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BitLife Titanic Challenge Guide: How to Complete the Titanic Challenge

BitLife has been around for more than two years now, and with developers Candywriter apparently gearing up for a major update (the Code Merge, which will finally get Android players up to speed with their iOS counterparts), they’re still keeping people busy with those weekly challenges.

These are limited-time events that give you a few days to create a character and have them complete about four to six requirements based on a given theme. These challenges often tip their hat to pop culture in a number of ways, and we’ve had quite a few recent ones that paid tribute to popular movies, including last week’s Twilight Challenge.

bitlife titanic challenge requirements

Once again, Candywriter is paying tribute to another pop culture mainstay, and that happens to be one of the most famous films of the late 20th century — the romance/disaster film Titanic, and the movie’s lead female character. In here, you’re going to essentially play the role of Rose, and while you won’t literally be shipwrecked with thousands of other passengers and crew members, you will need to complete several requirements that reference well-known moments from the film, some of which can be particularly tricky or time-consuming.

However, we can help you complete all those requirements in as little time possible, so check out this BitLife mini-strategy guide, where we show you how to breeze through the Titanic Challenge.

Starting Out – Be A Female Named Rose, Have Good Looks, Join The Swim Team

The first few requirements in BitLife’s Titanic Challenge shouldn’t be too difficult, especially the very first one — just make sure you’re creating a female character and naming her Rose. However, you will also want to keep re-rolling until you get a character with good (70 or better) Looks, as that’s going to come in handy once you reach adulthood and would need to get a certain job to complete one of the other requirements.

bitlife rose

In addition, if you have God Mode enabled, you can manually set your Rose’s Looks to 70 or greater (or even 100, if you please), and you can also set her Special Talent to Sports. The latter is optional, but it increases the chances of making the Swim Team in middle or high school, which will let you complete the “Learn to Swim” requirement.

bitlife swim team

Unlike team sports, being part of the swim team does not require super-high Athleticism (hence the Sports special talent being optional) — the bar could only be 40 to 50 percent full, but you’ll still be able to make the team. You can always start going on walks at the age of 8 and going to the gym at the age of 12 in order to boost your Athleticism, in the event your Athleticism is especially low for starters.

You Can Dump Your Fiancé After Cheating On Him

Considering how Rose had a rich fiancé before meeting Jack in Titanic, you’re also going to need to be engaged in order to meet one of the Titanic Challenge’s simpler requirements, which is to cheat on your fiance. There’s nothing to it — start dating someone from school in your teens (or even before that), try to stay together for about a decade or so, wait until they propose, then once you’ve accepted, use the Hook Up option to fool around with someone else.

bitlife hook up

After you’ve cheated on your fiance, you can go ahead and dump him and choose not to be in a relationship until you’ve completed the challenge. It’s highly recommended that you don’t have any kids either, as that will only affect your bank balance and make it harder for you to complete the two toughest requirements.

Working As A Nude Art Model Can Be Temporary

The main reason why you need to create a character with high Looks is because that’s going to be a prerequisite for getting a job as a Nude Art Model. It may not pay that much, but you’re going to want someone to draw you like one of his French girls in order to stay faithful to one of Titanic’s most memorable quotes.

bitlife nude art model job

As Nude Art Models typically earn less than $35,000 a year, with the starting salary usually around $20,000 to $25,000, this isn’t a job you’ll want to hold on to for a long time. You can go back to school and attend college — or better yet, look for work that could make you Famous, as we’ll explain later — in order to earn a more lucrative living. Fortunately, doing this won’t nullify the Nude Art Model requirement, so feel free to seek out those greener pastures as soon as you could!

Surviving A ‘Shipwreck’ May Require Some Patience

Unlike what happened to the Titanic in real life — and in the film of the same name, of course — you don’t need to actually be on a cruise in order to complete this requirement in BitLife’s Titanic Challenge. You will need to purchase a boat from the boat dealer in the Shopping menu, and you’ll need to make sure you are buying a vehicle that’s categorized as a Boat, Airboat, or Sailboat.

But before that, you’ll need to shell out $200 to take the boating license test — you can opt to be automatically be taken there if you’re buying straight away from the dealer, or manually go there via Licenses. With a little Googling for the images depicted in the tests, you should be able to get your boating license in little more than a few tries.

bitlife ship engine failure

Once you’ve purchased your boat, we would recommend waiting a few years until your vehicle’s Condition is at 60 percent or worse. That increases the chances of random events taking place once you take it for a ride, but even then, you may need to take it on more than ten rides until you notice your Enjoyment bar is completely empty — this will then take you to a random scenario where you may be informed that your boat is burning, someone drilled a hole underneath it, or something similar.

Your options during such situations would be to go down with the ship, call the Coast Guard, abandon ship, or try to steer her down the shore. We would suggest abandoning ship, which will allow you to swim back to shore as your “ship” effectively gets “wrecked” — going down with the ship effectively kills your character, while calling the Coast Guard and trying to steer your boat back to shore both leave you with a chance that your boat could be salvaged.

bitlife swim to shore

Abandoning ship gives you the best chances of survival, though take note that you might still die if you’re unable to make it back to shore! That’s why we would recommend buying a boat as a young adult, even if it’s a comparatively cheap one in the $50,000 range or thereabouts, even if it’s on a loan. You wouldn’t want to redo four decades or upwards of your virtual life if you get killed in middle or old age!

You Need To Be A Millionaire In Order To Buy A 5-Ct Diamond

Many players have suggested that the shipwreck requirement is the toughest part of the Titanic Challenge. However, we beg to disagree — while it may take some time before you encounter a situation that will result in your “ship” getting “wrecked,” we actually found it harder to complete the requirement that asks you to throw away a 5-carat diamond.

bitlife diamond ring

As we found out, jewelry dealers in the Shopping menu will only offer you items that you can afford at that given time, and since 5-carat diamonds do not come cheap, you will need to have a bank balance of about $1 million or more. That forced us to do a number of things to increase our Rose’s bank balance, such as getting a new job and gambling multiple times (good thing we were lucky) in order to increase her fortune. It was also a good thing her parents left her a lot of money when they died.

In order to avoid this, though, we would suggest resigning from your nude art model job and working as an actor and becoming famous — since we did suggest creating a character with high Looks, you shouldn’t have much of a problem getting hired as a Voiceover Actor and becoming famous in about a decade or so.

bitlife discarding diamond ring

Once you’ve gotten your bank balance to $1 million or more, you can go back to the legit jeweler, purchase a diamond ring or set of earrings and make sure it’s 5-carat or more, select the jewelry under your Assets, and choose the Discard option to throw it away. That will complete the challenge and allow you to choose from one of the four prize chests. Once again, this allows you to add to your available hats and eyewear under Accessories!


Wednesday 24th of February 2021

The MOST helpful article I've read on this challenge. Most just say buy a diamond ring and throw it away. Not that you don't have that option until your a millionaire. I could not figure out why I never was offered it.