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Brave Conquest Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Grow Your Kingdom Fast and Crush Your Enemies

If you have been a mobile gamer for quite some time and enjoy base-building strategy games or casino games, then you are most likely familiar with IGG and some of its popular games. The company has been active in the mobile gaming industry since 2012 and currently has 55 games in its portfolio. With Lords Mobile consistently sitting within top ten lists of games in several countries as well as continuously adding numbers to its more than 100 million downloads, and Castle Clash earning good spots and over 50 million downloads as well, IGG’s games have proven themselves to be among the best within and even outside their specific genres. With these accomplishment along with a long list of other successful titles, other games released by the company has been met with equally positive feedback and following.

Brave Conquest is the latest mobile strategy game from IGG and in less than a month following its release, it has already earned top spots under new games in several countries. Likewise, Brave Conquest has earned more than 100 thousand downloads from the Google Play Store alone and maintains largely positive reviews from both Android and iOS platform users.

Considering the plethora of castle-building strategy games in the mobile gaming market, it is already a huge and surprising achievement for new ones such as Brave Conquest to penetrate it and even overtake most of it. Despite loose similarities across all these games, Brave Conquest, with its good mix of new features and game mechanics, offers a fresh yet familiar package that can be played and enjoyed by newbies and veterans alike. If you love base-building strategy games or looking to dive into it, then you should definitely check Brave Conquest.

brave conquest tips

As lord and commander of your very own kingdom, the task of building and managing everything falls within your hands. You initially take back your land from your enemies one area at a time and free bits of your army as well. As you liberate more buildings, heroes, and troops, it becomes part of your basic responsibilities to upgrade each one to better prepare yourself for the challenges ahead. There are various resources you need to gather as well as currencies to save and allocate among the various needs your kingdom has as far as growth and development are concerned. Your role as the lord of the kingdom grows beyond managing the kingdom and exterminating monsters that plague the land. Cooperative and competitive game modes with other players abound as well.

Although Brave Conquest is brimming with content that can seem overwhelming at first sight, the first chapter of the game, which can be completed within 30 minutes into the game, serves as a great tutorial that can teach you all the basics you need to know. While actual controls in combat are a little more challenging than others, you will surely get the hang of it as you engage in various battles through the initial stages of the game. There will be a lot of features left to explore on your own but having followed the tutorial for the basic features you unlock on the early part of the game, everything should follow well with relative ease.

Truthfully enough, you can make progress in the game regardless of how you go about it. If you are yearning to jump ahead of the crowds, develop your kingdom at a faster rate, and dominate PvP battles, then follow our Brave Conquest beginner’s guide, as it comes with a bunch of tips, cheat and strategies, so you can strengthen your troops and kingdom more efficiently.

1. Follow The Missions Guide

As you jump into the game and follow the tutorials, you will be taken back to the lower left side of the screen as one mission appears there after another. Once you have accomplished the mission, you will be able to click on it again as a gift becomes available and you will earn generous amounts of gold and other valuable resources from it. At some point, you will be able to freely choose what you want to do next, whether it’s doing upgrades or engaging in battles, and you may neglect the current objective in some instances.

brave conquest missions guide

Although it is generally okay to move about all on your own, it is still a better strategy to adhere to the objectives set at the lower portion of your screen rather than exploring features on your own. For one, you would want to stock up on resources that you can more swiftly earn from accomplishing these missions. Additionally, the mission list is designed in such a way that you will be able to go through every bit of thing you should be doing as you play the game. Considering how most of these objectives align with the usual things you engage in as the lord of your kingdom, you should aim to constantly be in an activity relative to the completion of your current objectives.

As you may have strayed a bit from the current objective, there is no need to worry yourself as completed objectives ahead of the current one will still reward you once they pop up on the objective list. The objectives are designed to be newbie-friendly as well given that you can tap the “go” button above the objective and you will be automatically taken to the area or structure where you can complete the said objective.

2. Always Multitask

Like any base-building strategy game, being able to multitask is a necessary skill in Brave Conquest to grow your camp and develop your heroes and troops more efficiently. Although it may take a while for you to get used to it if you are a total beginner, you will sooner be accustomed to the general flow of activities in the game as you engage in most of it a bit like routine after playing the game for a while.

brave  conquest tricks

For starters, you constantly need to be upgrading something and hardly leave room for your builder to be idle. Although some structures have limitations as to how far you can upgrade them based on the level of your castle, what you would want is to keep structures at the max upgrade level as far as you can do so. Since renting a second builder costs diamonds, spend on it when you are certain that you will make the most out of it and be able to build and upgrade structures without interruption for the next 3 days.

Beyond building and upgrading structures, be sure to consistently collect gold from cabins and stone from your mines. These structures continuously generate valuable currencies you will always have a need for so even if you are not bent on playing the game sometimes, be sure to log in, claim resources and log out just to keep your kingdom earning. You will need to do the same to your Hall of Honor for medals needed to upgrade your troops. Although farming is a bit more time-consuming as you need to manually sow and reap various crops from it, tend to it regularly as well.

There are various items and events that can pop up within your kingdom as well such as animals that can be hunted or mobs of monsters that you need to eliminate. Once you have gone through to more basic aspects of maintatining your kingdom, spend some time to clean up your surroundings as well as each of these instances offer rewards too.

3. Take Note Of Troop Advantages And Weaknesses

The basic troops in Brave Conquest follows the “rock-paper-scissors” mechanic in determining each kind’s strengths and weakness. Infantry beats cavalry, cavalry beats archers, and archers beat infantry. There are naturally other units that you can unlock at random from silver and gold chests later on, but those are either modified versions of the 3 basic units or are neutral as far as the advantages and disadvantages of the basic units are concerned.

brave conquest troops

Having three basic units, you will also have 3 unique formations that you can set up at the barracks. Given each unit type’s distinct advantages and disadvantages, the natural choice for setting up each formation is to counter whatever team you are going up against with in combat. Take not that you can edit the combination of heroes and troops you have in each formation as well as make adjustments to each unit’s position on the grid before actually engaging in battle. Remember as well that for every level up your barracks gains up until level 6, additional slots will be unlocked which means you can add in additional troops for every formation.

As far as paying players may be able to secure more stylish and rarer units and heroes ahead of free players, you should not let it discourage you from engaging them in PvP battle either in the arena or the expedition. The basic units and starting heroes are pretty decent and should be able to secure you wins, provided that you have a good formation and manage to come up with an efficient roster of units for each battle you engage in.

4. Keep Your Heroes, Units, And Spells Upgraded

There are numerous battles you will have to engage in as you push your way towards progress in Brave Conquest. Beyond good strategy, tactical formations, and having a perfect combination of units and heroes for each battle, you can still suffer defeat if the gap between your army’s level and the opposing team is substantial enough. As such, be sure to allocate a good deal of your gold to level up the heroes that you actually use, and spend those hard-earned medals to strengthen your units.

brave conquest upgrades

It is important to decide early on which, from among the 3 initial heroes you acquire, are best suited for your general strategy and preference. You may be fortunate enough to secure a fourth hero early on from the chests, but then again, you have to begin investing in two heroes especially since you will only be able to utilize 2 of them at a time. Don’t entertain the idea that just because the starting heroes are free means that they are inferior. These heroes maybe basic but each one can serve its purpose well paired with a good strategy as well as some level ups.

Although you will have a lot of gold in the early part of the game, you will quickly run out of it, more so if you allocate it across a greater number of heroes. As such, primarily focus on two heroes first and if you can, push for the tenth, twentieth, and every 10 levels after if you are close to it to unlock the passive boosts that they provide.

Keep in mind as well that the passive buffs heroes acquire for every 10 levels they reach applies to specific units or structures. As such, be sure to relate it to how you will develop each of the troops you have. Although there are a lot of troops to be unlocked, the 3 basic ones will always be a necessity, especially for beginners. As battles will always have varying mixes of troops, it will be important for you to level up each of the basic units you have. Despite having freedom as which one to prioritize, at least keep other unit types close as far as upgrades go as you will always be needing all three of them in various battles.

Like heroes, you can also only equip 2 spells in combat. You can upgrade spells through your spellworks structure and upgrading the structure itself leads to unlocking additional spells. For starters, try to unlock at least one or two more spells before you decide on which ones to focus on. As you will need huge amounts of gold to level each spell up, you should consider testing each one out before deciding to upgrade the two you will always use in combat.

5. Time Your Spells And Skill Activations In Combat Right

One of the fun and exciting aspects of Brave Conquest comes in the mechanics of every battle. As amazing as how you can fully customize battle formations before the start of each battle, having manual inputs as to the activation of each hero’s skill and the spells you have is an aspect of the game that can heavily impact the outcome of battle.

brave conquest spells and skills

Perhaps, for a beginner, activating spells and skills as soon as they become available is almost an instinctive move. While that may present its advantages on certain occasions, waiting for the perfect moment to drop a fireball or to freeze enemies can help turn the tide of battle. More so once you have healing spells or skills that cause debuffs to enemy units. Additionally, some skills and spells require more precision in terms of aiming at a target. Although it may take a while for total beginners to get used to it, the highlight effect you will notice on enemy units is very helpful in determining a spell or skill’s activation.

6. Complete Side Quests, Events, And Achievements

There are plenty of rewards to be earned for every battle you complete as well as every stage you finish in Brave Conquest. On top of that, you also receive immediate rewards as a result of achieving missions. Beyond all those rewards, there are still plenty to be earned and for the most part, the activities you need to engage in to claim those extra rewards follow or align with the usual activities you engage in as you play the game.

brave conquest side quest

Click on the “Quest” icon at the lower left corner of your screen to view side quests that you can complete to earn extra rewards. These side quests typically revolve around produces you reap from your farm or materials you can produce at your factory. As such, you have to include production in these structures along with the other matters you consistently attend to.

There are diamonds to be earned from the trophies section that you can access through the icon at the lower right side of your screen. As each tab has a red dot indicator on it for uncollected rewards, be sure to check each one and claim your diamonds immediately. You can also earn a free chest with some resources from the shop once a day. It may not be much but it helps as you need every bit of resource you can get your hands on in the game.

Once you start the game, a 7-day time-limited event will initiate. This event holds a variety of milestones you need to meet to obtain valuable rewards. If it so happens that you haven’t started playing the game yet as you read our guide, be ready to play with a lot more effort on your first seven days as these rewards will greatly help in the quick development and growth of your kingdom as well as your heroes and troops. Be sure to claim rewards as soon as you can as it will always be beneficial to invest those resources immediately on the kingdom itself as well as your heroes and troops.

There you have it! This ends our beginner’s guide for IGG’s latest mobile strategy game Brave Conquest. Although, we left plenty of content untouched, we are fairly certain that you will be able to manage to push through all of them with the concepts and ideas behind the tips, cheats and strategies we shared. Again, Brave Conquest is a game where the time and dedication you commit to it will foster better results. Combine effort and strategy and you will have an easier time growing your kingdom and beating every enemy that crosses your path. If you know additional tips or tricks that you would like to share, relative to the ones we discussed here, we would appreciate hearing from you about it so don’t hesitate to let us know via the comment section!