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EverBattle Guide, Tips & Cheats to Conquer Your Enemies

In EverBattle your sole purpose is guiding your hero to the top. The game is a sort of an idle RPG in which your hero levels up, becomes powerful while trying to defeat other players’ heroes and climb to the top rank in the Arena. Of course, the game offers lots of other goals like raiding other players, joining a guild and, with the help of other guild members, rising among the ranks to get your guild to the top, as well as collecting loot in form of equipment to boost your hero stats.
The game starts slow, with your hero being level 1 and not very powerful. You have to let the hero fight to level up and become more powerful in order for him (or her, you can also pick a heroine Archer), to be able to battle other players in the arena. While the start is pretty slow, the game becomes quite interesting after your character reaches level 15 and unlocks his first companion. Companions are there to ease the fight against monsters and to aid your character with clashes inside the arena. They are very important and we will explain how to make them extremely powerful later. The game, as many other FTP titles, features two resource types. Gold is a common resource and you really have to try hard in order to empty your gold stash. Diamonds are the second resource, and they can be bought for real money, but the game will give you plenty of diamonds, enough to boost your hero and make him competitive in the arena.

The game is interesting and once you start playing you’ll soon realize you can get enough of it. But, it is better to start slow and to let your hero fights monsters for a while before you start to spend lots of time playing EverBattle. We will explain why this is important later in the guide. EverBattle can be frustrating sometimes, especially when you realize how powerful other players are, especially when faced against them in the arena, but we managed to collect lots of helpful tips and advice, which can help you in the never-ending fights happening in EverBattle. Stay with us and learn how to make your playing character extremely powerful, how to boost your companions in a smart way, and how to earn lots of gold and diamonds. Let us start.

1. A Couple Of Tips Regarding Early Game

EverBattle is slow at the start, but the game picks up the pace once you reach level 15 and unlock your first companion. Companions are given on level 15, level 25, and level 30, so make sure you have lots of gold when reaching those levels because you’ll need it.

So, instead of just entering the game and starting to play it, you should wait a bit before doing that. When you first enter the game, reach level 7-8, and after your character gets to one of these levels just exit the game. Do not forget to equip the character with the best gear, and to smelt the remainder. After doing that, just let the hero to auto fight for a few hours, but less than 12 hours because you will receive a 12-hour VIP pass once you first enter EverBattle.

Okay, once you enter the game after you waited for your character to level up against monsters, first check out if he reached level 15. If he managed to level up to level 15, equip him with the best gear, and then equip your companion with the remainder of the gear you collected while auto-battling. Once you finish that, go to the fight screen and use all three Quick-Auto Fight passes. It is important to use them before your VIP trial ends because VIP members have three quick fight passes per day. Once you did that, again equip the hero and companion with the best gear and smelt the rest. Now you should upgrade your hero and his companion.

You can train the companion by opening its screen (it’s named Hero in the game). Go to train menu and pick regular training. You can pick advanced training but that costs diamonds and we want to save up our diamonds in order to train our main hero. Now, just pick the auto train and choose the biggest amount of repeats. You should have enough gold for at least 100 training. The next step is very important. Depending on which type of hero you selected (warrior, mage, or archer) you should select different training stats. In EverBattle you can choose two stats that have to be upgraded in order for the training to be saved. Now, warriors depend on their strength and stamina, mages need agility and intelligence, and archers’ main stats are strength and agility. So, if you have a warrior, choose to save training only when strength and stamina are upgraded. Now commence the training. Your companion should be pretty powerful after a couple of hundreds of training courses, and he should help you in defeating powerful monster bosses.

Use companion training while you can pay for it because gold is not worth much except for training.

Now, let us focus on our hero. If you have a powerful piece of equipment that you believe will stay long with the hero, start enhancing it. Enhancing equipment upgrades its attack numbers, so the stronger equipment it will receive more attack each time you boost it. Use enhance only on epic (orange) equipment because epics have the lowest chances of being swapped for a better piece of armor or weapon. You’ll need to bless gems for upgrading equipment so make sure you upgrade only one or two pieces because bless gems are relatively hard to get your hands on. Okay, after you used enhance a couple of times switch to boost. Boosting your equipment upgrades its attack for one percent each time you enhance it. While it seems like little, it can give armor or a weapon lot of attack points, especially if they are of high value and high level.

Boost and enhance a piece of equipment until you spend all bless gems. Now it’s time to polish the same equipment. Polishing armor and weapons changes bonus stats they give you and it can be really handy. For instance, if you have a crazy powerful sword, but the sword isn’t meant for your class, just polish it until it gives you a high number of stats you need. Polishing equipment costs gold, but it asks for tiny gold amounts so you can use polish until you are satisfied with the results.
Now, after you trained you companion with all gold you have and upgraded your sword or armor so it can be more powerful, your hero will be able to defeat monster bosses with ease for a while. Once you reach a boss that’s hard to defeat just repeat the process until it becomes weaker than you.

While you did all that, your hero probably leveled up to level 20. Once you reach level 20 you will unlock the Wing. In EverBattle, the Wing is a sort of a buff that’s able to boost hero’s stats. Since you should have a couple of hundred of diamonds by now go to your hero screen (called gear) and tap on the Wing. Then select the Wing Training. Wing training gives you massive stat buffs, but it is expensive. Just spend all your diamonds on training and your hero will become immensely more powerful. This should help you further to advance in the camping and get some valuable equipment and lots of experience. Just remember, you should train your hero (Wing training) and your companion each time you save up gold and diamonds.

Okay, that was the early-game part of the guide that should make your playing character very powerful and allow it to reach higher levels in the campaign as well as get you a couple of victories in the arena.

2. Upgrade Your Skills

You, as well as your companion, have a couple of skills at their disposal that are activated automatically, dealing lots of damage to enemies. Pick the two skills you think are the most powerful and make sure to upgrade them as soon as you collect enough skill books. They give you higher damage and are needed when battling other players.

3. Make Sure To Collect All Daily Prizes

EverBattle offer lots of daily prizes and gifts so make sure to collect each one once you enter the game. There are free VIP passes so make sure to collect them first. After that collect server bonuses, and gifts. There’s also an event screen that contains level-up prizes, bags giving you diamonds, 7-day rewards, and other types of gifts and prizes.

Always make sure to visit all of the gift screens because you may miss a prize if you forget about that. Also, after you beat an enemy in the arena, your prize will be in the mail window, so check your mail each time you beat someone in the arena.

One final advice for gifts and rewards: all chests, bags and other items are stored in your bag so make sure to check it out from time to time (open the bag and select item) in case you forgot about something.

4. Smelt All Unnecessary Equipment

In EverBattle you can smelt all equipment not used by your hero and the companion. Use smelting every time your bag is full, and when you have lots of unnecessary equipment. Do not afraid to smelt epic pieces; if they are of higher strength than the piece you are wearing, and if they can be equipped the game will automatically remove them from smelt list.

5. A Word Or Two About Guilds

While you don’t have to enter a guild in order to advance in the EverBattle, this is highly recommended. When in a guild you can spend your coins and diamonds to upgrade the guild, giving you, and your guild companions better stats and higher power, as well as upgrading your attack and defense. Go to the skill menu inside the guild and upgrade your skills with skill points you get for investing money and diamonds in upgrading the guild.

Also, guilds give you a chance to fight the Guild BOSS. The boss has an incredible HP amount so you won’t be able to defeat him, but you’ll get prizes for trying. And finally, when in a guild you can play multiplayer events that give valuable prizes and can push your guild higher up the list of the most powerful guilds.

6. Play Elite Challenges

Elite challenges can be accessed once inside the fight screen. They won’t give you loot or lots of experience, but lots of coins. Make sure to play them each time you advance a level, and to collect chests for successfully completing elite challenges.

7. Raiding Other Players Is A Good Way To Earn Lots Of Gold

The PK raid screen is a nice feature in EverBattle. It allows you to raid other players and snatch their gold. Make sure that the player you are invading is less powerful than you, and that they have lots of gold that can be stolen. You can refresh the page showing you a potential target as many times as you want, so don’t stop until you find a perfect target.

8. Play Quests And Grab The Goodies

Once you reach level 20, you will become eligible for single-player quests. They give lots of loot and coins and the best thing is that you can play them as many times as you want! So, if your hero is close to reaching the next level, or if you need better loot and more gold, just play a quest for a dozen of times and you will get all of that.

Okay, we have come to the end of our EverBattle guide. We hope you found lots of helpful tips and tricks, and that the help we provided in the guide will make you the champion in EverBattle. Thanks for reading and happy gaming!


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