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Ballz Rush (Ketchapp) Cheats, Tips, Tricks & Hints to Improve Your High Score

Prepare yourself for one of Ketchapp’s most challenging arcade games to date! Following the success of titles such as Dunk Shot, Knife Hit and Rider, the French casual gaming giant is back with yet another addictive game for Android and iOS devices called Ballz Rush. In this fun yet frustrating game, you will see a lot of familiar elements from Ketchapp’s other games, such as the balls, the numbered blocks, and the minimalist background. What is new here is the horde of eyeballs chasing your ball. This time around, you will be destroying blocks by making alien eyeballs crash into them. You can do so by leading them with your ball. Be careful, though. You can lead them because they are chasing you. That means if they catch up to your ball, your run will end. The same is true if you accidentally crash your ball into one of the blocks. Things will get more complicated as you progress in your run, so make sure you prepare by reading our Ballz Rush cheats, tips and tricks!

1. Log In Every Day To Get Freebies

As with most other mobile games, you can earn a lot of freebies by simply logging in daily. The game will reward you with increasing amounts of gems for each consecutive login. What is even better is that you have the chance to unlock secret ball skins if you log in for five days in a row. You don’t even have to play in order to receive the reward. The daily login bonus screen will pop up as soon as you log in.

2. Move From Side To Side

Flying in a straight line can spell death for you in this game, especially if there are no blocks. There will be parts of your run where the space is clear of blocks for a good bit. This will give the eyeball aliens plenty of time to catch up to you. In order to maintain your distance from them, you should move from side to side until you reach the next set of blocks. Just be careful when you do so because the game is notorious for having very sensitive controls. Try practicing a few times until you get used to how much you should swipe to effectively dodge aliens without crashing into things.

3. Make Sudden Movements

In order for you to score points, you need to make aliens crash into the blocks. You can only do this if you are able to trap them behind the blocks while they chase you. To do this, you need to keep leading them then make a sudden change in direction so that they will get stuck behind the blocks. This is especially useful for shaking those eyeballs that are closest to you since they are usually able to dodge.

4. Cut It Close

Speaking of aliens that are closest to you, those buggers are often the most difficult to shake. When you have a couple of aliens that are almost able to catch you, there is still one last move you can try to get rid of them. Try to come as close as you can to the blocks. After you have played a few games, you will realize that the ball won’t explode if a fraction of it overlaps with the blocks. Practice a few times so you can get an idea of how much you can overlap with the blocks before you explode. Once you master this move, it will be a lot easier for you to ditch those aliens.

5. Look For High Numbers

If you have played other Ketchapp games, you would be familiar with the numbered blocks and how they work. These blocks can take as many hits as their number indicates. That means the higher the number, the more aliens they can destroy. As you progress in your run, you will often have a choice between multiple blocks. Choose the high-numbered blocks as much as you can. If you can find blocks with the number 15, that would be even better. Getting the aliens stuck behind high-numbered blocks are good for racking up a lot of points. As an added bonus, it will also delay the aliens by a lot, giving you plenty of breathing room for running.

6. How To Continue Your Run

The game gives you the option to pick up where you left off by watching a video advertisement. Keep in mind that you have to be online for this option to work. Once your run ends, you will see a heart button in the middle of the screen. Tap on it to watch the ad. Another thing to note here is that the option is not always available. It will only be offered to you if your score is high enough. That means if you have just started your run when you died, you won’t get the option to continue. It should be fine, though, since it will be a lot quicker to just start over than spend a minute watching an ad.

7. Complete The Daily Missions

Aside from getting daily login rewards, you also have the chance to earn a lot of gems by completing the three daily missions. Each mission is worth at least 50 gems. They reset every day, so pay attention to the time while working on these missions. The goals usually involve meeting certain criteria in a single run, such as destroying a number of blocks, or killing a number of enemies. Don’t worry because they are not that difficult. You will just need to focus in order to achieve them. Make sure you complete all three missions daily in order to maximize your gem rewards. If you want to check your missions for the day, just tap on the blue target icon on the left side of the main screen.

8. Complete Achievements

Another way to gain a lot of gems in the game is to complete Achievements. You can find these by tapping on the trophy icon at the bottom of the main screen. Every Achievement you complete will reward you with 100 gems. That means you can get a whole lot of gems by simply targeting the Achievements that you are close to completing. The goals of Achievements are similar to missions, but they normally span multiple games. This makes it easier to meet them since you can just keep playing until you meet the goals.

9. Get Even More Gems By Watching Ads

Who can refuse the chance to earn even more gems? If you want more free gems, you can head into the ball selection menu and tap on the button at the bottom of the screen. Doing so will let you watch a video advertisement in exchange for 20 gems. You can watch as many ads as you want, just make sure you have internet connection in order for this to work.

10. Unlock More Balls, Here’s How

After amassing all those gems, you are probably wondering what to buy with them. Gems are used for unlocking additional balls. You can unlock a random ball for 200 gems each. There are three categories of balls that can be unlocked this way: Common, Rare, and Epic. You won’t know which one you will get, so you have to keep unlocking until you get the ones that you like. Don’t forget to pick up the four free balls under the Social category. You can obtain them by simply tapping on them. Doing so will take you to the social media page that is associated with the ball. You don’t really have to like, follow, or subscribe, though. You will be able to get the ball reward even if you just tap on the balls and hit back as soon as the social media page opens.

Another category of balls available in the game is the Secret category. These balls cannot be unlocked using gems. You will need to meet secret criteria in order to get them. One way to get a secret ball has already been mentioned above. That is to simply play for five days in a row. You will also be rewarded with another Secret ball once you reach the Veteran level. Keep playing and see if you can unlock all the secret balls!

11. Want To Get Rid Of Distractions? Here’s What To Do

As you may have noticed, the game is heavily reliant on ads. They can be incredibly distracting because they sometimes pop up during you run. If you want to get rid of them, you can opt to remove all ads by paying around $4. Just tap on the gear icon at the top left of the main screen to go into the settings menu, then tap on the Remove Ads button. If you don’t want to spend real money, however, you can also just choose to play the game offline. Switch your device to airplane mode and all ads will disappear. Unfortunately, this will also remove all the ad offers. You will not be able to continue your runs, nor will you be able to get the free gems if you choose this option.

You are now ready to destroy aliens and rake in the points with the help of our Ballz Rush cheats, tips and hints! If you have anything to add, please let us know below in the comment area!