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BlitZ: Rise of Heroes Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Form Strong Squads and Conquer Each Battle

Peace in the Land of Asteria is being torn by violence and corrupted factions and you arrive just in time to side with the Guards of Lamarck in a valiant quest to stop it. Your mission is to cleanse one territory at a time and through it, you must recruit and build a band of heroes which you shall unceasingly develop for you will constantly meet equally-formidable opposition.

blitz rise of heroes cover

An idle-battler title bearing such a premise makes BlitZ: Rise of Heroes an ideal pick for players who have not yet touched a game from this genre as well as experienced ones. The game has features and angles similar to RAID: Shadow Legends, Hello Hero, and AFK Arena. In fact, it appears to be the sweet, midway merge between the them.

BlitZ: Rise of Heroes is the first attempt of game studio, Whaleapp, outside of the business simulation genre. By the looks of it, they got all the necessary elements to keep it at a good standing against more established competition. It beautifully captures the storytelling of RPGs, the gameplay simplicity of idle-battlers, and the controlled chaos of auto-chess. It is both simple and complicated, a paradox we’d be delighted to guide you through in this article.

blitz rise of heroes charge

In this BlitZ: Rise of Heroes beginner’s guide, we will cover the fundamentals on how to tame the game. Our aim is to impart you a solid, working idea on how to triumph in each battle. While the amount of features in the game makes it somewhat complex, we are simplifying what you need to know into three Cs: composition, constant upgrades, and checking the prompts.

But before you wet your feet on the battlefield soaked in blood and mystery, let’s moisten them first by introducing you to the extensive interface of BlitZ: Rise of Heroes. In case you want to directly jump to the juiciest part of the guide, you can search for and jump to the “3. Composition” section.

1. Navigating Through The Main Screen


The game will make you start at the fight interface (To Battle), so we will set our orientation from it. The battle option is available if the Campaign tab is selected. The only unique feature within this tab is the chapter indicator at the upper part which will show the name of the current chapter you’re at and a progress bar that marks your current location.

blitz rise of heroes chapter marker

You can click on it to see the battles set for you in a chapter. You can also scout the power ratings of the squads you’ll be facing as well as their lineups. Your avatar marks the row of the next squad you will fight and this reflects the position of the “pin” on the progress bar.

blitz rise of heroes chapter check

You can also check the length of a chapter or how many squads you must fight to finish it. As you progress through chapters, the number of fights gradually increases.

blitz rise of heroes chapter 6


blitz rise of heroes chapter 6

The City holds four key features: Guild, Hero Portal, Market, and the Stela of Glory

Guild: Lets you create a guild by spending gems or join already established ones. You can search for the ID of a guild you know or simply send an application to the guilds that will be listed. Note that it may take a while for a list to fully load.

blitz rise of heroes guild
joining a guild in blitz rise of heroes

Hero Portal: This is where you can summon heroes to expand your roster. You can either use gems or summoning scrolls either one by one or by bulk of 10s. If you will be spending gems, we suggest to go with bulk summoning as it is more cost-efficient. The summoned heroes will be totally random—in terms of tier (Rare, Epic, Legendary) and faction.

blitz rise of heroes summon portal
blitz rise of heroes summon gem

Market: One of the places you can spend your gems and gold at. It has three, default sub-sections: City Market, Hero Shards, and Maze Shop.

blitz rise of heroes market
  • City Market: Here you can spend gems to buy equipment and precious consumables like Epic shards, Power Stones, and hero experience containers. You can also spend gold here to buy Skill Crystals and maxed out silver star items.
  • Hero Shard Shop: When you sell heroes, you will receive Skill Crystals and a material called Resignation Badge; this is where you can spend those. Here, you can buy Legendary and Epic shards by bulk.
  • Maze Shop: This is where you can use the Maze Coins earned from beating enemies in the Treasure Maze. All the heroes available here are Legendary and require a hefty amount of Maze Coins to purchase. If you’re aim for an all-Legendary team, let this shop be yourinspiration to strive through the Treasure Maze. We’ll tell more about this battle option later.

The Market acts as the one-stop-shop in BlitZ: Rise of Heroes that unites all the stores in the game for about every resources you earn through combat. If you are in a guild, there will be shop entry/shortcut for Guild Market, too. The stores follow a uniform 24-hour cycle before restocking. You may also opt to prompt an immediate restock at the expense of gems.

Stela of Glory: The single player leaderboards in BlitZ: Rise of Heroes. You can check here your current global ranking in terms of your progress in Campaign and ascension in the in Flaming Fortress. You can also see your faction advancement points which reflects how you have developed your heroes belonging to each faction as well as how you’re ranked for it globally. What will be accounted in faction advancement would be the total power ratings of heroes per faction.

blitz rise of heroes stela of glory


The Wasteland houses interesting features including off-campaign battle options in the Flaming Fortress, Treasure Maze, and Arena, as well as two others that are currently under re-development: Journey Sphere and Temple of Trials.

Flaming Fortress: One of the battle options we suggest for you to explore once you already have a good feel of the game, especially if you already have a squad that reaches a power rating of more or less 12k. In the Fortress, you must beat each squad that guards a floor before you can ascend to the next. Each victory awards you valuable resources that includes golds, gems, Epic shards, and Skill Crystals.

blitz rise of heroes flaming fortress
blitz rise of heroes flaming fortress rewards

Treasure Maze: A time-bound event with battles that gets increasingly difficult as you push on. It will unlock once you have cleared the 15th enemy wave of Campaign 2. Victories here will award you with gold, hero experience, Skills Crystals, and Maze Coins. The power ratings of the enemy squads and rewards for beating them increases as you go further.

As mentioned earlier, the Maze Coins you earn will be a certain way for you to acquire a Legendary hero. You will need at least 45k Maze Coins to buy one which will roughly take 4 successful completions. The Treasure Maze resets every 48 hours based on the game’s own day cycle.

Clearing the Treasure Maze is a tall task which is technically beyond beginner level, but your way to eventually tackle this challenge is to understand the dynamics behind team composition and the skills of the heroes you command.

blitz rise of heroes treasure maze

You will make choices as you advance through each battle and this may include buying powerful equipment (goblin merchant), acquiring the services of FREE mercenaries (Mercenary Camp/tents), stopping by recovery shrines (Shining Wells or Healing Springs), and opting to resurrect fallen team members (Lost Healer).

blitz rise of heroes treasure maze goblin
blitz rise of heroes treasure maze healer

If a hero dies in battle, he won’t be available to fight in the next one, and this makes Lost Healers important. They can revive one fallen hero at a time prioritizing the revival of the fallen hero with the highest power rating.

blitz rise of heroes treasure maze mercs

If you could reach a Mercenary Camp, we highly recommend to ALWAYS acquire a hero. They won’t only serve as substitutes for fallen team members; they are a much-welcomed boost to your team. The available mercenaries will have a higher level and power rating than those in your organic (or owned heroes) roster. In the image above, you can see that the options are all at level 25, this is what we got when our organic, top-level heroes were just at levels 13-17.

The Treasure Maze is technically a war of attrition, so making the right choices is crucial for a   full clearance and efficient farming of Maze Coins.

Arena: The PVP mode in BlitZ: Rise of Heroes. When you open it, the PVP leaderboard will show up, listing the current top players and their respective power ratings. You can click on any of them to check their squad and other key info. Understandably, your go-to option here is to seek challenge and clicking on the button for it will make the game search for random players that the system believes to be within your bracket. You may click on them to “scout” before challenging them.

blitz rise of heroes arena default
blitz rise of heroes arena challenge

While the Arena unlocks are early as within Mission 2, we will not dive into deeper details because this guide is focused on achieving success in the single player modes. We’ll just leave it to you to discover what this feature offers. However, just to give some insight, Arena victories will award you gold and hero experience. Your trophy and ranking gain/loss, will also be shown in the battle summary.

blitz rise of heroes arena result


Your adventure in Blitz: Rise of Heroes revolves around the heroes you acquire and how you can improve them. As such, you will most definitely be frequenting this section. Let’s get you familiar on what’s in store here.

blitz rise of heroes list of heroes

Your Heroes

When you access the section, it will default to the Your Heroes tab which will show the cards for each hero you have acquired. Duplicates will appear accordingly. Your roster has an initial capacity of 45 heroes and this cap will expand as you level up (or when you have VIP privileges). If you keep on summoning and are approaching the limit, the game will offer you to buy more slots using gems.

blitz rise of heroes full hero pool

The game’s natural tutorial interface will introduce to you how to upgrade heroes and what to do when you have hero duplicates, so we won’t state the instructions here anymore. We will however touch up matters related to these later in this guide.

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You can view heroes according to the faction they belong to by selecting the appropriate faction symbols. In the image below, we selected the Keeper faction. Whether you view the heroes based on faction or not, they will be shown in descending order with the highest-leveled ones first.

blitz rise of heroes heroes faction

The roster arrangement also places heroes with higher grade/level of rarity on top, with the legendary heroes showing first, then the epics, and then the rares. If you inspect a hero, you’ll see that the legendaries have 4 skills (2 active, 2 passive), the epics have 3 (2 active, 1 passive), and rares have 2 (1 active, 1 passive).

Heroes of Larnes

blitz rise of heroes heroes of larnes

In the Heroes of Larnes tab, you can learn about every single hero in BlitZ: Rise of Heroes. You will see them categorized according to tier. The ones you have not yet received will be marked accordingly. Regardless if you have already obtained them or not, you can tap on anyone to know key facts about them, including their faction, attack type, specialty, and class.                                                                     

blitz rise of heroes heroes of larnes single

Here, we are viewing Epic hero, Gal-Dzuk. We can see on the upper left that he is a melee attacker from the Keeper faction. Meanwhile, at the lower right, the indicators state that he is a warrior class specializing both in damage and defense. The high numbers you see all over are his level, power rating, skill levels, and stats; they are expressed at their maximum values.


blitz rise of heroes hero improvement

This tab is aptly named because it houses features that will directly or indirectly enable you to improve your heroes.

Oblivion Valley defaults to a Reset Heroes tab which will show all the heroes you have leveled up (basically, anyone who is higher than level 1, including duplicates). This function allows you to instantly extract all the resources you have spent to upgrade a hero to its current level as well strip from it any equipment you have given.

blitz rise of heroes improvement oblivion
blitz rise of heroes oblivion preview

For as cheap as 20 gems, you’d practically be able to fully recover all upgrade materials. Because of this function, you won’t have to worry about any resources you have misappropriated from impulsive or experimental upgrades.
The Sell Heroes tab is where you can dispose rare-tier heroes to make room in your roster. Selling a hero will give you a fixed amount of Skill Crystals and Resignation Badges, something we have touched earlier in the Hero Shards store description.

selling heroes in blitz rise of heroes

Altar of Ascension is where you can merge duplicate hero to increase their star degree. Merging heroes is free, which is why you should always do it whenever available. There is even an Autoascenscion option which makes quick work of executing every possible merge in your roster, as if the game itself is encouraging you to use the feature.

blitz rise of heroes altar of ascension
blitz rise of heroes autoascension

An increase in star degree does not only improve the HP, damage, and defense of a hero; it also increases the level upgrade threshold which may make a hero future-proof. Blitz: Rise of Heroes is a young game which means that there’s a likelihood new heroes will be introduced and the fact that it has a PVP mode suggests a meta may arise.

blitz rise of heroes merge

Merging is not only limited to duplicate heroes. It is also possible to merge two max-starred Epic-tier heroes if they belong to the same faction. This gives an Epic hero a chance to ascend to Legendary tier.

blitz rise of heroes rare to rare 1
blitz rise of heroes rare to rare 2
blitz rise of heroes rare to rare outcome

Training Camp essentially gives you the chance to try a hero out and see if they can fit well in your main lineup. Putting a hero in training camp, regardless of its current level, will instantly “promote” it to copy the level of your hero with the sixth highest level.

blitz rise of heroes training camp

It has two parts: the top will show your six heroes with the highest levels, they will serve as the mentors; the bottom has the slots where you can put heroes under mentorship. The first slot is opened by default and the subsequent slots can be unlocked by spending Student Tokens or gems.

The Training Camp is one of the best features in BlitZ: Rise of Heroes that you should take advantage of because it will allow you to further reinforce your current lineup template or allow you to be dynamic (i.e., have an extra damager for when your team lacks one in conquering some missions).

blitz rise of heroes training camp hero selection
blitz rise of heroes training camp karn
blitz rise of heroes training camp slots

In one of the accounts we’ve used in making this guide, we are running a heal-heavy lineup. Now, we wish to try if Karn, a sustain-type hero, can fit in. We took on a hard mission where our heroes are behind in power rating and severely under-leveled.

blitz rise of heroes handicap
blitz rise of heroes smash handicap

As you can see in the image above, the level and power rating handicap did not seem to matter. The battle approached its end with only one enemy hero left to kill while I still have four, all at full health. The addition of Karn, therefore, was a success.

Heroes that are leveled up in the Training Camp will have their levels shown as blue text across all surfaces. Because Training Camp is a powerful feature, it exists with a balance mechanism, and vacating a slot will make it unusable for 24 hours. Therefore, it is ideal to have more than one slot, so you can at least alternate their usage taking into account the said painfully long cooldown.


Finally, the last major main screen tab, Home. Although it would likely be the least used one, it has the unique access to two features: Mail and Friends. Mail is your inbox for any communication from the development team; Friends is yet being developed. Most probably it would be where you can invite your social media friends (as most games has a parallel function) or add other Blitz: Rise of Heroes players to an in-game friends list.

blitz rise of heroes healers at work

It also has a shortcut to the game’s settings (which you can alternatively access through the top-left corner avatar) and your storage/inventory (which has a floating shortcut, a bag icon that is visible when you’re in the City, Wasteland, or Campaign).

Apart from the storage, a lot of other shortcuts are visible from those main screen tabs. We’ll get to the important ones later in the section dedicated to checking prompts (or notifications).

With your knowledge on the interface set now, we’ll talk you through a general briefing that can orient you better with the game.

2. Getting Along With The Game’s Elements

Your journey in Asteria is meant to be a long and endless one, which is why it is best to set your expectations on what you will deal with on the road ahead. This section is meant to introduce you to the realities in the game that will help you make wise choices in and out of combat.

Familiarizing with the Factions

There are 5 factions in BlitZ: Rise of Heroes:

blitz rise of heroes alliance emblem

Alliance: Humans, elves, and dwarves with a sworn, united duty to protect Lamarck and enforce the laws. Their fearsome damage-dealers are testaments to their capability in using force to quell the ongoing chaos.

blitz rise of heroes undead emblem

Undead: The Awakened, vampires, and humans that adore the power of death. They excel in lasting on the battlefield by making themselves harder to kill, extending their longevity through regeneration or life steal, and summoning undead minions.

blitz rise of heroes keepers emblem

Keepers: Protectors of nature powered. Steady and abundant as the earth, they have the best tanks and constant regeneration capabilities. As guardians, almost everyone has a means to cover their teammates even when dealing damage.

blitz rise of heroes ashen emblem

Ashen: Fireborn and orcs dedicated to a common goal: reduce everything to ashes. True to their goal to destroy everything, Ashen heroes have skills designed to deal massive damage and shorten the combat in one way or another.

blitz rise of heroes divine emblem

Divine: Gods that walk the earth to intervene in the chaos. They are rare and powerful. Reflecting their intention to restore order, their skills are meant to protect, destroy, or undo damage.

BlitZ: Rise of Heroes has a rock-paper-scissors element affecting the amount of damage one faction does to another. Divine heroes will always deal more damage to heroes from other factions as they follow the cycle shown below.

blitz of heroes faction rps

A 20% or 30% bonus damage is substantial, but you will rarely feel being at an advantage or disadvantage due to this variable because most squads you’d be up against will usually be hybrid (or composed of heroes from 2 or more factions). Still, it is a matter you can capitalize on if you are gunning for a rematch in a mission wherein your previous composition felt a factional disadvantage.

Coping up With the Idle Battler Realities

BlitZ: Rise of Heroes serves its own unique approach to battles as an idle-battler compared to its close counterparts. It may have a combat layout akin to RAID: Shadow Legends, but RAID lets you manually target enemies, essentially allowing you to focus-fire. AFK Arena is fully random, but the positions of the heroes are fixed throughout the battle. In Hello Hero, the units move as the combat progresses, but they follow a closest-target-first policy. BlitZ: Rise of Heroes, meanwhile implements a random targeting dynamic similar to auto-chess games.

As you advance through missions, you might experience a difficult fight every now and then. You may see that even if you have a superior power rating, your team may still end up short, if not severely outmatched.

In the pictures below, you can see that we have the power rating advantage, Despite that, our squad got routed with the enemy team wiping us out while they have three heroes left intact. Observing that battle, we noticed that their heroes tend to attack heavier on our right side, as evidenced by the death of one of our front liners, Dalia, while the enemy team still has everyone in their lineup alive.

blitz rise of heroes higher power
blitz rise of heroes right heavy
blitz rise of heroes defeated

In the rematch, we positioned melee hero, Sigurd, in a way that he will join the right side of the frontline. It paid off because the extra “shock absorption” he provided paved the way for the battle to last longer, allowing our backline to gain skill-casting momentum and eventually outlast the enemies.

blitz rise of heroes side adjustment
blitz rise of heroes side adjustment 2
blitz rise of heroes side adjustment 3

While targeting in BlitZ: Rise of Heroes is random, the AI does follow a consistent movement pattern. Observe it and develop your own positioning. Apart from the targeting behavior, another element that BlitZ: Rise of Heroes adapted from auto-chess games is the way energy is gained; a hero accumulates energy each time it deals and absorbs damage. Since a skill may only be used until a hero has full energy, it is important to remember this.

blitz rise of heroes adjustment success

Each battle only lasts for 90 seconds. In the event the timer expires, the team with the more units alive is declared the winner. This, however, rarely happens and is only likely to occur if the battling lineups rely on healers and summoners.

Idle Reward 101

Right before you reach Mission 1.6, you’ll be introduced to the game’s reward cat or the idle reward system. You basically earn a set amount of resources (gold, hero experience, player experience, and skill crystals) per minute.

blitz rise of heroes idle reward cat

The amount of idle rewards you received is solely influenced by how far you have journeyed through the missions. To illustrate this, the two images below show the resource rewards in Mission 1.7 and 6.4. You will see an increase in the rewards each time you reached a “teardrop” divider in the progress bar.                                          

If you have not harvested the idle rewards for a prolonged period, there will be free random equipment, too.

Resources Types

As the bulk of farming in the game is passive, you may not find much need to keep an eye on your resources. Still, it will be smart to know which ones you can proactively gain and where and how to get them. After all, every advancement, upgrade, and improvement angle in the game will involve at least two of the following:

blitz rise of heroes gold

Gold: The base currency of the game. You obtain gold from winning any form of combat, be it against the multiple modes versus AI or through PVP (Arena).

blitz rise of heroes hero experience

Hero experience: An important resource that you need alongside gold to level up a hero. You can obtain some from wins in all combat modes except from the Flaming Fortress.

blitz rise of heroes player experience

Player experience: Points that will help you get to the next level. Leveling up gives you a set amount of gems and unlock features. You can collect player experience from Campaign and Arena victories.

blitz rise of heroes skill crystals

Skill Crystals: A constant requirement each time you promote a hero to a level where any of his/her skills will be unlocked or upgraded. You can gain a few for every successful battle in the Flaming Fortress and Treasure Maze.

blitz rise of heroes gems

Gems: The most versatile resource in the game. You can use them to summon heroes, buy gear, refresh shop stocks, and at times, even use them in place of other resources you may lack for a certain action or purchase. You can only actively farm them from the Flaming Fortress.

Now that you’re aware of some of the key aspects you can expect in combat, including the bounty from each, let’s move to discuss what you need to keep in mind when forming a squad.

3. Composition

Respect the Rating

Across all forms of combat, the game gives a preview of the opposing team’s power rating simply because it is THAT important. It gives you a rough idea whether you have the upper hand or you need luck to win. Treat power rating as the equivalent of odds in betting.

Power rating difference may be dismissed in some games like Stranger Things: Puzzle Tales, where you can keep on winning even with a consistently inferior rating, but that mainly applies to games where a player’s skill can affect the battle as it happens. As combat in BlitZ: Rise of Heroes is totally random, the only avenue of skill is in the planning phase and power rating helps you make or tweak your plans.

Power Rating is computed by directly adding up the individual power rating of each hero in the squad. Any equipment your heroes wear will also be accounted. However, AI squads do not have equipment on their heroes and this may present to you a scenario or an “illusion” of a potential victory.

blitz rise of heroes level gap

In the image above, you can see that the power ratings are tied at 24k even if our team is under-leveled, with their bottom level hero (Lvl. 35) still a couple of levels higher than our top one (Lvl. 32). The higher a hero’s level is, the more solid their stats become, and in some points, their skills hit harder. Needless to say, when we proceed to the battle, we lost.

The general rule and the most ideal situation is to ensure you have a significantly higher power rating than your opponent. You can that achieve by leveling your heroes up and getting better equipment. When that is not possible, it’s time for you to look into the other variables you can lean on.

Analyzing The Heroes

Each hero has their own attack type, specialty, and class and you should take all these into consideration when forming a squad.

There are two attack types: melee and ranged, which are self-explanatory. The symbols for them are the sword and crossbow icons, respectively. Melee heroes will always march forward even if you put them on the backline and ranged ones will eventually still end up a few steps behind melees even if you set them at the front. As melee heroes naturally soak in more damage, they gain energy quicker, but due to being more exposed, they usually go down first. Conversely, ranged heroes take a bit more time to fill their energy.

Looking into specialties, there are four: Damage [dmg], Defense [def], Support [supp], and Healing [heal]. A hero may have up to two specialties. Their names are suggestive on their own and they signify what a hero’s skill set does. For this purpose, let’s digest Sigurd, a warrior-class melee unit specializing in damage.

blitz rise of heroes melee sample

His first skill deals high damage, his second skill is a form of control that inflict minor damage, and his third skill/aura will improve his team’s offensive capabilities when the condition is met.

blitz rise of heroes sigurd 1

You have to take time and examine the skills of the heroes you obtain and understand their effects. If most of the heroes you obtain are damagers, you can work this angle up to form your squad’s strength.

blitz rise of heroes sigurd 2

As for classes, there are three: warrior, rogue, and mage. We won’t expound much on it as the trait differences among each are not consistent and it appears that the classification is only meant for style. We must note, though, that warriors tend to have more HP, rogues either has a natural evasion chance or higher critical strike probability (than other classes), and mages are, well units that has flashy magic for skills (but essentially not much different from ranged rogues). The class differences mainly affect what the heroes can wear because equipment are exclusive to each class.

blitz rise of heroes sigurd 3

Additional note: when browsing a hero, check the symbols on the lower left hand side, the one(s) in yellow indicate/s the specialty while the blue states the class.

Determine and Decide Your Heroes’ Roles

Since the class assignments are not really telling, we have to look at the heroes as we would in RPG and MOBA games and that is by roles according to their skill sets.

In this guide, we’d like to divide them into general roles that gamers are familiar with: tanks, damagers, and supports. Your goal is to form a squad with heroes that can play those roles well.

Tanks are super essential in a lineup because they dictate the team’s ability to fire off clutch skills or how soon can their squad be wiped out if (if they aren’t beefy enough).

blitz rise of heroes front slots

By design, tanks should be placed at the front slots to guarantee that they will take the shock of the enemy’s frontline. For that, you should designate heroes with a defense [def] specialty or those with skills that will make them harder or longer to put down.

blitz rise of heroes big boys

Excellent choices for tanks include Rodkhan (Keepers-legendary), Dalia (Keepers-epic), Yagolor (Undead-legendary), Ingrid (Undead-epic), and Tromgar (Ashen-epic). They all have skills that increase their potential to stay alive longer, thus buying backline heroes the time they need to fill their energy bars.

blitz rise of heroes rodkhan

The tank role is not limited to heroes with a defense specialty, you may also appoint as tank anyone that has an incredible sustain or burst heal. We’d let you have the fun in discovering them yourself as this guide is not meant to suggest one absolute lineup; it only aims to provide guidelines.

blitz rise of heroes roar

Damagers are the ones in charge to close the fight, basically to finish what the tanks have started. The moment they use their skills makes the tanks’ sacrifices worthwhile. Fortunately, most of the heroes in BlitZ: Rise of Heroes are damagers, so there’s plenty of ways and choices on how you can approach this.

Melee damagers like Hideon (Allaince-legendary), Gok (Fireborn-epic), Galdzuk, Yashmira (Keepers-legendary), Mireyn (Alliance-epic) and Rog Drog (Keepers-rare) are capable of steamrolling through the opposition if their skills land first*. In a similar manner, ranged damagers like archers and mages bide their time to practically delete a great portion of their enemies’ HP using their skills with insane damage. Heroes known to be deadly in this department are Melgor (Alliance-legendary), and Dormin (Alliance-epic).

blitz rise of heroes melgor

Skill activation has two parts: cast animation and implementation. We have to emphasize that heroes may be invulnerable during their skill cast animations, but once it’s done, they will take damage as usual. This means that if the casting hero is about to die, it is likely that his/her skill can be cancelled or interrupted, thus the damage implementation part not happening.

blitz rise of heroes melgor meteor

Supports help ensure their team’s victory either by restoring their allies’ health, providing offensive and defensive buffs, weakening enemies with debuffs, or summoning units to augment their squad. We can then classify them into four sub-classes: healers, buffers, debuffers, and summoners.

Healers shine in idle-battler games because the sustain and health regeneration they provide can undo most, if not all, of the work damagers do. It is no different in BlitZ: Rise of Heroes. If you scout the squads of the top players in the Arena, they all have heroes capable of sustaining their squad with powerful heals. Alden (Divine-legendary), Tezeus (Undead-legendary), Meya (Keepers-legendary) Miara (Keepers-legendary), Karn (Keepers-legendary), Dalia, and Siana (Alliance-rare) are the best examples.

blitz rise of heroes meya s1
blitz rise of heroes miara s1

Heals may either come as a burst (high amount, single instance) or progressive (continuous regeneration). Regardless of the application manner, the effect is just the same, their team gets to take in more damage and stay in the fight. Multiple sources of heals fully stack. Above is a representation; the healing skills of Miara and Meya are both active, which is why even on a 4v5 situation, our heroes are standing with better health pools.

blitz rise of heroes soleil s1

Buffers almost serve the same purpose as healers because their skills work to improve their team’s offensive and defensive capabilities. Notable buffers include Soleil (Divine-legendary), Karn, Tezeus, Aarox (Fireborn-legendary), Zera (Fireborn-legendary), Roderick (Undead-legendary), Drumbor (Alliance-epic), and Ingrid (Undead-epic). The skills of buffers work in multiple ways and it is up for you to discover which buffs you think will fit your ideal team.

blitz rise of heroes gvin s1

Debuffers, on the other hand, have skills that can disable enemies or cast spells and curses which reduces damage output. Heros like Umida (Keepers-legendary), Niss (Undead-legendary), Gvin (Alliance-legendary), Roderick, Miara, and Yagolor can briefly control their enemies. Controlled enemies will be unable to attack and those precious seconds may help seal a win.

blitz rise of heroes aurelia s3

Summoners can produce units to fill in the slots vacated by dead teammates. Only the Undead faction has summoners. Tezeus, if at least at level 31, can summon another mage in place of him if he falls in combat. Meanwhile, Aurelia (epic) and Vilante (epic) can summon skeleton minions (Yorton) that can be instrumental for comeback wins. Like mentioned in section 2 earlier, if the battle timer expires, the game will award the win to the team with more units alive and this includes minions.

Summoned units will act as fodders and the damage they soak up are damage that aren’t going to their allied heroes. Sure, AoE skills may wipe them out quick, but the damage they absorb from enemy normal attacks and single-target skills can often spell the difference between victory or defeat.

While summoned units cannot instantly shift the tides of battle in their team’s favor, they can at least at least hold off enemy offensive until the heroes regenerate energy and cast skills again.

blitz rise of heroes yorton

They will also benefit from supportive allied spells, like heals, offense and damage buffs, and control protection. Beyond that, summons have their own implicit energy bars which means if they stand long enough in combat to endure and deal damage, they would be able to use skills of their own.

Sync Your Squad for Bonus

Forming a squad composed by heroes that belong to the same faction will give you a Squad Bonus depending on their mix. You may refer to the image below for the exact values.

blitz rise of heroes squad bonus

This is a team composition dynamic you should not ignore. Imagine, just having a squad 4 with heroes belonging to one faction and the other two both belonging to another will increase everyone’s damage output and health pool (or in game lingo, “tankiness”). About 95% of the time, the enemies you will face in Campaign will have an active squad bonuses, so there is basically no reason for you to give that advantage up.

Being at a league of their own, the presence of Divine heroes in your line-up will give an outright 10% boost in your team’s defense and damage evasion rates, essentially making your heroes, even the less-tanky ones, harder to kill. If you are lucky to have drawn all three Divine heroes and you put them in your squad, you can only imagine how a 30% boost can positively influence your team’s ability to handle incoming damage.

When deciding on your team’s composition, you may opt to just settle for a 10% boost, especially if the 4 heroes with a common faction are solid on their own and you only need the support of a healing-capable backline, a summoner, or an extra ranged damager.

Positioning and Tactical Considerations

At the beginning of this section, we mentioned about how melee heroes will keep on marching forward even if you placed them on a backline slot. Keep this in mind in consideration of what skills your heroes have. In the images below, you can see that we placed Aurelia, a melee hero, on the back while Miara, a ranged hero, on the front. We did this in anticipation of Miara’s skill 1 which forms a healing aura around her. This is to ensure that Aurelia will be within the radius to help ensure her survival.

blitz rise of heroes position prediction

Aurelia is a rogue class whose level of rarity is just epic, this means that her natural stats does not allow her to take much damage. Since, her ability to summon minions is something that we’d need latter in the match, we tried to compensate for her lack of tankiness by making sure a healer can help sustain her. Moreover, since Miara has two heals in her kit and has better overall stats, she can act as a pseudo-tank (AKA, an eligible frontliner).

blitz rise of heroes positioning
blitz rise of heroes positioned

In planning for a fight, a vital step you must not miss with regard to positioning is to check the enemy line-up and anticipate how will their frontline clash with yours. For some reasons, the heroes occupying slot 1 (or the middle slot of the frontline) tends to get focus-fired. In our lineup below, we placed the tankiest hero we have, Rodkhan, on that slot.

blitz rise of heroes damage distribution

Since we are under-leveled, no matter how tanky Rodkhan is, he cannot endure a constant stream of attacks from multiple enemies. As such, we have positioned Dalia beside him. Dalia is one of the few heroes with a taunt in BlitZ: Rise of Heroes. Taunt is a skill that forces enemies to attack the caster. The placement of Dalia is meant to divert the attackers of Rodkhan to herself allowing the latter to survive longer.

blitz rise of heroes dalia s1
blitz rise of heroes rodkhan more damage

Because Rodkhan, as a legendary hero, has 4 skills, better overall stats, and (most importantly) higher damage output than Dalia, we prefer for him to be the one to last longer in the battle. If he can stay alive until our healers, Meya and Miara, can use their skills, we might be able to pull off an upset.

blitz rise of heroes healing incoming
blitz rise of heroes upset

That is exactly what happened. Our squad was able to distribute the incoming damage and this allowed us to clinch the win. We must also note that we placed Dalia on slot 2 because the enemy opposite our slot 3 is Rog Drog, a hero with a deadly, single-target skill; we appointed Sigurd to take on him. Because Sigurd is an Alliance hero, he holds factional advantage. This means that Rog Drog will have sustained more damage by the time Sigurd fades, hence, he’d be quicker to kill.

4. Constant Upgrades

Fights will naturally get more and more difficult as you advance through the game and your means to keep up is by upgrading. There are three general “upgrades” in the game:

Individual hero upgrades: This costs gold, hero exp, and occasionally, Skill Crystals.

Equipment upgrades: This can be done when browsing a hero, and checking if there is a prompt on the items you’ve put on them. Upgrades will cost gold and will require you to sacrifice inferior gear. When upgrading gold-starred equipment, you will eventually need Power Stones.

Star degree promotion: This pertains to what we discussed about the Altar of Ascension.

Don’t feel bad whenever you lose; losing is unavoidable. Whenever you lose, the game will drop the general tips like the ones below.

losing in blitz rise of heroes

The most ideal response is to, of course, upgrade your heroes and get better equipment. These, however, will eventually be not viable because your resources will be limited. While the flow of gold is constant and abundant, hero experience isn’t as easy to come by.

blitz rise of heroes arena loss

Getting equipment, on the other hand, is rather luck-based (from idle rewards) and the cost of Power Stones will prevent you to further upgrade high-grade gear. Because of this, you may need to explore changing your lineup instead to hurdle a difficult mission. For this purpose, enjoy of the “free” upgrade path the training camp offers.

5. Checking The Prompts

If you’re a beginner in BlitZ: Rise of Heroes, it’s normal to think that the game is complicated because of its multiple features. Luckily, it’s hard to miss what features you need to check because you will always see a red dot with an exclamation mark for each. Do take time to explore them on your own. In this section, we will focus on the important ones that have not been mentioned in the previous sections.

blitz rise of heroes soleil at work

Bank: Gives you free 25 gems every day. Once you have claimed the first one, the game will let you take another 25 in exchange of viewing an ad.

Calendar: Lets you check the daily rewards. Open it for when you miss to claim the day’s free reward. If you forgot to login for a day, no problem; unlike most games, BlitZ: Rise of Heroes does not require a login streak to enjoy better daily rewards. You can still harvest the rewards set for any missed days; the rewards will not reset to day 1.
Tasks: Gives you awesome loot that may include resources, equipment, and even heroes. You can actively check what tasks you can do to obtain all daily rewards, weekly rewards, and achievements.

blitz rise of heroes gvin at work

Laarne’s Gifts: May be claimed multiple times in a day. Each claim gives resources and items. Claims after the first one will cost gems; the limit resets every 24 hours.

FREE: This is where you can proactively view ads for a set of specific loot. They reset every 12 hours. At this point, we have already covered everything one needs to know to triumph in the game. If you’ve made it this far, please know that we appreciate you!

blitz rise of heroes aurelia at work

We sincerely hope that you enjoyed reading this article as much we enjoyed pouring our time and heart in learning the game to come up with this BlitZ: Rise of Heroes beginner’s guide. May the battles always turn in your favor so that one day, we will see your name in the Stela of Glory and Arena.

If you’ve already started your journey in Asteria, feel free to share through a comment below how your battles are so far and please do tell your in-game name. We look forward to rising through the global leaderboards with you!