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Jelly Splash Cheats, Tips & Strategy Guide to Get Three-Star Ratings

Addictive enough to rope in the casual gaming crowd? Check. Simple without too many bells and whistles? Check. Available for Android and iOS? Check. Match 3 game? Check. Jelly Splash is another one of a growing number of Match 3 games that are available on both major platforms, but it does come with its own twists that set it apart from other similar titles. The game boasts of hundreds of levels as you “match huge lines of Jellys, power up with Super Jellys, and grab yourself loads of super-fun boosts.” But where are the twists in the game? We’ll tell you all about them in a bit, as we bring you a few Jelly Splash cheats, tips and tricks that will help you in achieving consistent three-star levels…and then some.

1. Add Friends To Continue Past Level 43

Unfortunately, the first twist we will be discussing is not a very pleasant one at all. But Jelly Splash will require you to add some friends so you can push forward after Level 43. This is a rather strange way to push the social feature of mobile gaming, but we won’t take it against Wooga and we would suggest, if you really want to proceed after Level 43, that you start adding friends as soon as possible. Another benefit of adding friends is that they can give you lives should you need them.

2. Start Your Matches At The Bottom

This is one Match 3 tip that applies to most games, and in most cases you will be best served by creating your first matches at the bottom. That’s because the board will be filled with new jellies, and as you clear matches at the bottom, you may end up clearing more in the upper parts of the board. The only exception would be when you have to remove mushrooms and/or slime guards.

3. Go For Long Matches

Here’s another vintage Match 3 tip coming back for Jelly Splash – the bigger or longer the match you make, the faster you can clear the board through the special jellies you’ll create. These special/super jellies can clear one whole row or column, so try creating special pieces in such a way that you’re sure you can take out a whole lot of board in the process.

4. Free Captured Jellies Without Hassle

Still on the topic of special jellies, this is something that not too many people figure out right away. If the ray from a special jelly hits the captured jelly that should be freed, that’ll count as five jellies. That’s another reason why the positioning of a special jelly is very important.

5. Plan Ahead To You Finish Levels With The Least Number Of Moves

Now, there are no “annoying” time limits, as it’s put in the game description. That should give you incentive to plan before you start a level – think of ways in which you can create a special piece, and more importantly, think of a way in which you can finish a level while using the least number of moves possible.

Mary Reinhard

Friday 7th of January 2022

I have played #800 for MONTHS!!! I can’t get past it. Please, please help me! I am so ready for #801.


Tuesday 8th of March 2022

@Mary Reinhard, Help me if you can I’ve just hit a wall on level 800! Any assistance welcome & I hope you’ve passed it by now…:)