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BitLife World BitCup Challenge Guide: How to Complete the World BitCup Challenge

Nothing whets the appetite for a major BitLife update better than weekly challenges. There are still a few job pack updates in the pipeline at the time of writing, but since these usually take months before they’re ready to launch, Candywriter is once again keeping iOS and Android players alike busy with the weekly challenges, and it doesn’t seem likely that they’ll be stopping anytime soon. It is these challenges, after all, that arguably provide the bulk of the game’s replay value.

bitlife world bitcup challenge requirements

As it’s World Cup time again, the fine folks at Candywriter have prepared a challenge that should be a treat for all the soccer fans out there…may they be hardcore followers of the sport or casuals who are only tuning in again due to the World Cup fever.

The World BitCup Challenge is rather easy as compared to other challenges that launched in previous weeks, but as anyone who’s had their characters play professional sports in BitLife may know, it takes a fair bit of work to become the best of the best, and it also requires some patience to become a three-time champion or better in your sport. Keep on reading if you need some assistance in completing the World BitCup Challenge, as we’ve got you covered in this BitLife mini-strategy guide.

Choose Sports as a Special Talent in God Mode

This should go without saying, but since the World BitCup Challenge is a sports-based challenge, you’ll need a character that is gifted athletically. God Mode players, as usual, will have it easy here, as all you need to do is select Sports as your character’s Special Talent.

bitlife special talent

That should give you a head start in everything sports-related, but if you don’t have God Mode enabled, the best you can do is look for clues in your character’s early life — if some of their random activities as toddlers have something to do with sports or being active in general, that’s a good sign that they have good Athleticism.

If worse comes to worst, you can always wait till you reach middle school or its equivalent and see if you have enough Athleticism to play on the soccer team; if you don’t, you’re going to have to re-roll and for a new character.

performance in soccer team in bitlife

Once you’ve made it to your high school’s soccer team, which should take care of the first requirement in the World BitCup Challenge, make sure to choose the Practice Harder option once per year before hitting the Age button. That will be good enough to ensure the maximum amount of improvement and max out your Performance on the team.

And with good performance comes completion of the next task, which is to be named captain of your high school soccer team. It’s all very simple and straightforward for starters, but once you start playing professional soccer (or football as they call it in most other countries), that’s where things get a tad more complicated in the challenge.

bitlife soccer team captain

Always Make Sure You Are Training for Something

Now once you’ve signed with a professional team, you will find out that your attributes will generally be randomized, regardless of how well you did in high school. Your position, likewise, will be randomized, so you can end up as a forward, midfielder, defender, or goalkeeper at random, with no option to choose.

training in bitlife

So if you start out with rather mediocre attributes, it’s all about the luck of the draw, of which you didn’t have much of with your character. That’s fine, though — we’ve seen it happen several times, where a character who starts out with unimpressive attributes in their sport of choosing ends up with GOAT-level attributes at some point in their career. The key here is to train to improve those attributes, as well as your physical fitness (Balance, Cardio, Flexibility, Strength) as much as you could before tapping on Age.

The risk in training so many skill-based and physical fitness-based attributes per year is that you run the risk of getting injured. Thankfully, this has yet to be nerfed in any way, shape, or form, so if you get injured while training, you have the option to quit BitLife, restart the game, and hit the Age button again in hopes of better off-season luck. Just keep training diligently and you should have good enough stats to win a Ballon d’Or award for the world’s best footballer.

winning the ballon d'or in bitlife

Request a Trade to the Top Team

The World BitCup Challenge would also require you to win at least three championships with your team, and while you will usually be signed by a poor or middling team straight out of high school, you can always ask for a trade to another club when your attributes are strong enough for consideration. Simply go to your league’s standings, tap on the name of the top-ranked team (or any team in the top 3), and choose the Request Trade option — this should fast-track you to your first championship and get you started on completing this requirement.

bitlife trade

Provided you do as we advised above and keep training religiously in hopes of maxing out most, if not all your attributes, you might not even have to ask for a trade — this also applies to other sports, but if your skills are so advanced compared to the average player, you may be able to take your once-struggling team to the championship!

winning a championship in bitlife

Also, if you’re having difficulty winning a championship (which may happen — you may see more than your fair share of close calls where you only finish second or third), the old quit-and-restart trick will still allow you to redo the transition from the current season to the next.

False Positives Are Now a Thing in BitLife Sports Drug Testing

Previously, it was very straightforward — if you want to avoid getting suspended from your sports league for performance-enhancing drugs, don’t take them. In other words, don’t cheat if you don’t want to be caught cheating. However, things seem to have changed sometime before Candywriter launched the World BitLife Cup Challenge.

bitlife drug test

It’s not clear when the changes were made, but it is now possible to get a false positive doping test result. This is exactly what happened during our play-through despite the fact our test character didn’t even touch a drop of alcohol, but he did confront a player who was taking steroids — perhaps encountering an NPC teammate who partakes of the gym candy is enough to trigger the false positive?

On the other hand, BitLife still allows for quitting and restarting in order to avoid taking the drug test — and consequently avoid the risk of being wrongfully accused of doping. There’s no way to avoid this outright, so the best thing to do is to hope for the best during your drug test — if you get incorrectly tagged as a drug user, you can quit the game without accepting your character’s fate, and hope for better results the next time these random tests pop up.

passing the doping test in bitlife

Pass that drug test successfully, and as long as you’ve also got three championships and a Ballon D’or, that should do it for the World BitCup Challenge and allow you to choose a new hat or a new piece of eyewear — same old reward, but BitLife doesn’t seem to ever run out of new eyeglasses or hats to introduce.