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Brawl Stars Character Guide: Dynamike (Ranged Splash Damage)

We’ve already shared with you a detailed character guide for one Brawl Stars character, so how about another? But before we get there, we should give you the customary introduction to this brand-new title from Supercell. Brawl Stars is a new MOBA from the same company that gave us Clash of Clans and Clash Royale, but instead of the fantasy/medieval setting of those games, you’re taking part in a more modern setting, one where you use a variety of weapons while controlling the Brawler of your choice. There are various game modes, and in almost all of these modes, you can enjoy the thrill of going up against real players — dopey old AI is only for practice in this game, just as we had told you in our ultimate guide for the game!

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s move on to the focus of this new article — Dynamike. This is the second in our series of Brawl Stars character guides, so read on if you need all the help you could get when playing as this ranged Brawler!


Dynamike is a common Brawler — a long-range, splash damage Brawler who, like most other ranged characters, isn’t too blessed in the hit points area. With only 600 HP on him, it’s really best that he stays back, away from the thick of things, preferably with a tanky character or two soaking up the damage up front. His primary attack is called Short Fuse, where he throws two lit dynamite sticks (hence his name) — this could attack through walls, so anyone hiding behind them would still be vulnerable to these attacks. The Big Barrel O’Boom, which is literally a big barrel of dynamite exploding and knocking enemies back upon impact, serves as Dynamike’s Super Ability — this could deal out a ton of damage as well, making it a solid ability in more ways than one.


When it comes to Dynamike’s strengths, he happens to be a skilled AOE (Area of Effect) Brawler. He could be instrumental in helping your team take control of certain parts of the map, as his AOE attacks deal out a lot of damage. Likewise, his Super Ability is quite effective as an AOE attack, as it could mete out a ton of direct damage to a wide area around its point of impact. It’s also capable of destroying walls and other places where enemies could potentially take cover, thus making him quite special as compared to other Brawlers. With new lines of sight opened, as well as new pathways for your teammates to go through, you could take advantage of Dynamike’s strengths to the fullest.

Most importantly, we’d say that the fact that Dynamike doesn’t need any line of sight is his number one strength — all you need to ensure is that you are in range when using him as your Brawler.


Obviously, Dynamike’s number one weakness is his lack of hit points — those 600 HP, to put things in perspective, are less than half of El Primo’s 1300 HP. And while he has good range, he’s also not a good offensive Brawler overall, due to his lack of up-close abilities. When confronted by melee characters, you’ll usually have to drop your dynamite and try to hit the enemies a bit before taking off and running — that’s not a very convenient situation. In most cases, the enemy will usually take you out before you can even hope to launch a successful hit-and-run.

Moreover, opposing Brawlers can easily fake him out by teasing movement toward one direction, but ultimately moving the opposite way. This becomes even more true when you consider that his primary attack is quite slow — dynamite sticks don’t move as quickly as bullets, or most other Brawlers’ primary attacks.

When And Where To Attack

The best place and time to attack when playing as Dynamike would be over the walls, when you know that there may be enemies hiding behind cover. He does have a comparatively unique ability to sling his weapons over the walls, and that means he’s a great choice in game modes that have objectives. You should also, by all means, use him if you need to flush out a horde of enemies quickly, so that you could raid a gem mine without the worry of a surprise, sneak attack. In simpler terms, he’s great in getting guys out of those choke points.

What you would normally want to do when using Dynamike is to use all your three initial attacks early on, and launch those attacks toward the staging area near the middle. That should take out squishier enemies with lower HP stats, and deal out significant damage on everyone else on the opposing team.

Normally, you don’t want Dynamike to serve as the top gun in your team. That’s not what he does best — as we mention several times in this guide, he’s an objective-oriented character. And as far as his role on your team goes, he’s more of a support-type character; he’s there to take out enemies who hide beneath cover while your teammates try to go up close and go for melee attacks.

One strategy discussed when it comes to using Dynamike is the “Olympic ring” strategy — think of how the five rings are laid out, for starters, and keep that in mind whenever you’re close to a possible choke point or hiding Brawler. The key here is imagining how the damage overlaps in the middle, with the middle being the point where the damage is the greatest. You also want to spread out the damage on your dynamite so that you can cover as much ground as possible, and prevent enemy Brawlers from escaping scot-free and essentially wasting your attack bar. It might not sound too easy at first, but the more you use Dynamike, the more you’ll be able to familiarize yourself with the proper strategies to deal out as much damage as possible on as many enemy Brawlers as you could.

When To Use Super

Dynamike’s Big Barrel O’Boom serves as his Super, and you should use it to flush out enemies that may be in hiding, just as we had mentioned earlier. That should be good enough to destroy most types of cover they’re hiding in. It’s a good idea to use your primary attack to lure your opponent to a compromising spot, allowing them to run into that Big Barrel O’Boom. Don’t make the mistake of simply aiming at them and allowing them to run away until they’re fully out of your range — something they can easily do due to your lack of attack speeds.

Best And Worst Game Modes

Moving on to Dynamike’s best game modes, the obvious answers would be Heist and Smash and Grab — in other words, objective game modes. Pretty much, he can make himself useful in any game mode where there’s an objective that needs to be attacked or defended. It’s easy to pick the right place for him to launch his dynamite at, so you should make him top priority if these are your game modes of choice. You don’t need line of sight anyway to launch bombs/missiles over the walls to bust an opponent’s cover.

Dynamike’s abilities can also be used to buy your team some time — any teammates who may be trying to head to higher ground can make use of his support. You should be using Dynamike’s attacks to keep enemies at bay as they try to chase after your team, right around the time that everyone is trying to head back to the spawn area toward the end of the gem grab, when the timer is about to run out.

On the other hand, you should avoid Dynamike at all costs when playing in Showdown mode. Low-HP characters like him don’t do too well in this mode, where everyone else (meaning the nine other human players) is considered your enemy. Your lack of attack speed will also work against you if you play as Dynamike in Showdown. Bounty isn’t a good game mode for him either, though he’s marginally a better choice here than he is in Showdown mode.

Good Matchups

Basically, you’re looking at ranged characters who don’t have much to speak of in terms of offense and/or HP — guys and girls such as Brock, Bull, Colt, Ricochet, and Shelly. These are characters whom you could take out if you act quickly, and if you time the use of your Super properly, you could also take out most, if not all of those characters in just one shot.

Bull and Shelly can be considered exceptions to the above rule, due to Dynamike’s superior range. As they need to get within the right range in order to launch their main attack at him, that allows him to predict their path of movement, while taking advantage of his longer range.

Bad Matchups

Bo, Barley, El Primo, Mortis, and Spike are usually considered to be Dynamike’s worst possible matchups. Bo’s immense strength and trap abilities, which allow him to control areas on his own, make him a pain to deal with. He also has a hunting ability that has him launching three explosive arrows, making Dynamike extremely vulnerable when he’s trying to do some damage against Bo.

As for Barley, he’s an area of effect character who does a great deal of splash damage, much like Bo could. He’s a huge upgrade over Dynamike in most categories and situations, so you don’t want to be facing up against him in almost any situation. He’s also got a primary attack that does a lot of extra damage, damage that adds up over a period of time. That essentially allows him to control areas better than Dynamike ever could — you won’t just be worrying about the damage per se, but also the extra damage that accrues in the next couple of seconds, and the extra second needed to avoid that area in an attempt to avoid taking a lot of damage. Additionally, Barley’s Super completely trumps that of Dynamike, as it covers a greater area, and once enemy Brawlers find themselves in that area, it’s usually curtains for them.

El Primo and Mortis are two melee characters who could prove to be trouble if you’re playing as Dynamike. A close-contact encounter with either character is usually a good way to get killed quickly and effortlessly by opposing players controlling either one of these Brawlers.

Lastly, Spike is another character with a deadly Super that could cover a wide area, and if Dynamike happens to be standing around that area, that could make it quite hard for him to get away and head to safer ground. He could also close gaps at a rapid pace, and if that doesn’t happen, he could get assists from a teammate or two during such situations, giving Dynamike hardly a prayer if he has to deal with Spike.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our latest Brawl Stars character guide here at Level Winner. For a comprehensive list of Brawl Stars hints, be sure to check out our ultimate guide, which contains lots of useful tips and tricks!