take advantage of the score boost by zipping around the map while you are still small. Focus on grabbing as much food as you can, and just worry about killing other snakes later on when you are a lot bigger.

2. Use Dash For Killing

As we mentioned above, you will be able to kill another snake by making them bump into you. Of course, that is easier said than done since they will most likely turn away if they see they are about to bump into you. The trick, then, is to dash in front of them before they can turn away. Once you kill a snake, he will leave a trail of food depending on his length. Make sure you turn around quickly to eat everything and boost your score.

3. Respawn And Eat Yourself

One thing you should remember in Snake Mania is that you will respawn after death as long as there is still time remaining. You will be able to keep your score, so a good way to rack up points is to die on purpose. Just try to get as big as you can, then die on purpose. Make sure you quickly return to where your body was, so you can eat everything you dropped. This will let you bump up your score instantly without having to scavenge the map for food. Do this repeatedly until the time runs out. Make sure you also keep an eye for dead bodies of other snakes. There will be even more dead snakes lying around later in the game because people will get more aggressive.

4. Climb Through The Ranks

You will start the game off in the Bronze rank. You will need to keep playing in order to rise to higher tiers. Playing a lot of games will help you raise your rank, but you will rise more quickly if you often become MVP. Just keep your scores up, and try to be the top player in each game in order to rank up more quickly.

5. Unlock More Skins

If you want to change how your snake looks, you will need to unlock more skins. To do so, you have to collect the chips for each skin. You will be able to earn more chips by opening chests as you reach score milestones. The game also rewards you with chips when you agree to watch video advertisements. While using a different skin does not have actual effects on the gameplay, it helps if you look different from your opponents since things can get confusing later when you are a lot bigger.

It is time to rack up the points and aim for the top spot in Snake Mania! Just follow the tips and tricks listed above and you will be ranking up in no time!


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