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Warship Commanders Guide: 6 Tips, Cheats & Tricks to Crush Your Enemies

Do you have the time and the mood for diving into a strategy-based game that’ll gobble up your time and keep you busy for hours at a time? Well, Warship Commanders, by Happy Universe Studios, is the game for you. Not only is it a great SLG (Simulated Life Game), but it also borrows elements from modern history, especially from World War II, which makes it an interesting overall package.

Aptly named, Warship Commanders puts you in control of a fleet of powerful warships and lets you make your own way through the game, fighting wars, hiring commanders, and so on. Completely based on the Strategy style of gaming, Warship Commanders has a vast world of its own. From an in-game store, a black market as well as a Legion Store for everything from new, more powerful warships to veteran, well-trained commanders to lead your fleets, there is a lot of exploring to do as well and a lot of ways that you can choose to play this game.

Warship Commanders starts off with its very own campaign, which is based on World War 2. As war broke out in 1939, all the countries of the world have plunged into darkness. Now, it’s up to New Zealand, the only country that has managed to evade the war, to free the world from the darkness of war using its formidable fleet of warships and they have chosen you to lead them. Warship Commanders lets you choose your own starting character out of a choice of four characters, and then you can start your conquest.

Gradually, you will start to hire more commanders and build better ships as you fight your way through in dangerous waters around the world, annihilating fleet after fleet. Like other strategy games, there is not much to do when the actual fight starts. All of the planning is done before it. You will get to choose the placement of your ships, which commander to use to lead your ships, etc, before embarking on the next battle.

In battle, each player will control 36 warships which are commanded by 6 commanders. The first to destroy all the warships of the opposing side wins.

1. Keep Constructing New Ships

Fortunately, the game starts you off pretty good and carefully guides you through each step. The game might seem a little too complicated at first but by the time you have completed the tutorial, you will have a pretty good idea of how the game works.

Moreover, you also have a pretty decent arsenal of ships in the start which will quickly destroy the enemy’s ships. But as you progress further into the game, more challenging battles will prompt you to either upgrade your ships. There are a number of ways you can get new warships; directly build your own warships or gain warships as you make your way through Campaigns.

For building new warships, there are two options; you can either construct new ships using the currency you earn inside the game(diamonds) or you can buy some new currency using real-world money. While the former is easier in the pocket, the latter option is the quicker way up the ranks. However, don’t spend too much as you can enjoy a lot without spending a single dime.

2. Hire New Commanders

Like warships, the game will also guide you through the process of hiring new commanders — the first few of which are free. You need to keep hiring new commanders that will be able to better lead your ships in battle. Since the game is all about strategy, hiring new commanders is one of the only options you get to improve your game. The better your commanders and ships are, the better you will be able to fight.

There are a number of ways to get new commanders; direct recruitment, fusing Commander Souls or exchanging Commander Souls to get Commanders. Each one of your Commanders can have up to 4 skills, which will determine how your fleet acts.

3. Focus On Attacking First

Attacking first is a really important factor which could determine the outcome of the battle. The only way to make sure that you get to attack first is to have a higher Enemy Search number. Each warship in your battle squad has its own Enemy Search number which determines your highest Enemy Search value — the player with the highest Enemy Search value will attack first.

4. Place Your Ships

You can juggle the order in which your ships are placed in battle, also known as “adjusting array”. The formation is divided into three rows and can accommodate a maximum of 12 battleships each.

The ships in the front row are going to be attacked first, so you need to make sure that some of your strongest ships are in the front line, ready to bear the brunt of the enemy’s attack. So choose the battleship with the highest HP and high defense stats to place in the front. Keep the ships with high attacking skills for the middle and the last row of your array.

5. Setting A Flagship

Each sub-fleet in your fleet can be set to have its very own flagship. The flagship determines the skills that can be used by your Commanders. You can choose the strongest ship as your flagship to maximize the damage caused by your skills. Also note that if your flagship gets destroyed, your fleet will automatically set the next ship in line as the flagship for that particular sub-fleet.

6. Using Miracles

Miracles are like an energy drink for your commanders in Warship Commanders. These limited-time powerups can be found in various spots and sites inside the game. You can also find Miracle chips from the Blackmarket and once you have enough chips, you can activate the corresponding Miracles. If activated, they will let you perform certain actions that can benefit your in-game performance for a limited amount of time.

That’s all you need to know to succeed in Warship Commanders! If you know any other tips, tricks or strategies for the game, feel free to drop us a line in the comments!