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Golf Nest Guide: Tips, Cheats & Tricks to Ace Each Level and Grab All Gems

MarkApp is a Japanese mobile game developer, which has released a couple of games on iOS and Android in the past few years. With its current roster of games, it is safe to presume that the developer focuses on casual arcade and puzzle games, a genre that never runs out of demand. The developer’s highest rated game, Wood Bricks and Ball Puzzles – Block Puzzle Game, has been installed more than 500 thousand times since its release just last May and continues to rake in largely positive reviews from users in more than 20 countries. The game has likewise made it to top 100 charts in 21 countries.

Golf Nest is the Japanese company’s latest game, which is currently available for iOS and Android platforms. Released just a month ago, the game soared through the charts, earning over a million installs and conquering reputable spots in top ten lists of games in 29 countries worldwide. Although an abundance of hyper-casual games flood the mobile gaming market, this game stands to have its unique charm for gamers of varying preferences and expertise. If you are up for quick games you can play even on the smallest free time available, Golf Nest may just have the right blend of challenge and excitement for you.

Your constant objective in Golf Nest is as simple as it can be, simply tap through the sand and pave a way for the balls to drop down and make it through to the end of each level. You must be able to accomplish guiding all balls towards the goal to secure a 3-star finish. Although you don’t need a full rating and any gems to be able to play on the next level, doing so gives the game a more fun and exciting challenge.

At first glance, you might have the impression that the game is designed for kids as it has the easiest controls possible and a simple game mechanic that obviates the need for any tutorials. As the first few levels can be cleared with 3 stars easily enough, you may find the increasing amount of obstacles along the way to be quite challenging. Truthfully enough, there are so many ways to complete each level although, for the most part, specific routes must be planned to acquire each of the gems you need to collect to be able to purchase new skins.

If you find yourself stuck on some levels or are puzzled by some challenging obstacles and looking for some helpful advice, then be sure to check out our Golf Nest guide. We are going to share with you a bunch of tips, cheats and tricks in order to help you fully clear each level and collect all those precious gems.

1. Take As Much Time As You Need

The easiest way to go about playing Golf Nest is by simply aiming to reach the end of each level without minding the gems that float around each level. In addition, aiming to successfully finish each level with just one ball making it through and paying no attention to the star ratings you receive will also be a much easier feat. In as much as both can be done, there wouldn’t be enough challenge in the game without aiming for all 3 stars. You would likewise miss out on collecting all those wacky skins to give your balls new style and color as you complete every succeeding level.

golf nest strategies

Although aiming to always secure a 3 star rating and claiming all gems available on each level is a more challenging feat. Attempting to do so early on in the game will present more challenges for you. In effect, you will hone your skills a lot faster and be better prepared for the more mind-boggling levels later on.

First and foremost, what you have to take note of is that there are no time limits that you must work within as you complete each level. With this, there is no need to rush into digging indiscriminately as you carve a path for each ball to reach their goal. Taking your time and mentally projecting the outcome of each dig will lessen, if not eliminate, chances for your to fail a stage or fail to secure a 3-star rating and nab all available gems.

Beyond that, what you can do is take some time to scan through the entirety of the level and analyze the best path you should take to avoid obstacles and grab all the gems as well. Take note of the sliding bar at the right side of the screen and use it to scroll down and up to have a complete view of the level in its entirety.

2. Work From Bottom To Top

Contrary to what most beginners are typically doing, the better way of working through each level in Golf Nest is to actually start at the bottom of the stage, where the goal is located, and work your way up to where each ball is nested. It is understandable to instinctively start from the top as the game is designed to make it look like it’s the only way to go. As part of its “puzzling” challenge, it is certainly a lot more difficult and risky to work your way to the goal starting from each of the balls you need to guide.

Be sure to make it a habit to do this early on as you will find it a lot more convenient and map out each level starting from the goal itself up towards the location of each ball. Naturally, you have to consider gem locations to form part of the path that you are digging for each ball.

3. Begin With An End In Mind

Relative to the first two tips we have, having a mental picture of how each ball will move through the path that you carefully laid out, all the way to the golf hole, is a necessary preparation stage before actually carving out holes through the level. It is as simple as it sounds although as you progress through more challenging levels, there will be a little more to plan for as the obstacles grow in numbers and difficulty, and the layout of the level itself will be designed to be a puzzle on its own.

golf nest tricks

If you have yet to reach levels with moving objects and obstacles, then it certainly will be one to prepare for. Having a mindset of how the ball will travel down towards the goal becomes a little more complex than ever as timing now becomes a point of consideration. Some moving objects, like floating ledges, are necessary to land on at the right spot in order to obtain a gem. Some, on the other hand, should be avoided as touching it will instantly decimate your ball and your chance to secure a 3-star level completion rating.

For starters, begin to consider where each ball will travel through while taking into consideration the path where the moving objects and obstacles reach. In most cases, obstacles will have much limited range and there will always be ways to completely avoid them. Simply consider the path first and concentrate on timing later on. Although it may take some time for you to get the timing right, most moving objects in the game move at the exact same speed so getting used to them will come naturally as you progress through the levels.

4. Two Or More Separate Routes May Be Necessary

Golf Nest is designed in such a way that you will be accustomed to its simple mechanics and basic challenges at the early levels before you get immersed into a series of increasing challenges as you progress through the levels. For the most part of the early levels, you can easily carve a single path for all three balls to reach the end of the level. As far as gem collecting goes, the early levels are designed as well to make it possible for any of the balls to pass through and get all of them.

golf nest routes

As you can’t expect the same level of ease to cut across all levels in the game, you will soon come across levels where you have to utilize each ball to get all the gems scattered around given that there won’t be a single path available to grab all of them. As this would present a bit of an extra challenge, you can apply previously mentioned strategies to work on a plan of action to get all the gems and still earn a perfect rating.

5. No Wi-Fi Means No Ads

Although video ads has been an almost consistent part of any casual game, and will continue to be so for that matter, it is understandable that watching these ads pop up in-between levels can be disorienting for some players. While it serves as a good resting point for your eyes and hands, it is not completely necessary for you to sit through these ads to clear levels faster or get better in the game.

golf nest hints

If you want to play Golf Nest without any sort of interruptions, then simply turn off your Wi-Fi or mobile data. As there won’t be any additional perks from being online while completing levels, you can opt to do this before you go on a long, level-hopping run.

Take note, though, that there are some cool skins you can unlock by watching 4 ads for each unique skin. IF you are bored of the default ball or any of the other ones you have unlocked, then you must have your Wi-Fi or mobile data turned on to obtain these freebies.

These are all the tips, cheats and tricks we have for Golf Nest and we hope that after reading our guide, you will hop into or get back to acing each level in the game. If you have played for a while and discovered something we have not mentioned in our article, don’t hesitate to share them with us in the comments!