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BitLife She’s So Lucky Challenge Guide: How to Complete the She’s So Lucky Challenge

Although Candywriter recently released another major BitLife update (the Cult update) for iOS and Android players alike, the company certainly isn’t slowing down when it comes to the life simulator game’s main selling point on weekends and early the following week. Naturally, we’re referring to the weekly challenges, which aren’t slowing down one bit as players keep coming back to the game to complete a series of tasks based on the week’s given theme.

bitlife she's so lucky challenge requirements

As Britney Spears recently released her memoir, The Woman in Me, and has gotten a lot of attention in the press for her shocking revelations in the new book, it’s not surprising that Candywriter is veering away from the Halloween themes this October with this week’s challenge. The She’s So Lucky Challenge, as the name suggests, is inspired greatly by Spears’ career and personal highlights, and as is the case with challenges that involve the Musician career track in BitLife, this one may require a bit of patience.

So if you’re trying to complete the challenge with as little stress and rework as possible, please check out this BitLife mini-strategy guide. That way, you won’t be saying “Oops, I did it again” after having to restart the challenge from scratch due to one slip-up or another.

Getting Started — Get Singing Lessons While Still Under Your Parents’ Roof!

The first requirement in the She’s So Lucky Challenge is to be a female born in Mississippi — this one should be pretty straightforward. Just create a character born in Biloxi, and you’re all set — well, almost all set, as it would be best if you prioritize Looks when creating a character, either by re-rolling until you get someone with 80+ Looks at birth or using God Mode to manually adjust her stats. Of course, make sure you’re choosing Music as a Special Talent, as that should make it easier to hit a perfect rating (or close to it) when taking voice lessons.

bitlife voice lesson

Speaking of voice lessons, you should make sure that you’re taking them as early as you can, and at least three times a year until the Skill bar is about 90 percent full at the very least. That means taking voice lessons at the age of 8 onward, though if your parents happen to be less generous and less supportive of your musical ambitions, you can adjust their Generosity stats in God Mode. Or, you can simply wait till you graduate high school, take any job that doesn’t require anything more than a high school degree, and pay for your voice lessons.

It is very much possible, as long as Music is your Special Talent, to reach 90 percent or greater in just four to five years even if you start learning at the ripe old age of 18, so don’t be discouraged if your virtual parents won’t pay to help you in your dreams of pop stardom!

You Still Do Not Have Control Over Your Genre

When auditioning for different labels as a yet-undiscovered musician, you can choose your instrument (in this case, you should choose Singer) and you can choose from one of the three available labels. But the challenging part here, no pun intended, is the fact that you still cannot choose your genre, unlike in the real world.

bitlife audition

If you’re not playing in a challenging scenario, you will notice that the genre offered to you by the label will be completely random — it can be a big, mainstream genre like Pop, Rock, or R&B, or it can be a niche genre like Folk or Worship. But within the confines of the She’s So Lucky Challenge, it seems once again that Candywriter has temporarily made Pop one of the hardest genres to land.

Our test character had been offered a contract for all genres except Metal before we finally landed on Pop after some 20-plus tries. And it doesn’t help that your performance at the audition is also random, regardless of your skill as a vocalist — sometimes it’s laughably bad (red), sometimes it’s mediocre enough (orange) for the label execs to show you out the door, but sometimes it’s good enough (green) to pass muster.

bitlife audition performance

This is probably the most difficult, most grinding-intensive part of the She’s So Lucky Challenge, and while things get easier for the next requirement we’ll be discussing, it isn’t a perfect science either.

Space Your Releases Apart and Play Live Consistently

Unlike some other music-centered challenges, the good thing about the She’s So Lucky Challenge is that you only need to have one Double Platinum album for the corresponding box to be ticked in the list of tasks. But as we’ve said in our guides for those challenges, it’s still the same old song several months later — we’ve yet to discover the secret recipe for quick and easy multiplatinum success in the BitLife universe.

bitlife album success

That means you’re going to have to do your share of grinding to get that Double Platinum album. Don’t be discouraged if your first release is only a moderate success — as long as your debut single or album isn’t a bomb, you won’t get dropped by your label, and it is still possible to gain momentum.

And you can do that by playing concerts, and later tours, on the heels of your single or album release. The more popular you are, the more money you can earn from those events, though you will also need to maintain a good Performance rating or better to go on bigger tours and play larger concerts.

bitlife double platinum album

We cannot stress enough that this isn’t a surefire way to ensure a Double Platinum album. But we’ve noticed that albums/singles tend to perform poorer if they’re released in such short proximity of each other, i.e. one year after the last. Absence seems to make the heart grow fonder, so try spacing your albums out, releasing a new one every 2-3 years with one single in between those albums. This, plus constant touring, appears to be the best way to improve your chances of going double platinum.

Things to Do When Famous — Write a Book, Get Married and Divorced

The next requirement in the list is to publish a book about your life. But you don’t need to wait until you’re at the same career stage that Britney Spears is currently in — the moment you’re able to publish a book, do so to tick that box. It doesn’t even have to be successful — as long as you’ve published a book, the requirement is taken care of.

writing a successful book in bitlife

Another thing you should (ideally) be doing once famous is getting married — and divorced. You can fall in love and get married before fame, but the advantage when you’re famous is that you typically don’t need to worry about where to propose or whether to buy a ring or not. Your partner will typically be so starstruck that they’ll say yes right away — and even agree to a prenup once you’re ready to tie the knot.

bitlife divorce

All you need to do here is to do as Britney did and marry and divorce three husbands. No need to be picky here, or to stay long in the relationship/marriage — you can dump them in the same year that you marry them. Complete this requirement and you should be good to go for the She’s So Lucky Challenge, thus allowing you to claim a new hat or eyewear to add to your list of accessories.