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Block! Hexa Puzzle Tips, Tricks & Cheats: How to Get More Hints and Stars

Like Ketchapp and Noodlecake, BitMango is a well-known name in the field of casual mobile gaming. The company had previously released games such as HIT and Roll the Ball, and now it’s back with another simple, yet addictive title called Block! Hexa Puzzle. This is a “Tetris style” block puzzle game, where your goal is to move blocks so you can fill up the square, and level up by collecting block pieces. Simply drag the blocks so you can position them, and make all the blocks line up in the frame. Sounds easy and Tetris-like enough, but the game’s description adds that you cannot rotate blocks. Still, there’s no time limit, so you can take all the time you need, just as long as the puzzle’s pieces are meshing with each other.

As we’ve illustrated, there are some differences between this game and classic Tetris, so you may have to make some adjustments that you might not have been expecting. To help you out with these changes and differences, we’ve put together a list of Block! Hexa Puzzle tips and tricks that could help you complete more boards in the game.

1. Take Your Time, You Don’t Have A Move Limit Either

As we said in the game overview, it’s best that you take your time. Don’t rush your moves at all, and speaking of moves, you don’t have a limit on those either. Remove whatever pieces have to be taken out, and analyze the puzzle so that you can make all the pieces work well with each other. Ideally, you want to place the larger pieces first, or those that are the most difficult to figure out. After that, work your way toward the smaller and simpler pieces.

2. Unlock Premium Levels By Beating Regular Ones

Once you complete a level, you will earn one star apiece. Keep on completing those levels and gather those stars, as the more stars you earn, the more premium levels you can unlock. You can then access the premium levels by scrolling from the regular/common levels to a separate screen for the premium ones. And just to give you an idea of how much the cheapest set of levels cost, that’s going to cost you 320 stars.

3. Watch Ad Videos For Hints

By tapping on the Free button – the one that looks like a video icon – you will get to watch an ad video. Take advantage of this option to get more hints once you’ve run out of them; otherwise, you will have to spend real money to get more hints. Watch as many videos as possible so you can load up on the hints, especially when you’re fresh out.

4. Complete The Quests

We’re still on the topic of getting free hints, and aside from watching the videos, you can also complete the quests. Click on the trophy icon, and you will be able to view the quest menu. You can also head to that menu to redeem rewards you’ve earned for completing previous quests. But you can still tap on the required button even if you haven’t completed a quest yet; that’s going to take you to wherever you need to complete the quest, and once you’re done, you can head back to the quest menu to redeem your prize.

5. How Can You Get Even More Hints?

The game will allow you to move or toggle back and forth between the basic and premium level packs. If you complete one whole level pack, you will get free hints among the free prizes you can earn from the chest once the last level is complete. But it could be hard and/or tiring to complete these level packs, so you can always replay levels you’ve already completed. That should give you practice for the levels you haven’t completed yet, or keep your mind relaxed after the frustration of repeatedly failing a level piles up.

6. More Stars Also Means More Game Modes

Returning to the topic of stars, you can unlock different modes in the game by earning more stars. By collecting 20 stars, you will unlock the daily quest mode. The rotate mode, on the other hand, will unlock once you’ve got 560 stars. Sure, the game tells you that you can’t rotate the pieces, but this is a newly-introduced mode where you are actually asked to rotate the pieces before placing them down. If you place them as-is, you won’t get good results, so make sure to rotate the pieces this time around!

Diana Irvine

Thursday 14th of September 2023

Can’t figure out square three on the dailies