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King of Avalon: Frost & Flame Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Build a Powerful Empire

There they are, across the field overlooking the walls you fought so hard to bring back to life. Endless, terrible hordes of cold, soulless corpses, the Unmelted. The one in front of them all, a hulking beast of a frostbitten man, delivers an ultimatum: Embrace immortality and join them in spreading The Long Winter as part of their undead hordes, or perish forgotten in the dark, freezing night. 

You and your shivering but determined troops give these foul horrors the only reply they deserve: The clanking of your shields, and loud insults, followed by a fiery battlecry as everyone prepares to meet the enemy charge.

king of avalon frost and flame guide

While the Unmelted outnumbers your paltry force, they attack in a disorganized manner, perfect for your plan. They crash into your troops, trading blows, but they cannot bring to bear the full might of their numbers as the walls of your home force them into a tight formation. They are unable to flank your valiant troops, who take ten Unmelted for every man that falls. 

And yet, your numbers dwindle, for 10 Unmelted are nothing to the horde, but every soldier lost makes the defense that much harder. As the Unmelted commander joins the fray, they cut a swathe through your line, forcing it to retreat lest it cracks. As it looks like all is lost, your trump card finally arrives: The roar of a dragon is heard, rousing your troops, allowing them to push the Unmelted back as the dragon turns the freezing night into a blazing hellscape. 

king of avalon frost and flame tips

The dragon’s furious breath renders the Unmelted hordes into watery, fleshy slop, quite unbefitting their name. Your men cheer and celebrate, the city drinks to victory and the honored dead, but you know they will come again, and again, and again, until the Long Winter finally ends in glorious flame. Welcome to King of Avalon: Frost & Flame!

King of Avalon: Frost & Flame is a kingdom builder paired with a defense RTS with tiny but tensely built one-screen maps. The kingdom builder and march battles are highly reminiscent of other such games like War and Peace: Civil War, but the RTS gameplay is primarily reserved for certain missions and the main story campaign. Be warned, this game is one for the long haul, and you will need to commit a lot of time to the game to do well.


king of avalon frost and flame kingdom
A good king does not sleep in on their duties.

Like with most kingdom builder games such as Cookie Run Kingdom and others, King of Avalon will eventually get you rolling on a daily routine for kingdom maintenance. After all, your soldiers will need food to fight the Unmelted hordes, and your walls will need to be kept in tip-top shape to weather attacks from them and others. Here are the things you’ll have to keep an eye on as part of your daily to-do list in the game.

Check the Great Hall

king of avalon frost and flame great hall
Here, policies are discussed for the city.

The Great Hall lets you talk to the other main characters, acting similarly to Azur Lane’s Commissions, except you can choose between doing tasks more quickly for lesser rewards and you don’t need to assign anyone to get it done. 

This is typically a bad idea since you can only do these quests once a day. You might as well get the big reward even if it takes a bit longer since it won’t take a whole day anyway! Later on, the game does them automatically for you, so you only need to check for the rewards.

Lord’s Reign Missions

king of avalon frost and flame lord's reign
On this map lay your objectives for the day.

Lord’s Reign missions are where you’ll find the most action, since it marks missions near your fortress on the World Map, and this is where you find a lot of the Explore battles. Apart from Explore battles, there are also Marches which are auto battles reliant on your army count and composition rather than tactical positioning.

Rescues are basically free rewards in the form of more soldiers for March battles, and Diplomatic quests, which are fairly simple quizzes where a situation is presented to you and you choose what you think is the best answer. You have a limited number of these per 8 hours, so finish them up, leaving only the ones that might result in a defeat with horrible, grievous casualties for later.

Stamina Burning

king of avalon frost and flame stamina burn
 Everyone has their limit, even the king. That being said, a good king always pushes theirs.

Note that Lord’s Reign Missions cost Stamina and that you rarely have enough such missions to burn through it all the way. You get 1 Energy for every 360 seconds, and a full bar of 150 Energy takes 15 hours to charge. This means you have two options: If you plan on playing later in the night, save your stamina for the Lord’s Reign mission reset. 

But if you only plan on playing once a day, or you wound up playing during the afternoon, you might as well burn the stamina and then wait the next day for your missions. You can do this by going to the World Map and telling your troops to attack Monsters near the area. Note that these missions cost more energy than Lord’s Reign missions, so you should do these last, if at all.

Train Troops

king of avalon frost and flame training
If you want peace, prepare for war.

Every login, you should check on your Barracks, Range, Stables, and Siegeworks. While you cannot use these troops for the Explore battles which are this game’s main draw, you do need them for the more mundane March battles and to defend yourself against hostile players who want to invade you with their own troops. 

Troops take about an hour to train even as soon as your second day, so always remember to keep the conscription papers flying, and always pick the graduates up once you log in. Early on, you might need to use your Speedups to make a large enough army to slingshot yourself forward in terms of progress during your first week or so.

Daily Quests

king of avalon frost and flame daily quests
 A list of tasks for the day.

If you tap the button with two crossed axes at the bottom left of your screen, you will find the Kingdom and Daily Quest tabs. The Kingdom Quests are tasks meant to be accomplished throughout the whole game. Daily Quests on the other hand are meant to be finished daily, as the name implies. Finishing Daily Quests lets you unlock chests containing Gold Summoning Horns for the Summoning Circle gacha, among other important items.

Construction Work

king of avalon frost and flame construction
 Construction provides gainful employment for the people.

Another thing you should keep running is your Build Slots. You only have one permanently unlocked, and you can unlock another temporarily using Gold, or permanently using real cash. You should save big upgrades that last several hours for when you’re done playing for the day: Speedups are best used on building upgrades or troop training, and you can save by using them on the buildings that are quick to upgrade, then upgrade the difficult ones in your sleep or offline time. Make sure they’re always doing something in the background.


king of avalon frost and flame explorer battle
 Small, quick skirmishes they may be, but it’s often in the details where history is made.

Explorer battles, oddly enough, have nothing to do with exploration at all. They’re the term the game uses for the grid-based tactical battles that make up most of the fun the game has to offer. Positioning, hero composition, and quick thinking are important in this mode.

Unit Positioning, And When to Attack or Defend

king of avalon frost and flame positioning
Knowledge of the terrain is the defender’s strongest advantage.

In all Explorer Battle maps, there are structures around the map that you need to defend from the Unmelted hordes. You can only deploy 3 units and your Dragon, though the game will sometimes give you an extra 4th unit for story purposes. Normally, you’ll want to position your archer hero on the high ground, while keeping your shield or spear units on chokepoints to defend the archer unit. 

Unfortunately, some structures are out in the open, and you will be forced to move your troops out if you want the structures protected. Keep in mind both the important choke points on the map, such as stairs leading to structures or the high ground position of your archers, but stay ready to reinforce houses that are out in vulnerable spots should they come under attack. 

Don’t just camp the chokepoints the entire match unless no structures are out in the open! As a side note, rotate the camera every once in a while. If a mission won’t end, there might be Unmelted soldiers stuck behind the walls that you can’t see from the angle you’re looking from.

An Aggressive Defense

king of avalon frost and flame assault
Respond quickly to threats. Your troops are well trained, move fast, and are eager to charge in should the need arise.

Knowing all of the above, you’ll soon realize that being aggressive is usually a good idea: The map’s small size and your troops’ fast movement allow you to intercept the enemy quickly, and you will be forced to do so often because of the houses located in vulnerable outer areas. Your troops will not automatically charge at an enemy even if they’re just two squares away, so tell them to hit first, especially if you notice that the enemy is ignoring your troops in favor of attacking houses. 

Afterward, the enemy is stuck with two options: Keep attacking the house and be destroyed, or attack your troops. If they choose the latter, you can lure them into a chokepoint like stairs so your troops don’t get overwhelmed from multiple sides, and the enemy STILL gets destroyed!

If say the stairs are too far away to lure your target into, another option is to try and pincer your target. Usually, with bosses, you want everyone to focus on them, and you can do this by putting them in range of your archers while your two melee units attack the boss from at least two sides. Meanwhile, you should keep an eye on any enemy trying to flank around your forces, and either chase them for a second with one of your melee units or move your archers in such a position that they shoot the flanking enemies first.

Stabbing, Shielding, and Shooting

king of avalon frost and flame stab shoot shield
The right weapon for the right job.

There are 3 types of heroes, determined by the section of troops they command. You have Spearmen, Archers, and Shields, which the game insists on calling Swordsmen even if that isn’t what defines their use. Shields can block Archer arrows, Archers can shred undefended Spearmen while they struggle to come closer (Though letting Spearmen get within stabbing range of Archers is stupid), and Spearmen can penetrate Shields with their long spears. 

The enemy has all this, spellcasters, and another type of all-purpose cannon fodder. You can tell what units are coming every wave by looking at the edge of the screen: They have Bow, Spear, Shield, Staff, and Axe symbols for their respective unit types, with Axes denoting the cannon fodder and Staves being spellcasters, often bosses or minibosses. 

Use your troops accordingly, and don’t be afraid to have your troops swap positions with each other even if it seems far away. Maps are small and your soldiers run quickly, so countering enemies in certain areas of the map should be done whenever possible.

Save Your Dragon

king of avalon frost and flame dragon castle
Few things lift a soldier’s spirit better than air cover.

You can only call your dragon in for an airstrike once per match: They will sweep across the map and turn the Unmelted into the Extremely Melted by breathing fire into all their faces. 

There are only two reasons to send in the Dragon: Either you’re about to be overwhelmed, or the enemy is packing Ice Shields, indicated by a blue Shield Icon and your troops’ attacks plinking off them weakly.

Fire attacks, namely your Dragon’s breath, can break Ice Shields, allowing your troops to kill the enemy. Don’t waste your Dragon attack too early, or else you might find your attacks doing nothing for an uncomfortable amount of time.


king of avalon frost and flame healing ball
The green ball of victory.

During Exploration battles, power-ups in the form of glowing spheres may appear on the map at random. Once picked up, they affect all of your troops. You can tell at a glance what most of them are: Shields increase defense, the boot with wings increase movement speed, and a sword increases attack power. 

Two others are the most important though, and can turn a bad fight around: The blue sphere fills up everyone’s energy bars, and the green cross heals all units to full, to the point it can suddenly bring troops back from the dead as long as their commander is alive. 

Finding a blue sphere lets you spam your skills during a hard situation, and finding the green sphere while your troops are badly reduced can save you from losing your S-rank or even the fight altogether. You can collect them by ordering your troops to run to them.

Out Of The Way!

king of avalon frost and flame runaway
When you see their commander wind up, run.

Eventually, you will meet bosses with dangerous attacks telegraphed by an expanding red circle. If your soldiers are in the circle, tell them to run! Those attacks typically deal heavy damage while forcing that enemy to stand still for a bit. 

This makes it problematic to let your melee troops stay there, but also means there’s no worry about them marching any further as they charge up. Once they whiff the attack, tell your soldiers to get back in there and stab them some more.


king of avalon frost and flame heroes
A leader is only as good as their troops, but troops are only as good as their leader.

Heroes in King of Avalon serve as your troop commanders, whether in the tactical Explore battles or the more math-heavy March battles. As such, they form a good chunk of your military’s combat strength and fighting ability. Keeping them trained so they can lead your armies to ever-greater victories is important for progressing in the game.

Leveling Up

king of avalon frost and flame hero upgrade
 Experienced commanders can make better decisions on the battlefield.

Leveling your Heroes using EXP is the most basic and important of the upgrades you can get, simply because it unlocks all other upgrades, while also improving stats. You use EXP items to level them up, which are commonly found by doing most tasks such as Daily Quests, Lord’s Reign missions, or anything else you care to do. 

This is also the reason you should upgrade your town structures: The max level attainable by a hero is limited by the level of your Castle Stronghold, which in turn needs to have a well-upgraded town before you can upgrade the Stronghold itself. Reaching certain level thresholds unlocks March Skills, Explore battle skills, and better troops (And therefore Passives) for Explore Battles for upgrades.

March Skills

king of avalon frost and flame march skills
Skills for large-scale warfare.

March Skills are passive skills used for most March jobs, with different heroes being suitable for different Marches. Most heroes have loads of skills that provide global troop and kingdom passives when appointed to the Hero Council, and each Hero has a Unique skill that works when directly deployed to Marches. The unique skill is what you look at to determine who gets sent to Marches. 

As examples, we can use the starter crew: Sloane, Morrigan, and the Wineskin Knight make good combat heroes, being sent to command monster hunts thanks to their various troop-buffing abilities. Nora on the other hand is pretty useless for Marches when you start but suddenly becomes useful once you unlock Gathering: You can send her to command troops on Resource gathering trips, specifically to Farms, to requisition supplies, since she gives an increase to Food gathering speed.

Explore Skills

king of avalon frost and flame explore skills
king of avalon frost and flame explore troops
 Skills for tactical-scale combat.

Under the Explore Skill tab is where you’ll find things to upgrade your character’s direct combat ability for Explore battles. Leveling up unlocks new skills and new soldiers for the Hero to command. The Skills are upgraded by increasing the star level of your hero. Like most gacha games, you do this by finding duplicates or shards of that hero either in the Summoning Circle gacha or through missions. 

The soldiers on the other hand can be upgraded through Banners, and provide passive buffs along with increased stats, such as the ability to deal area damage with basic attacks. A higher-tier hero needs a higher-tier Banner to upgrade, so it may make sense to get lower-tier heroes first then transition to higher-tier heroes once you have a well-upgraded core force of high-level heroes to get you through most basic fights.


king of avalon frost and flame dragon
For the Long Winter to end, the age of Dragons must return.

The key to finally ridding the world of the Unmelted and ending the Eternal Winter is through your Dragon’s fiery breath. The entire point of your adventure is to raise a dragon from hatching to glory so that it can melt the Unmelted into a puddle, so take care of them.

Nurture: Feeding The Dragon

king of avalon frost and flame dragon food
A growing dragon needs a fitting feast.

Your Dragon is on a strict all-meat diet, and for some odd reason, meat is a fairly rare thing and your kingdom doesn’t exactly have livestock in its farms. Feeding your dragon meat is the most basic and important way to power them up, as doing that gives your troops a general stat buff for Health, Attack, and Defense. The higher your dragon’s level, the stronger your troops are. 

Much like leveling up a Hero, feeding your dragon also unlocks passive skills for more focused army buffs. You can find meat in most missions, with the most reliable way being the Path of legends and its Legends Shop.

Dragon Skills: More Like Troop Skills!

king of avalon frost and flame dragon skills
Knowing that they march under the safety of a dragon’s protective shadow does wonder for a soldier’s fighting spirit.

Dragon skills also provide buffs to your troops, albeit more focused ones, allowing you to make a build for your army by prioritizing certain skills. They are upgraded using Dragon Skill EXP items. Note that not all the skills are related to combat: Some of them allow your troops to march faster or gather extra loot, so keep them in mind when upgrading skills later in the game.

Draconic Speech: Draconian Domestic Policy

king of avalon frost and flame draconic speech
These stones allow your dragon to interject during important city meetings with their ancient wisdom. Sometimes by burning the dumber officials in them.

Draconic Stones can be socketed into your Dragon within your first week of play. Draconic Stones give your troops general stat buffs depending on their quality while unlocking a more unique Draconic Skill based on the type of stones equipped, which each provide a certain amount of elemental affinity towards Fire, Water, or Wind. Each special Draconic skill has a certain elemental requirement to unlock and upgrade, such as Winged Gathering needing 5 units of Fire and 12 units of Wind to unlock. 

While there are a few Combat skills, the majority of the skills lean toward your economy and the development of your kingdom. Your Draconic Stone build determines your kingdom’s build, whether you focus on getting troops and technology upgraded quickly, gathering lots of resources, or dumping your entire GDP into the military-industrial complex!


king of avalon frost and flame dragon emblems
The final word in dragon fashion.

Emblems are the final upgrade type you unlock for your dragon at Stronghold level 19. As with most of them, they provide stat buffs for your March armies, allowing them to kill things harder. The buffs from Emblems tend to be larger but more focused much like Draconic Stones, but are also rarer. If you’re already using these, you’re already done with being a beginner and are truly in it for the long haul now.

 Dragon Shadow

king of avalon frost and flame pay 2 win shenanigans
For an exorbitant fee, you can have another dragon for a short amount of time.

Dragon Shadows are a paid mechanic which allows players to send in a copy of their dragon with their spare marches. Usually, you can only bring your dragon with one march, with any marches coming out while the first one is busy having to go in without air cover. We’re putting it here on this list, not as something you have to get, but something you have to watch out for: Being attacked by someone with two armies that both have dragons is a rather reliable sign you’re being bludgeoned with a credit card! 

These will usually find use between huge Alliances and their richer players trying to murder each other, so watch out for that. The writer would normally be fine with suggesting they support the devs by buying things from them once in a while, but Dragon Shadow scroll prices are ridiculous, especially since they’re temporary!


king of avalon frost and flame world map
A map of the world.

In any game, there are ways to make everyday life easier, and King of Avalon: Frost & Flame is no exception. Here are some basic tips that can smooth things out for you.

Use Your Speedups!

king of avalon frost and flame speedup
Whatever these magical objects are, they seem to motivate the construction crews in a rather alarming manner.

In only a week, you’ll notice your build timers hit the one-hour mark for smaller buildings, and your stronghold will take a whole day to reach level 12 from level 11. Thankfully, you not only start with a lot of Speedups, but you can also get more with relative ease provided you join an Alliance and start buying them from the shop. 

Don’t hesitate to use these speedups to progress faster, using them as you play while leaving the harder upgrades for when you’re about to log off. You’ll need your kingdom to be strong if you want people to accept you into an Alliance early since most of them require at least level 10 Strongholds.

Summoning In Tens

king of avalon frost and flame gacha
Mercenaries are to be hired in bulk because an army does not one man make.

Barring any events that let you summon 27 Golden Horns on one roll, always go for 10-rolls when summoning in the Summoning Circle’s Advanced gacha. Single rolls cost 30 horns, and 10-30lls cost 270 horns, meaning you’re saving 3 horns per roll on 10-rolls. You’re saving a roll’s worth of horns every time you do 10-rolls on the Advanced gacha, and that piles up over time, allowing you to make more progress collecting heroes compared to others too impatient to wait for 10-rolls. It’s fine to do singles on the Normal gacha though since that one lacks a bulk discount.

Iron or Silver Shortage? Spam Tier 3s!

king of avalon frost and flame fodder
Minimally trained reserve troops meant for logistical duties or as a meatshield for others. One can spend more resources to upgrade them later for a proper battle.

Later in the game, you will unlock ever more powerful and ever more expensive troops. Having them is naturally an advantage in a March battle. So there would be no reason to train the older lower-tier units right? Wrong! Sometimes, you may find yourself with supply shortages, or you’re saving for a big fat Stronghold upgrade. 

You’ll be happy to know that you can upgrade troops: Upgrading troops costs less than making them from scratch, though the total of training new cannon fodder and upgrading them to elites evens out. This allows you to keep the training going forward even despite iron or silver shortages, especially with tier 3 and below units that cost none of either advanced resource. 

Train cannon fodder now so your army gets stronger and stronger even during an iron or silver shortage, and then upgrade those troops later once you find what you need to upgrade them, so you aren’t caught with idling production facilities. This also has another use: These troops can be used as cheap filler for your second March slot, allowing that second march to carry more loot. 

This lets you take better advantage of players that are either offline or have had their defenses completely shattered by your main army since now the second march can join in the looting party and still come home with loot worth mentioning.

Frost And Tears

king of avalon frost and flame frost and tears campaign
The quest for Camelot is a cold, perilous journey.

The main campaign of the game is the Frost and Tears campaign available from the Summoning Circle structure. All the battles within are Explore Battles, and this tells the main story of your heroes looking to save Camelot and end the Long Winter once and for all. 

Not only is this the most action-packed mode in the game, but it’s also important to power up your armies for March battles: A common reward for winning these missions is Super Skill EXP scrolls and Hero EXP, which makes the first wins for these missions a good way to give your heroes a much-needed boost.

Magic Spire

king of avalon frost and flame magic spire
Pain awaits behind the portal.

The Magic Spire is located in the portal to the right of your kingdom. It leads to a tower where you fight monsters for rewards. It’s quite similar to the Path of Legend in that you are provided troops rather than sending your own. Unlike Path of Legend though, victory is dependent not on the two heroes you bring and smart picking of buffs, but on the overall military capacity of your kingdom. This mode takes into account all your combined buffs from everything you have and your March Capacity. We suggest playing this once you have a full Hero’s Council so you can have more buffs to take advantage of.

Path of Legend

king of avalon frost and flame path of legend
“Strange women lying in ponds distributing swords is no basis for a system of government!” -Monty Python and the Holy Grail, explaining the cause of this succession crisis.

Path of Legend is the March Battle equivalent of the Frost and Tears campaign. Instead of looking to free Camelot from the Unmelted, you are instead investigating King Arthur’s lineage and death, and figuring out who is next to hold Excalibur. Your strength in these battles is dependent on two things: Your choice of cards after every match, which gives you certain bonuses or replenishes the army given to you, and the two Heroes you pick to command your army here. 

This is a good source of meat to feed your Dragon. If you are unsure which card to pick, we suggest picking whichever reinforces your troops: Buffs are nice and all, but they’re useless if your army is too small or battered to take advantage of them, and the collapse of your frontline infantry count often leads to defeat.

Shadow Sanctuary

king of avalon frost and flame shadow sanctuary
Herein lies a test for your heroes.

The Shadow Sanctuary can be found on the upper left of the Frost and Tears Campaign mission select screen. It’s a challenge campaign requiring you to have at least 6 heroes. Each mission consists of two Explore battles with each one requiring you to assign 3 different heroes. 

We suggest getting at least 2 Archer heroes, 2 Spearman heroes, and 2 “Swordsmen” (They have shields as their main shtick, the writer will never accept calling them Swordsmen) heroes at more or less equal levels before attempting these missions, though the game helpfully gives you hero recommendations. They’re a good source of Hero EXP and Normal Summoning Horns.


king of avalon frost and flame incoming pain
Don’t be fooled by the reports telling you this will be easy, always go for more overkill if possible.

March battles are simpler to play but more complicated to understand compared to Explore battles, being more reliant on mathematics, sheer numbers, long-term preparation, and troop composition instead of quick thinking and good troop positioning. 

That being said, it provides you a way to get rewards if you’re too busy to do Explore battles, and as such is a welcome addition. They’re not exactly pure number hammering either: You still have to think about the rock paper scissors of different army compositions, and they’re a pretty good gauge to let you know how far you are in the game.

Military Rock Paper Scissors

king of avalon frost and flame army composition
Numbers will get you far early on, but a proper composition will be needed against other kingdoms of equal power later.

While bludgeoning your enemies with sheer numbers can work for most jobs involving PVE, in PVP it’s a different story. The rock paper scissors mechanic between different troop types in PVP marches can determine the difference between victory and defeat, and at the very least will save you time and troops during a battle when you DO have some form of overwhelming numbers advantage.

You have Warriors and Spearmen as your melee infantry, Archers and Crossbowmen as your rangers, Light Cavalry and Heavy Cavalry form the cavalry corps. Infantry acts as your shields, and if their line collapses, the rest of your army tends to fall apart too. Cavalry and Rangers are your main form of damage. 

Your composition will matter in a battle because of the various strengths and weaknesses the units have against each other. Warriors take less damage from Archers while Spearmen take less damage from Light Cavalry. Heavy Cavalry counter Warriors since they do greater damage against them, while Light Cavalry can bypass Infantry entirely and head straight for all ranged units. Crossbowmen do extra damage to Spearmen and Archers bypass Infantry to attack Cavalry directly. 

A balanced composition, maybe with a bias toward more Infantry to keep your Cavalry and Bowmen protected is usually a good idea, but you must be ready to take advantage of any weaknesses or imbalances your scouts or Watchtower finds with incoming enemy troops.

Scout Before Assault

king of avalon frost and flame enemy troop count
Knowledge is sharper than any blade.

Before attacking a player, scout them out first. While it doesn’t tell you the enemy’s troop composition, it does tell you their overall defensive army size, and how much loot they have: It may not be worth attacking someone if their coffers are rather thinned out or their army is too big to handle. 

The scout’s information improves as you upgrade your Watchtower, and it’s best to wait until it’s at least level 10 or 11 before you even think about invading other players, since that’s the bare minimum which allows Scouting to determine approximate enemy unit counts for each type of unit they have.

Read War Reports

king of avalon frost and flame war
Careless absence can lead to disaster.

Always check your mail if you see that little red dot: Usually it’ll just be monster battle reports, but if you see the War tab light up, that’s important. It means either your troops came home from a scouting trip or an attack on a player, or you just got scouted and enemy troops are on their way to kick your doors open and steal all your stuff. If you catch the enemy attack in time, you can check the war report for the enemy troop composition, then assign troops to your garrison accordingly. 

That way, your troops counter theirs, and the enemy will be in for a nasty surprise. Usually, you’ll want to counter their strongest or most numerous unit, as it is quite likely you may be at a numerical disadvantage on the defense, relying on your army composition and trap strength to wreck your opponent’s attack.


king of avalon frost and flame fight
Behind every army are the people, infrastructure, and economy fueling it.

Your town has multiple structures in it, each serving a different important purpose, except for the accursed Exchange, which deserves all the slander which can be heaped upon it. Knowing these structures lets you decide where to prioritize your upgrades. Here they are.


king of avalon frost and flame stronghold
The heart of your kingdom.

The Stronghold is the central seat of government for your city. Once you’ve upgraded all of your other structures, the Stronghold is usually the last one you need before you can upgrade your city further. Upgrading it allows you to send more troops in a single March, giving your army more killing power through sheer numbers.

From the Stronghold, you can access the Great hall where your daily timer quests are, Astral Exploration where you can search the world map for treasures, the Lord’s reign daily missions, and your Noble Rank.

Hero Council

king of avalon frost and flame hero council
A place where heroes gather.

The Hero Council structure allows access to the main story Frost and Tears campaign, the Hero Council, and the Summoning Circle, which is a fancy way of saying gacha. As we’ve stated previously, only roll on the Advanced gacha in 10s for the discount, and roll in the Normal gacha whenever you feel like it and have the Horns for it. 

The Hero Council is a place where you assign heroes of specific talents, with each slot only accepting certain heroes in the game’s roster. When you assign a hero, their March skills become active at all times, strengthening both your kingdom and military forces.

Range, Barracks, Stables, Trap Factory, Siege Workshop

king of avalon frost and flame training area
Heroes win the glory, but the soldiers behind them win the war.

These structures located right and south of your Stronghold are needed to train an army for Marches and home defense. Keeping these upgraded allows you to unlock higher tier troops, which in turn allows your Marches to more easily do their tasks such as killing monsters, defending your city, and rallying with your Allies against either other players or NPC fortresses. 

The Range trains Bowmen, the Barracks train Infantry, and the Stables train Cavalry units. The Siege Workshop trains offensive siege engines for attacking other players and destroying traps, and the Trap Factory creates traps for home defense, which can target certain unit types depending on the trap.

Iron Mines, Silver Mines, Farm, Sawmill

king of avalon frost and flame farms
Men can’t march on an empty stomach.

Even further to the lower right of the map are the Farm, Sawmill, Iron Mines, and Silver Mines. They’re pretty simple: They provide passive resource gathering for you. Keeping them upgraded increases their gathering speed, allowing you to get more resources with every haul. About as simple as it gets.


king of avalon frost and flame watchtower
The kingdom’s eye.

The Watchtower is highly important for PVP: It provides valuable information about enemies marching toward your city, or scouting information for players you’re planning to attack. Early on, it’s pretty weak, as it can only give you fairly vague info about the enemy, such as an approximate total troop count. 

Good enough to know who you can bully and steamroll, but not useful if you want to fight players more evenly matched with you. Upgrades level 9 and 10 are the most important you should rush towards, as it allows you to get approximate troop numbers for each unit type in the enemy army either from scouting or when they’re about to attack, allowing you to form your army composition accordingly. 

Later upgrades are also good, giving more exacting troop numbers and info such as the enemy’s Dragon skills, but you should at least have a Watchtower level 10 before even thinking about engaging against other players.


king of avalon frost and flame storehouse
For some reason, the enemy never raids this place, and catapults do nothing to it. Why can’t we just make the walls out of Storehouses?

The Storehouse protects a limited amount of your resources from getting looted, essentially acting as a way to get yourself back up after you lose a defense against an invader. This is another priority to upgrade if you’re into PVP and have made a lot of enemies, or simply don’t want to get wrecked if you find yourself in a rough part of the map or have to go offline for an extended period. Upgrading the Storehouse allows it to save more resources from an attack.

Hall of War

king of avalon frost and flame hall of war
10 armies are better than one.

The Hall of War allows you to rally your troops with your Allies to attack another foe. In other words, you and your buddies can bully people with your combined armies. A higher level Hall of War allows you to rally a bigger combined attack army, though you’ll still need allies to fill it up with their troops. 

This means the Hall of War is one of the buildings you should upgrade last before powering up your Stronghold unless it’s an upgrade requirement for it. Unless of course, you have a particularly aggressive, well-coordinated Alliance.


king of avalon frost and flame embassy
Diplomacy is the first step to mutual defense.

If the Hall of War is for offensive rallying, then the Embassy is its defensive equivalent. If an enemy army is marching toward you, the Embassy allows your Allies to send troops to reinforce your defending garrison. Just like the Hall of War, upgrading it allows your Allies to send more troops, but it also has the same problem as the Hall of War: You typically need several allies just to fill it up! This means it’s also pretty low on upgrade priority unless you have a very communicative, helpful Alliance.

Wishing Well

king of avalon frost and flame wishing well
Magic water from the lake promises prosperity in exchange for coin. Not much different from how life works anyway!

The Wishing Well is a simple structure that lets you pick between the 4 main resources (Grain, Wood, Iron, and Silver) as free daily rewards. Upgrading it increases the number of resources every Wish gives you. The rewards are fairly small, but visit it every day anyway, as saying no to free stuff is a violation of common sense. Keep it upgraded when you can.


king of avalon frost and flame university
Halls of learning to ensure a bright future for all.

The University is one of your most important structures. It allows you to research upgrades for your army and kingdom, both military and economic. Keeping these upgrades topped up is another way for your kingdom to get stronger, and can make the difference between two seemingly equal players and armies punching each other out. The first level of most upgrades only takes a couple of minutes, and later upgrades take longer to do. As such, upgrade wide first, then start leveling up a little bit later.


king of avalon frost and flame sanctum
Sometimes, the dead wish to return to duty.

The Sanctum is a rather strange structure that, if you keep playing actively, you’ll never really need to use that much until much later on when you and your enemies have armies huge enough to outstrip your Hospital space. If your Hospital fills up, all troops lost after that are killed. The Sanctum mitigates this somewhat as if some soldiers are killed, they are converted to souls. If souls are hanging around, the Sanctum gathers Ambrosia, allowing you to revive them, essentially acting as extra Hospital space.

Trading Post

king of avalon frost and flame trading post
Economic help is always appreciated by allies.

Once you hit a certain Stronghold level, you will unlock the Trading Post for construction. The Trading Post allows you to ask for and give out resources such as wood, food, silver, and to and from your Alliance buddies. This is a good way to keep track of any Allies who need help: You can see them on the screen and you can send out marches to give them the supplies they need.


king of avalon frost and flame waste of iron
Just use the boat.

In all honesty, the Exchange is the absolute most disappointing thing you can unlock right now, barring any future updates that may make it useful. The Exchange is unlocked at Stronghold Lv16, and getting such a Stronghold is a rather heavy effort requiring you to either play a couple of weeks or so or invade quite a few players for their Iron reserves so you can get those expensive structure upgrades. 

What does the Exchange do? It sends you to the Hero Soul Shop. This is already accessible via the Knight of the Lake, which you unlock several Stronghold levels (And several hundreds of thousands of Iron Ore) earlier!

Knight of the Lake

king of avalon frost and flame boat
Much better!

The Knight of the Lake is an infinitely superior structure compared to the Exchange, giving access to the Hero Soul Shop, Legend Shop, and the Spire Loot shop, along with the Path of Legend March Battle story campaign. The Path of Legend campaign provides you with a set number of troops separate from your troops and allows you to pick two of your commanders to lead them. 

After a win, you will be given the option to reinforce or buff your remaining troops. This is also unlocked much earlier than the Exchange. It generates currency for the Path of Legends shop when left idle, and more items from the Path of Legends shop are unlocked when you finish certain chapters of that campaign.

And this ends our Beginner’s Guide for King of Avalon: Frost & Flame. If you have tips or tricks of your own you wish to tell us, leave them in the comment area for all to read!