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Simon’s Cat Dash Cheats, Tips & Hints to Drive Up Your High Score

Simon’s Cat Dash is a fun endless runner from Good Catch, that’s based on the hit cartoon series about an adventurous white cat. This mobile game will have you chasing butterflies through various locations, just so Simon’s cat can impress Chloe. It is not just a matter of running around aimlessly because you need to dodge different obstacles while hunting down those butterflies. You need to stay focused and time your jumps correctly if you want to get better scores. Don’t forget to explore the different areas by completing certain missions. There are also over 50 cat costumes for you to unlock. Keep playing and see if you can meet up with some of your favorite characters from the cartoon series. Once you are confident enough, compete against players from around the world and try to climb the leaderboards. If you need help, you can always rely on our Simon’s Cat Dash tips and cheats!

1. Unlock New Cats, Here’s How

In Simon’s Cat Dash there are over 20 different cats available for you to unlock. You will need a lot of coins if you want to unlock them all. One good way for you to earn coins is catching 1,000 butterflies. Reaching this milestone will reward you with a surprise gift that contains a lot of coins. Don’t be intimidated by the number of butterflies that you need to catch. You will be able to get extra butterflies by hitting score milestones. The higher the milestone you reach, the more extra butterflies you will get.

You need at least 10 coins to unlock a new cat. Common cats are the cheapest, and you will need more coins as the rarity increases. Open a lot of presents in order to get more coins. If you are lucky, you might even get rare purple coins from the presents you open. Presents are available every 12 hours so make sure you check back in time to open them.

2. Watch Ads For Bonuses

At the end of each run, you will be able to see how many butterflies you were able to catch. Regardless of the number of butterflies caught, you will receive an offer to watch a video advertisement. Take advantage of this offer in order to double the number of butterflies you will receive. Doing this will help you collect even more butterflies in half the time.

3. Look For Catnips

If you are a cat person, you would know that catnip makes cats go crazy, but in a good way. Make sure you keep an eye out for any catnip that may be lying around. Picking up catnip will fill up the catnip meter. Once full, you will enter Catnip mode. That means you will earn double points for as long as the Catnip bonus is active.

Even though Catnip mode lasts for only a few seconds, you can always activate it again by refilling the catnip meter. In fact, it is a good idea to go into Catnip mode as often as you can in a single run. Entering the Catnip mode for six times in a single run will unlock a secret level where there are a lot of butterflies and fewer obstacles. What is even better about this secret level is that you have the chance to catch bigger butterflies which are worth a lot more than the regular ones. Just keep picking up those catnips and you will be able to catch more butterflies while doubling your scores. That is hitting two birds with one stone!

4. Don’t Forget The Upgrades

Once you have earned enough, make sure you also invest in a few upgrades. You should prioritize the score multiplier upgrade since you need better scores in order to earn even more. The score multiplier upgrade permanently multiplies the points you earn during runs, allowing you to reach higher scores. Entering Catnip mode after unlocking the score multiplier upgrade will allow you to rack up a lot of points since you will be doubling the effect of the multiplier as well. Push this up even more by unlocking the Catnip multiplier upgrade! If you play your cards right, you will be able to easily earn 1,000 butterflies in a single game. That means you get even more presents for unlocking cats and costumes!

5. Use Platforms To Avoid Obstacles

As a cat, you have great jumping abilities. Use this to your advantage because a lot of the obstacles will just be on the ground. You will often see platforms above the ground. Jump up to them and stay above the ground as much as you can. If you want to travel between platforms, you can just tap to jump, then tap again to dash while in the air.

6. Master The Tunnel Slide

Aside from the platforms and obstacles, you will also often encounter tunnels during your run. Tunnels can get pretty tricky if you don’t know how to slide through them. It may seem impossible to get right at first, but there is a secret to it. Just look for the gnome that marks the entrance to the tunnel. You need to swipe downwards just as you come close to the gnome. When you do, the timing for the slide will be perfect.

7. Look For Cat Toys

Cats love their toys. Make sure you watch out for any rainbow-colored cat toys that may be lying around during your run. These are scattered all throughout each level. You will normally find them on platforms, which gives you another reason to stay above the ground. You will receive a present for every 10 cat toys that you find. On top of that, collecting cat toys is also part of your daily quest. Completing daily quests will reward you with even more presents. The more presents you get, the easier it will be to earn more coins.

Catch those butterflies and capture Chloe’s heart in Simon’s Cat Dash! Make sure you remember everything you learned in this guide in order to bump up your scores!