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Bubble Island 2: World Tour Guide: 3 Tips & Tricks to Become a Berry Master

Are you ready to dive into a bright and colorful adventure filled with strategy and quick thinking? Being bored is not a thing anymore with Bubble Island 2: World Tour installed on your smartphone. This exciting puzzler is the sequel to the global smash hit Bubble Island from the gaming powerhouse Wooga. These are also the developers of the popular games Diamond Dash and Jelly Splash which should be deemed sufficient to judge the quality of their latest release. Bubble Island 2: World Tour is available to download and play for free on iOS devices from the Apple iTunes App Store. The game packs eye popping graphics and interactive gameplay into a reasonable size of 252MB and also has small updates after each major section that you complete so be sure to clear up some storage on your phone.

Bubble Island 2: World Tour is a color matching puzzler where your main objective is to match three or more bubbles of the same color in order to make them explode. Similar to other bubble popping games, a huge variety of explosions can be triggered by matching the bubble colors in the right ways. However, Bubble Island 2: World Tour displays its uniqueness from other puzzlers in the way the story of the game is integrated into the gameplay. You join Rici the Raccoon for adventures that start from the wild forests gradually progressing towards world famous landmarks like the Golden Gate Bridge. In between all of this you will have to improvise and complete each level with the least amount of berries being used.

Needless to say, Bubble Island 2: World Tour is a very addictive game and once you start completing levels, the exciting story will keep you hooked for hours. The difficulty level is another matter altogether. The first few levels will be accompanied with a fully detailed tutorial by Rici the Raccoon who will guide and familiarize you with the mechanics of this game. Once all the beginning levels are completed though you should expect to be left completely alone because that is the premise of making the game as addictive as possible. In later levels where you might get stuck while playing on your own, the tips mentioned in this guide will help you along your way to becoming a champion berry master.

1. Use Screws To Your Advantage

Bubble Island 2: World Tour is very different from other color match games like Candy Crush because of the unique Screw operating berries that are a part of this game. You will also be given an in game introduction to how these fixed berries operate but this tutorial fails to elaborate on their usefulness in later levels. The berries that are attached with a screw actually help identify the main berry chain that you need to target in order to create the biggest berry explosions. They are usually the pivot point of long chains comprising of 10 berries or even more. Therefore when you are able to target this long chain of berries using a berry of matching color, it explodes and releases the fixed berry. This release of the fixed berry opens up much space for you to deal with the leftover chains of berries on the screen. Aim for the berries with the screws first and remember that you can bounce off berries of different color as well as bounce of berries from the corners of the screen of your smartphone.

2. The Number Of Berries Matters

As there is no time limit for any particular level, there is no need for you to rush around firing berries onto the screen left right and center. Bubble Island 2: World Tour has a scoring system which comprises of 3 stars with the highest reward being for completing a level with the least amount of berries being used. When you complete a level you will notice the berry canon firing lots of berries in random directions in a celebratory way. The number of berries that you had remaining in the canon is also shown. You can judge how well you played a certain level through this feature and focus on improving your strategy during levels if you are getting only one to two berries remaining per level.

You also need to keep an eye on the berry canon counter during a long level where you might have to spend some extra berries in order to make a huge explosion. If the end result is worth it then don’t worry about the extra berries that you spent to make it happen. However always be on alert if the number of your remaining berries is getting low because it is Game Over if there are no more berries left for you to fire out of your berry canon.

3. Collect As Much Food As You Can

When you clear the levels preceding the Golden Gate Bridge landmark, you will be introduced to a new gameplay mechanism which is the collecting of different kinds of food. These will range from tomatoes to pears and other kinds of fruit and each will have their own significance in the upcoming levels. For example to build a snack bar after you have passed the Golden Gate Bridge into the Metropolis you will have to pay the Beaver construction workers a certain amount of tomatoes as payment for their work. This interesting addition to the gameplay prompts you to work much harder in each level. You can collect the maximum amount of food by trying to hit very long berry chains which are comprised of food and also separate food chains that are independent.

Do not waste your food for the offers that the game tries to prompt you into because you will require a huge quantity of food for each task in the later levels of the game. Combat the attraction of these offers by working hard yourself in order to earn more stars on each level.


Sunday 19th of January 2020

What is the use of large quantity of fruit after all landmarks are full

Marcia Vincent

Tuesday 18th of December 2018

Where are the spiders in the game...

Joan Reekie

Friday 13th of October 2017

Does this game end at 80 as I have reached this far and built every thing. It has gone back to game 1.