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Light A Way Beginner’s Guide: 10 Tips & Tricks to Save the World

Light A Way is AppExplore’s new mobile game for iOS and Android devices, and in terms of its genre, this is an idle clicker/clicker game, albeit one that puts the word “clicker” back on its crown. With darkness now covering the sun and its forces out there to consume all beings of Light, your job as the “Guardian” of the game is to take your magical staff, and seek to reintroduce light in the in-game world. Playing the game is also extremely simple, as it should be when you’re talking about an idle clicker — just tap to blast the game’s enemies (the Umbra) with flares. You can also collect stones, magical artifacts, and brand new Lumis that could do even more damage against the enemy, on top of yours.

Some may say that idle clickers don’t really need to be covered by gaming strategy guides, as they’re often very simple in terms of their mechanics. But we believe that they do deserve our attention, which is why we’re compiling a list of tips and tricks for the game in our Light a Way strategy guide for beginners. Read on, and we’ll show you how make that much-needed progress and go through the game faster.

1. There’s A Lot Of Tapping To Be Done

Although Light A Way can be considered an idle clicker, there’s much more clicking or taping that you need to do in this game, as compared to others in the genre. Once you get your Lumi Lantern, you will notice this once your fingers are not tapping on the screen of your phone — it takes an unusually long time for your Fairies and the Lantern to attack the Umbras. If you’re tapping, you’ll be able to breeze through the levels, but if you’re not, it’s going to take quite a while before you make it to the boss fight, which will really require your involvement. We’ll talk more about the boss fights in a bit, but we’ll just put it this way — there are time limits you need to keep in mind when fighting the bosses, and there’s no way your support system will be able to take out the bosses on their own.

2. Upgrade The Lumis First

If you want to be sharp in battle during those times when you can’t be bothered to tap — take note that you can just let the game idle along until the boss fight — you’ll want to tap on the Lumis tab (the second one to the left on the bottom menu, with the lantern icon) and upgrade the Lumis within your Lumi Lantern and your three Fairies. These skills allow them to deal out more damage against Umbras, thereby allowing them to get the job done faster, especially when you don’t have the game open. As is the case in most idle clickers, the cheapest, most basic Lumis are unlocked first, and can be found right underneath the Lumi Lantern heading. From there, the Lumis become progressively more powerful, and you’ll want to make sure those latter Lumis get upgraded sufficiently once you’ve got them unlocked.

Be prepared to spend a lot of Stardust when leveling up some of the better Lumis within your Lantern, but also be prepared to spend for the special skills, which become unlockable once they reach levels 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 200, 400, and 800.

3. Upgrade Your Character Too

As you’ll definitely need to be involved in the boss fight, your taps need power too, and you can tend to that by upgrading your character in the first tab. With each leveling up of your character, your Fairies’ stats will improve as well, and once you reach milestone levels, you will be given the choice of one of three Fairy Bond options to further add to your team’s power — there is one option each for all three colors of Fairies, and these buffs you select could either improve critical hit chances, increase the amount of Stardust (the game’s main currency) you can collect for defeating Umbras, or simply increase a Fairy’s power. We would recommend making balanced choices of buffs — for example, start with green, then red, then blue, then repeat the process in the same or different order.

4. Here’s Why You Need To Tap During The Boss Round

Boss fights take place right before the completion of a level, and unlike the Umbras which you normally attack, there is a time limit in place, as you’ll only have 30 seconds tops to defeat the boss; if you aren’t able to win right away, you always have the option to replay the battle once you’re more powerful. Just remember that you cannot progress forward to the next level until you defeat the boss.

Talking about general tips for the boss round, you should make absolutely sure that you’ve upgraded special skills, as far as your Stardust totals allow, and upgraded your player level as well. Also, we probably don’t need to remind you that you can tap on the screen with multiple fingers, allowing you to get the job done faster against these bosses. If you can fit four fingers on your screen, then well and good — normally, though, we suggest keeping things simple and sticking to two fingers (with your right thumb allowing a third tap to be registered.

5. How Do Magic Spells Work?

You will eventually reach a point in Light A Way where you can cast magic spells against the enemies. These unlock once you reach certain levels, starting with Big Bang, which allows you to emit a 150x Fairy Flare, and moving on to Light Shower, which rains 10 light beams that emit 100 percent Flare, and so on. These spells can come in handy especially during the tougher boss fights, as you may need some big-time help against these sturdy enemies. And there also happens to be another reason why they’re best used in boss fights, but not during normal parts of a level — some spells can have extremely long cool-down times, meaning you can’t cast them willy-nilly, expecting things to go back to normal in a snap. It’s going to be a waste of a spell if you cast it early on in a level, where you’re up against Umbras that your Fairies and Lantern could take out, without having to break much of the figurative bank.

As a bonus tip, you may not see this option right away, but if you click on the green arrow button, you’ll be taken out of the main tabs and sent back to the main screen, where you can choose from the spells you already have.

6. Watch Videos To Double Your Offline Stardust

Having the Lumi Lantern activated allows you to earn passively, as this automates your actions, putting both the Lantern and the Fairies in charge of dealing with the Umbras, even when you’re away from the game. This is a good way to add to your Stardust quickly, but since upgrades can become quite expensive as you move from level to level, you can tap on the video icon once your online earnings are displayed. This allows you to double the amount of Stardust you received while away from Light A Way, though there is one particular time when you should definitely be watching ad videos for double the passive Stardust. That would be once you wake up in the morning; as you would, presumably, be fresh off a 7- to 8-hour sleep, you should wake up with a ton of earnings, which can be multiplied by two once you’re done watching the video.

7. Complete The Achievements For Gems

Gems are Light A Way’s premium currency, and it would seem that the only way to earn them for free is by completing achievements. On the left menu, you’ll see a trophy icon, which will then direct you to the Achievements screen, which lists down all the different milestones you can reach in the game. Generally, you can earn 10 to 20 gems per achievement completed, and while you can reach achievement requirements simply by playing the game like you normally would, it helps if you know what the achievements are, as that could give you an idea of what to focus on when completing the levels.

When it comes to spending your gems, we would recommend saving them up for the premium chests in the in-game shop. These contain Lightstones and Staffs, and they will, of course, be rarer if you pay in-game currency for the chests that contain them. The shop also sells diamond packages, but just as you may expect, they’re going to cost you some real-life currency, with the cheapest option (Saucer of Diamonds, which contains 180 gems) costing you $2 USD or its equivalent in your local currency.

8. Open Your Free Treasure Chest

The in-game shop also allows you to open chests every eight hours or so — these are the free treasure chests, and they will usually reward you with Lightstones, with an improved chance of a staff drop, but no actual staffs. You can also watch videos to speed up the wait time/cool down time between free chest openings, though it won’t help much in the grand scheme of things, as this shortens the wait time by just an hour.

9. What Are Lightstones, And How Do They Work?

We mentioned Lightstones while we were talking about the chests. But what are they, and how can they help you defeat more Umbras and progress through the game faster? As Light A Way explains in its help section, Lightstones come with some powerful energies that could give you a good flare bonus, as well as a second bonus based on the stones’ colors. They activate your Charge ability, which is designated by a blue bar right below the magic spells. Once the bar fills up, you can automatically launch a powerful blow against the Umbras. The Charge ability can be a game-changer during those boss battles, so keep on collecting those Lightstones to make it more powerful and more effective!

10. Click On The Phoenix For Freebies

At a certain point, Light A Way will introduce the Golden Phoenix, which is what it is — a golden bird that randomly appears on your screen. It may not really drop by so often, but when it does, tap on it. This doesn’t just take care of one of your in-game missions; you can also win some sweet rewards by clicking on this bird. These may include about 5 gems, for instance, but if you come to think about it, that’s just one-half of what you can get by completing achievements. Then again, a few units of premium currency is better than nothing at all, right?


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