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Tiny Miners Tips, Tricks & Cheats to Find Hidden Treasures

Tiny Miners is an exciting game by About Fun for Android and iOS mobile platforms where you can “dig deep and drill your way to adventure.” It’s a game that tests how well you can survive, and how fast you can think as your tiny miner goes “deep into the bowels of Earth,” avoiding obstacles by moving left and right. You’ll also have to gather materials while digging deep into the ground, and use those materials to craft tools that can then be used to dig even deeper down. You can use a shovel, pickaxe, or drill to dig deep, combine two ingredients to come up with recipes for mining gear, and you may even be able to find dinosaur remains while deep underground. There’s also a social feature where you can team up with friends and form digging clans, with the goal of this being to earn clan prizes among yourselves.

This game is more than just a digging game, as there are RPG and MMORTS elements baked into this title such as crafting and clans, and digging deep down and avoiding obstacles is just part of what you need to do to succeed. So read on, as we present to you our list of Tiny Miners tips and tricks, which should be everything you need to survive several feet below the surface.

1. Make Sure Your Miner Is Equipped

You’re going to do a lot of digging in order to achieve true success in Tiny Miners, and you’re also going to be dealing with tons of obstacles, including mines and diamond rocks. You may even encounter giant worms that will make it even harder for you while you’re down there. Make sure that your miner is ready for all the challenges he’ll get to face along the way, and do so by equipping him with a helmet and a pickaxe at the very least. There are also mining suits, rings, necklaces, and other pieces of clothing/accessories that can be used to prepare your miner for the tough world underneath.

2. Mix And Match Items You Find Underground

While underground, you’ll discover a variety of items which you can then combine together in special “recipes.” Using RPG parlance, the items are your crafting materials, and the recipes are, well, still known as recipes. Combine the items that you find and don’t be afraid to experiment. You might just luck out and invent a custom piece of equipment that could be a game-changer, an item that could increase your chances of survival the next time you venture beneath the earth.
As a bonus tip, you shouldn’t throw away any piece of equipment you no longer need on account of the more powerful items you create while crafting. You can shatter those old items and imbue the shards onto another piece of equipment, preferably a stronger one. That would make that piece of gear even more powerful, just like imbuing items tends to do in your average RPG.

3. Expand Your Inventory ASAP

Although it may sound like you’ve got a lot of chances to discover items while in the mines, the truth of the matter is that you’ll be maneuvering in tight spaces, and won’t really have much to find at first. But you also have to consider the amount of space you have remaining in your inventory, as it can only hold so many items you find while underground. Make sure you expand your inventory the moment you’re able to do so for the first time.

4. Try The Heroic Digs And Endless Mines If You’re Getting Bored

If the regular digs no longer pose a challenge to you, there’s the option to try the heroic digs out for yourself. Unlike the regular digs that allow a lot of room for error (or comparatively a lot of room), one mistake in those heroic digs may end up killing your miner. But with great challenge comes great rewards, as the game will give you much better prizes for completing one of these digs in one piece.

Aside from the heroic digs, you’ve also got the endless mines to try out. These differ from your standard mines by simply being bottomless mines, and by being open only once a day. And they also come with loads of unique treasures for you to discover. Of course, they’re also more difficult to navigate, but a good way to earn better than usual rewards.

5. Use Your Boosters

Tiny Miners will be there to lend you a helping hand from time to time, and that’s going to be in the form of power-ups and boosters. The coin magnet, quite obviously, allows you to gather more coins while you’re exploring the mines. The fire starter is an offensive weapon you can use against enemies you encounter. Lastly, the shield protects you from those enemies by bolstering your defenses. They’re all pretty much self-explanatory, but nonetheless effective in helping your cause. Be sure that you’re using those power-ups only when needed, as you wouldn’t want to use them for the sake of using them due to their limited supply.

6. Why Should You Join A Clan?

Like in most other games where you have this option, joining a clan is merely suggested, but highly recommended. Sure, you can play the game solo and explore the mines without the help of any other human player. But it’s still a better idea to team up with other players, as it could get quite dangerous down there. Helping each other out could also allow you to make some new friends outside the in-game world, and going back to Tiny Miners, being part of a clan could allow you to win some nice clan rewards for performing well in the clan wars.

7. Pay Close Attention To Your Drill Power

One other thing you have to keep in mind in the game is your super-drill power. You want to be sure you don’t run out of power when you least expect it, and you also want to take note if you’re about to collect the last bits of super power.