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From Zero to Hero: Cityman Cheats: 5 Tips & Tricks Every Player Should Know

From Zero to Hero: Cityman breaks the idle game mold by giving players a deadline for achieving various things. Available on iOS devices, Heatherglade’s new title will have you go through the life of an ordinary man who starts off with nothing. You need to study, make money, get a job, and climb the corporate ladder until you become the president.

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It might sound simple since it is an idle game, but there is a catch. Your character will age over time. You have to become the president of your company before he dies of old age. That’s not all. You won’t just be spending time in this game, you will also need to spend on basic necessities. Pay for your food, housing, clothing, and other goods in order to stay alive and healthy. Be sure to read our From Zero to Hero: Cityman guide to master the game and become a millionaire!

1. Playing Stocks Is Key

The daily grind is only good for day to day survival. If you want to make it big, you need to know how to play with the big boys. And by that we mean you need to learn how to invest in the stock market. When you start out, you won’t be old enough to invest in stocks. Just bide your time by working and gambling in the casino.

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Of course, that does not mean you should buy everything you can as soon as you are of legal age. Pay attention to the movements in the stocks. Look for patterns inthe rise and fall. Buy stocks when they prices are low, then sell them when the prices are high in order to make profit.

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2. When To Buy Stocks

As you get older, the maximum amount you can invest in stocks goes up. You will have the potential to earn more, but the risk also increases. The stock market has three states: skyrocketing, stagnant, and plummeting. You will want to buy at the beginning of a skyrocketing state so that you can make maximum profit when the graph reaches its peak.

When the market is plummeting, buy at any point since you will make profit when things improve. When the market is stagnant, wait for prices to dip then sell during one of the spikes.

3. Check Your Happiness

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Money is not the only thing that matters in the game. You need to make sure your character is also happy. Go to his profile from time to time to see if anything is actively making him unhappy. Deal with these things as soon as possible because his happiness levels will drop quickly. An unhappy character is a sickly character. Don’t wait for problems to pile up before you address them.

4. Know The Job Requirements

Since you need to have a day job, make sure you understand how you will get one. Every job has its own set of requirements. If you encounter a job that you cannot accept, just click on the grayed-out button to find out why you are not eligible.

Requirements often just require buying certain things, so if you cannot secure a specific job, save up money until you can afford what you need.

5. Choose Stability Over Progress

If you already have a job that lets you earn enough to live a comfortable life, you don’t need to rush to the next level. Just stay where you are and save up money. If there is a job that will put you in the red, it will most likely lead to something good.

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The problem is, you need to be able to survive having that job for a while. That is why you should save up as much as you can before moving on to a different job. Your savings will have to sustain you until your next job becomes more stable.

The path to becoming the president is filled with obstacles, but if you rely on our From Zero to Hero: Cityman tips and tricks, you will surely make it to the top!


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@Zoey, i win by beliving in my self

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Saturday 30th of November 2019

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