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Earth Inc. Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Build the Biggest Mining Empire in the Universe

Earth Inc. might give you a very vague idea of what it is all about given the title, save for the second word, which hints at being a business sim game of sorts. With an overabundance of idle clicker business sim games in the mobile gaming market alone, Earth Inc. might give the initial impression that it is very much like the rest of titles in this genre, offering simple controls and mechanics that are very much similar across every generic idle clicker business sim game.

earth inc stock price

While Treetop Crew’s game does offer simple control schemes and straightforward gameplay mechanics, you would quickly be able to tell how different it is from the plethora of loosely similar games on mobile. Earth Inc., for starters, does not just leave you with a goal of being the biggest mining company on the planet as your adventure can take you as far as the ends of the universe. Dig ever closer to the planet’s core to uncover various minerals as well as artifacts and other treasures. Venture into different planets in your quest towards having the largest mining empire in the universe.

Earth Inc. makes it very easy for players of all ages and experiences to get a good grasp of its gameplay mechanics. The tutorial that greets you goes through everything you need to learn and every new feature that comes as you make progress comes with a quick guide as well.

Like all other idle clicker games, Earth Inc. guarantees that your business will continue to grow regardless of how you go about it, which means there will be no such thing as a business loss. However, the hours you spend online and actively engaging in the mining business largely determine the rate at which your business enterprise grows.

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Time spent on actual mining stands as just one of the factors towards success as Earth Inc., despite its simplicity, provides avenues for the strategically inclined players to excel and build their very own galactic conglomerate at an even faster pace. Earth Inc. certainly can be enjoyed at a leisurely pace as it is a casual game, after all.

However, if you are the type of tycoon who prefers a rapid rate of progression, then you came to the right place. We have compiled a beginner’s guide for Earth Inc., that comes with tips, tricks and strategies to build the biggest mining empire in the universe!

1. Keep The Profit Multiplier Active

As the newly-appointed boss of Earth Inc., following the outright dismissal of its former CEO, there is nothing more you would likely want to do than to start mining and earning money. The initial experience after your dive is tremendously fast-paced and your curiosity to explore as much of what is instantly available will be in its peak abundance.

earth inc earnings

Before you go about smash-tapping on rocks or venturing into any of Earth Inc.’s features, however, we recommend activating the profit multiplier first. Earth Inc. hosts a wide array of ad boost campaigns that will help speed up your progression in a variety of ways. Considering everything, though, we recommend that you make a habit of ensuring that the profit multiplier is always activated.

You can access this ad boost via the coin icon with an x2 on the lower left side of the screen. After clicking on it, playing a 15 to 30-second video ad will double all coins you earn for the next 2 hours. Even more conveniently, you can continue to play more video ads to stack the duration of its effect up to 4 times, for an accumulated total boost that spans 8 hours.

earth inc double profits

The profit multiplier bonus will remain active even if you are offline and away from the game. Since you also earn idle rewards while offline, it is recommended to ensure that the profit boost multiplier will remain active for the duration of time you are away from the game.

In essence, having the 2x profit booster always active cuts down the time it takes for you to earn more coins, and earning coins at a faster rate also relates to the pace at which upgrades can be bought. With each new upgrade contributing to outright income, then the profit booster stands at the center of strategies that aim for rapid progression in Earth Inc.

2. Avoid Keeping Idle Cash

One of the core traits or characteristics of most, if not all, idle clicker business sim games is that profits will always continue to flow. This is the reason why you will always make progress regardless of the decisions you take and the actions you make. Even sitting idly after the tutorial will lead to some profits, albeit very diminutive.

For players who have gaming experiences across various game genres, though, even the most basic currencies tend to be managed with a good level of prudence. While this approach is certainly the recommended one for most other game genres, given that earnings are limited and tend to have more valuable uses as you move forward in your adventure, it is practically the polar opposite when it comes to idle clicker games.

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What you will likely experience in Earth Inc. is that the money you earn that can be seen at top of the screen will easily and quickly grow from millions to billions and way beyond. While the sight can surely be a source of joy and accomplishment, what you should rather have is a near-empty stash of idle earnings. Earth Inc. provides a plethora of upgrades to spend on and expenses incurred on any of these upgrades translate to investments for more earnings.

Mining for various minerals in Earth Inc. by tapping on your device’s screen to break down huge rocks already provides a ton of fun on its own even at the starting levels. With every mineral you mine, you will dig deeper into the planet’s core and each new level brings sturdier materials that take much longer to break but at the same time reward you with more earnings.

earth inc autominer

With the abundance of upgrades to choose from, each one can be categorized into basic types and although not every upgrade directly results in an outright increase in profits earned, each one ultimately leads to bigger earnings, faster production, or better outputs while you are away from the game.

You can visit the upgrades section via its icon on the lower right side of the screen. Note that upgrades come in tiers and while only a few may be available at one time, purchasing a fixed number of upgrades to reach a milestone unlocks the next tier. Each higher upgrade level is expectedly more expensive than the previous one but, within the same upgrade type, has practically the same effect.

earth inc upgrades

For starters, manually tapping on your device’s screen is undoubtedly the best way to chip down on the minerals that you excavate but you will be introduced early on to helpers that continuously chip down on the objects you uncover. These helpers are among the upgrade choices available to you throughout your adventure.

Some upgrades outright increase the power of each tap you make, effectively making it easier to break down even the toughest minerals. While Tap Upgrades as well as Tool Upgrades provide consistent and permanent increases in each tap’s strength, Critical Tap Upgrades also fall within this category. Although critical taps, which are the bold red number you occasionally see, are bound by probability, each one multiplies a normal tap’s power by 10 times.

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Some upgrades will also extend the duration of power-ups and while these events may not be constant or predictable, you can be certain that drones containing power-ups are sure to appear over time. Investing in these upgrades to boost the duration of power-ups will not consistently increase profits but with each instance, the extended duration and its subsequent effects on profits are comparable to the upgrades with more constant effects.

3. Keep Things Hot

Upgrades are certainly an exciting way to spend all those hard-earned cash but Earth Inc. also makes it necessary for you to spend some of those profits in other avenues. The deeper you dig toward the planet’s core, the closer you get to reaching the ice. Once that happens, work is somewhat hampered as everything freezes over. Minerals mined will become tougher to break and what is worse is that you will be unable to make progress as far as going deeper is concerned.

earth inc frozen

On each level, you will need to break down 120 blocks of minerals to get to the next level. Different types of mineral blocks are randomly unearthed but each new level is guaranteed to have minerals that are more difficult to break than the last batch. There are milestones to reach as well based on how far down you have explored and these milestones also come with their own set of special rewards.

earth inc milestone

Just to the left of where you sweat it out to tap and break down mineral blocks, you will find Earth Inc.’s excavation site. As you scroll down the levels you have reached, you will see just how close or far you are from reaching the ice layer. Once you do, you can still break blocks and earn from them but these blocks will no longer count towards the 120 that you need to deliver before you can dive deeper into the planet’s core.

earth inc excavation site

At the upper left corner of your screen, the power meter also shows you just how hot the planet is and one of your constant objectives in Earth Inc. is to keep the planet all warm and nice. To keep doing so, you need to access the map through its icon on the lower left side of the screen. This takes you outside of the mining area and onto a huge map where you can put up different industries to keep the planet nice and hot. From energy to livestock down to transportation and seafaring, the income you generate through mining can be invested in these as well.

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Just like upgrades applied to every aspect of your mining business, industries can also be upgraded through the use of coins you earn. Upgrades will also cost more the higher its levels go but each upgrade does not just boost income from that industry but also makes the planet hotter. With a couple of industry upgrades, you will see the number at the upper right side of the power meter increase. This number symbolizes how far you can dig into the planet’s core before you reach an ice layer.

earth inc industries

Milestones reached as far as industry investments go also unlock buildings that can generate idle income from you. These constructs will have to be manually opened and started and the earnings they generate will also have to be manually collected. On the map, if you see a white number on the left side of your screen, it means that there are businesses that can be opened or earnings that can be claimed. In any case, simply tap on the number to be instantly taken to the area that requires action from you.

earth inc map

Considering that your workers will continue to break down minerals and earn profits for your company even if you are offline and away, always take note of the power level number before signing out. As much as possible, raise the number as high as you can to ensure that progress in terms of digging deeper into the planet will not be hampered by an ice layer.

4. Strategize Around Investment Options Wisely

Earth Inc. is an idle clicker business sim game that is rather fast-paced compared to most, if not all, loosely similar games you have played before. Most likely, time spends taking care of your constantly growing business enterprise will largely cycle across smash tapping on minerals, investing in upgrades, and keeping the planet hot. Earth Inc. certainly provides a lot of side activities as well so being online will almost always mean being busy directly managing your rapidly growing business enterprise.

One of our earlier tips revolves around leaving your idle earnings empty as much as possible. There should not be concerns about lacking funds to invest in other industries as a few hundred rapid taps can easily earn you enough funds to invest in industries and make the planet hot again when needed. Although the idea is to empty funds as fast as you can to reap their effects sooner, it should not always deter you from considering prioritizations as far as investments are concerned.

earth inc investment options

For the most part, we consider the cheapest upgrade cost as the best investment option. This is because a more expensive upgrade does not necessarily have a more impactful effect. As an example, a tap upgrade from level 5 to level 6 will have the same effect as that from level 1 to level 2 but the former will cost a lot higher. As such, cycling across the various available upgrade options with the cheapest one in mind will leave you with more upgrade purchases for your money.

On the other hand, another point to consider is the way you handle your business. A more active mining entrepreneur should prefer upgrade options that have more impact while they are online and actively handling the business. For example, pushing for more investments on Tap Upgrades is more beneficial to players who revel in tapping frenzies than those who rely largely on offline idle income. Casual players who may need to rely more on idle income should consider investing more in the workers as doing so will benefit them more.

5. Pay Attention To The Objectives

While Earth Inc. certainly provides a generous reward-to-effort ratio considering everything we have discussed so far, we are still far from the end of it. Again, Earth Inc. is a type of business sim adventure that will never let you experience losses or failure regardless of what you do. For the careering virtual CEO, however, there are even more avenues to put some effort in to ensure a fast and efficient road towards having the best mining firm in the universe.

One of these features can be seen and accessed on the right side of your screen as one of your colleagues will provide you with objectives to pursue as you grow the mining company. These objectives will only appear one at a time and a pending one is indicated by an exclamation mark on the guy’s icon. Objectives do not necessarily entail extra work or effort as the targets you need to accomplish all directly relate to what you would normally engage in.

earth inc coal

Examples of targets include mining a specific number of minerals, tapping on drones, earning some coins, and so on. Beyond the valuable rewards and extra income, you earn from completing objectives, these, in a way, also serve as your guide towards progression and may even initially introduce you to certain features or aspects of the game you may have yet to notice or engage in.

blowing up minerals in earth inc

In some instances, you can even accomplish some objectives without even knowing what they are, specifically. On the other hand, some may require a little more effort and time to fulfill, like recruiting a certain number of people or activating some power-ups. In any case, you should make a habit out of peeking into the objectives and claiming rewards from them as soon as you complete the task so that a new target will immediately take its place.

6. Accomplish Achievements And Daily Challenges

In addition to the limitless set of objectives that provide opportunities for you to further hasten your quest towards becoming the top mining tycoon in the universe, Earth Inc. also provides achievements and daily challenges for you to pursue. Achievements as well as Minerals found are available at the start of your journey but daily challenges only become available after you reach world 3. All these can be accessed via the trophy icon at the bottom of your screen and a “new” indicator atop its icon signifies that targets have been reached and rewards are waiting to be claimed.

earth inc achievements

Achievements reward you for milestones you reach as you make progress across every aspect of your adventure. Some of the achievement targets will take some time to accomplish and each one comes in levels or star grades. Accomplish targets earn you gems, which is a valuable premium currency, so reaching milestones sooner and investing those gems as well can help further hasten your rate of progression.

The digger you deep into a planet’s core, the more minerals you discover, and each new one to add to the collection will also come with gems as rewards. You cannot expect all minerals to be discovered on the first planet, though, so be sure to consider moving to the next planet once your progress has allowed you to do so.

earth inc minerals

Daily challenges relate to objectives and achievements in the sense that they also relate to what you should be doing regularly. Accomplishing daily challenges will prove to be the easiest bunch of missions to take on and will serve as your daily source of extra gems and chests. Although accomplishing the daily challenges should sooner or later form part of your daily routine, peeking into each objective may be necessary for beginners to make it easier to focus on accomplishing them one at a time.

earth inc daily challenges

7. Spend Your Gems Wisely

With gems being a premium currency in Earth Inc. that is a lot more difficult to earn than coins, it becomes very important to exercise care when using them. Gems can be used for a variety of purchases, the most tempting of which are the chests that guarantee to reward you with epic or legendary supervisor cards. While these chests can certainly aid you in amassing wealth at a much faster rate, probabilities and risks are, in this case, not the best way to spend your gems.

earth inc chests

For starters, there are numerous free ways to earn chests and be able to have a strong array of supervisors to aid you in breaking down minerals that you excavate. What you would rather spend on are items that cannot be earned in any other way. Earth Inc. provides epic upgrades that you can also access via the second tab of the upgrade window.

These upgrades cost gems but provide permanent boosts that tremendously increase your profits. The tax evasion boost, for example, will increase all profits you earn by 2% in its first upgrade and only costs 5 gems. The sooner you activate this epic boost, the better for your mining company every second moving forward.

earth inc epic upgrades

8. Take Advantage Of Ad Boosts

As a free-to-play casual game, it should not be as surprising to see that Earth Inc. contains some ads in it. Given as well that you do not need to spend anything at all to fully enjoy Earth Inc., it becomes easier to understand the need for the existence of ads to support the app’s continued availability and development for everyone to enjoy.

There are no random ads that pop up in Earth Inc. while you play. Instead, each video ad you will see form part of the game’s ad boost campaign and are played following your intent to play them. Expectedly enough, you would want to take advantage of as many ad boosts as you can, considering that each one will greatly boost your progression in your adventure.

earth inc earnings report

Our first tip above about the profit multiplier is the best ad boost we consider in Earth Inc. However, the other ones are almost equally enticing as well. Since you will continue to earn idle income regardless of how long you have been away from the game, you can always expect a huge lump of cash waiting for you on your return. No matter how big the idle earnings are, playing a short video ad upon your return will double the available amount. This is certainly an opportunity to take advantage of especially if you have been away from your virtual mining firm for hours.

On the right side of your screen, just below the objective icon, you will regularly see a briefcase. This briefcase will often require you to play an ad to earn instant lumps of cash or even gems and chests at times. Although the latter 2 are certainly attractive, the instant money will always be proportional to your average earnings and will be much higher than the amount of idle cash you have at that moment. This means that the amount of money being offered will always be very helpful to you regardless of how far you have gone through your adventure.

earth inc bonus case

The Earth Inc. office that you can see towards the right side of the mining area is a place where you can recruit personnel as well as order some items that can make your job easier. Personnel, in this sense, can be considered as a resource that is required for you to be able to order some items like diamonds, dynamites, or even chests and time warps. There are slots for activities you can initiate and each one takes time to finish.

Regardless of whether you choose to engage in recruitment and have more personnel, or order some stuff by expanding people, you will always have the option to hasten the waiting time by playing ads.

earth inc hiring

There are free chests for you to claim from the shop once every 4 hours and an extra one can also be claimed daily by playing a short video ad. As free chests, you can expect them to contain mostly common supervisor cards but it does not necessarily eliminate the chances of obtaining valuable rewards.

earth inc supervisors

9. The Time Warp Cheat Works

Despite having a leaderboard where you can compare your performance with all other virtual CEOs of Earth Inc., it is an idle clicker sim game that you can play and enjoy completely offline. Although enjoying all of the game’s features is possible without internet connectivity, playing in offline mode will also prohibit you from taking advantage of any of its ad boosts.

earth inc time warps

However, as a game, you can play offline with an abundance of gameplay mechanics resting on a time element, a very common and rather old exploit applies to the game as well. If a game can be played offline and has cool-down periods or other mechanics that depend on the passing of time, then it means that the time in consideration is your own device’s time and not a standard time tucked away in some online server. This means that you have all the power over how time flows and you can fast forward in time as you please to reap rewards and other amenities that should require some waiting time to be obtained.

There are time warp items in Earth Inc. but these only affect the coin earnings you should earn within the period. The time skip cheat that we are discussing encompasses a lot more. Every feature or aspect of Earth Inc. that relates to time will be affected. It is best to consider attempting this cheat while you are offline and be sure to also manually set your time instead of using the ISP-provided time for your device.

earth inc contracts

For example, you launched a recruitment movement that takes 4 hours to finish. If you have claimed the free chest from the store, then the wait time for the next one to become available will also be 4 hours. On the leaderboards area, the scientist who gives random power-ups also has a cooldown of 4 hours. If you exit the app at this point and then adjust your device’s time settings to 4 hours later, all these perks will become instantly available.

Additionally, you will also earn idle earnings for the 4 hours you jumped and your supervisors who mine idly for you can also progress your adventure for that duration. Earth Inc. is certainly a very addictive adventure and you might not enjoy it as much if you opt to cheat, especially heavily.

earth inc  record profits

And that wraps up everything we have for you on our Earth Inc. Beginner’s Guide. We hope that the simple tips, cheats, and strategies we shared will prove very helpful in propelling your virtual mining endeavor to maximum speed and efficiency. If you have more tips and strategies to hare over the ones we have already presented, do not shy away from doing so, and leave us a message in the comments below!


Thursday 20th of April 2023

Currently on the Fornax Galaxy Top1% one of the top 300 players without cheating. While the gem power ups are a wise upgrade the thing I have to say that helped me the most that nobody talks about is the upgrade tree for powerups. The dancing disco is where it's at. Upgrade it's speed to max and dancing diamonds. This is how you get the biggest return on your diamond investment also holy minerals has an upgrade that allows passerbys to be affected as well, and Im getting 7x on a disco balloon if holy minerals is active for God amounts of cash only way to progress once you get way up there nah not really but couple that with the green sale balloon for 90% off you see that's where it's at just bought first epic chest today and hit a legendary I'm so happy also download auto clicker app you can make one that clicks,takes orders, upgrades mine and reserves, and hits balloons drones and picks money off the road so when you go to sleep you can wake up with 400+ diamonds just make sure DnD on. But anyway take care ShadyWuski the Goat have fun tapping dat thang let yo nuts hang peace.


Monday 26th of December 2022

I’ve been playing this game for over 2 months now. I am currently in Nobo’s Nebula (4th galaxy) on Planet 10. I have 8 minerals that haven’t been unlocked yet. I feel like I possibly missed them by upgrading to the next galaxy or planet too soon. One of them looks like a ruby. Any thoughts?