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Business Empire: RichMan Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Build Your Business Empire

According to Warren Buffett, one of the most successful investors of all time, “If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die”. While there are billionaires around the world who did not necessarily amass their wealth from businesses and have rather saved up from an employment stint, most of them, especially the most notable ones, are successful investors and entrepreneurs. In essence, engaging in a successful business is the only way for anyone to earn money while they sleep.

Becoming a billionaire, or even at least a millionaire, can easily be considered a sought-after dream for most people, even those who may not even realize it yet. With most people confining themselves to regular employment, what typically serves as entry barriers to engaging in an entrepreneurial venture center around the lack of funds for capitalization, the lack or absence of business know-how, insufficient drive or inspiration, or even a mix of these elements.

business empire richman profile

Though some people may not be as interested in running a business in real life, business simulation games across every gaming platform can be quite entertaining and engaging, even for gamers who do not necessarily consider sim games as their cup of tea, so to speak. The plethora of idle clicker business sim games, especially on the mobile gaming market, typically showcases an overly simplified simulation of specific business ventures, coupled with cartoony graphics and some unique features to bolster the elements of fun and excitement.

AAA Fun’s Business Empire: RichMan, sets itself apart from the majority of business sim games in that it tends to be a lot more serious in its approach, highlighting the business approach and investment strategy aspects of the simulation. At first glance, Business Empire: RichMan may not look like your typical idle clicker business sim game or any game at all given its overall appearance that seems more comparable to an online investment app or asset manager. However, the basic mechanics of tapping to earn cash and earning profits idly are familiar elements that idle clicker business sim game players love and enjoy.

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There are no tutorials that come with Business Empire: RichMan and you will initially find yourself on the income screen clicking away to earn a dollar each time. Business Empire: RichMan hosts plenty of menus to venture into and each one will surprisingly contain a lot more details and features than anyone can expect.

Compared with other idle clicker games, Business Empire: RichMan is a lot more complex and seems more veered toward adult audiences. If you are eager to immerse yourself in a more realistic business and investment sim game and want to learn a few tips and strategies you can apply in real life as well, then we’ve got you covered as our Business Empire: RichMan Guide holds everything you need to know to grow the biggest business empire from scratch!

1. Master All The Basics

Business Empire: RichMan just drops you off into the game without any introduction or quick tutorial whatsoever and even if you are a complete beginner, you would sooner than later be inclined to tap away on the screen to start earning a dollar with each click. Of course, after a minute, a couple, or perhaps a few more, your mind will start to wonder about what else Business Empire: RichMan has to offer as you can be sure that the sim experience goes well beyond merely tapping away blindly at your device’s screen.

The “Click this area to earn money” label is a surefire way of getting the message across to every player and once you have racked up a decent amount of cash, your gaze will wander across the rest of the icons at the bottom of the screen especially knowing that you are currently on the income screen. The 4 other icons you can see each have plenty of info and features to explore and it is best to try to understand each one before you start your journey towards being the virtual tycoon whose riches grow exponentially.

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The left-most icon at the bottom of the screen is all about investments and while running businesses technically involves investing as well, what separates purely investment ventures from businesses you run centers around how you influence them. With investing, you just contribute money and have no say as to how that money will be used and have little control as to how little or much that money will earn over time.

business empire richman stock portfolio

Next to the Investing icon is the Business icon. Another key element in Business Empire: RichMan is that the business side of things is not focused on a specific venture like in almost every other idle clicker business game. Instead, there will be plenty of business options available for you to start and invest in and each one can have unique elements that give you a bit of an idea about how different one business is from another in the real world.

business empire richman icons

The Items icon serves as a trophy room of sorts where the non-business-related and non-investment-related items you purchase are cataloged. Cars, private jets, yachts, paintings, and just about all sorts of riches can be purchased in Business Empire: RichMan. While these material valuables will not have any impact on your businesses and investments, positive or otherwise, having a growing collection of wealth adds a sense of accomplishment to the fun and exciting element that this feature brings.

business empire richman items

Finally, the Profile icon on the bottom right side of the screen houses all the information relative to your activities and performance. This may be a section where there is neither anything to click on nor explore but you should find yourself consistently visiting this page to see statistical data that can aid you on how to improve your business and investment strategies moving forward.

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With a basic idea of where each icon leads, you will eventually secure a firm grasp of where you need to go once you have earned enough cash to invest or start a business. To be honest, it will be more likely that you will peek into the investing and business tabs earlier than you can readily afford as you will always find yourself drawn towards wanting to earn more idle cash at the soonest. Before diving into all the idle money-making schemes in Business Empire: RichMan, you will have to spend some time and effort into making money through active means.

2. Prioritize Active Income & Boosts Early On

Like most idle clicker business sim games, Business Empire: RichMan is designed in such a way that there will be a lot more “clicking” involved in the early part of your adventure for the idle income to start reeling in and grow exponentially later on. As such, it is only natural and basic for you to start smashing the screen while on the income window as soon as you dive in.

Although you will only be earning a dollar per tap at the beginning, you will notice an income level just below the $ per click info. The income level can be raised by filling up the bar underneath it and spending the goal amount at the other end of the line. Active income from tapping maxes out at level 10, which will then give you 10 dollars per click.

raising the level in business empire richman

Even if this means that you will spend the initial dollars you earn to invest in income level and max it out, it is an important investment strategy that you should prioritize. Most especially since you will likely have no passive income yet and will only be able to generate relatively small amounts of passive income with any affordable investment you make or business you put up, having a $10 per click active income will be your main source of funds early on.

Business Empire: RichMan provides an ad boost that we consider to be too advantageous to ignore. On the income screen where you tap for dollars, there will be an ad banner that you can click on to play a short video ad. Video ads can play for a maximum duration of 30 seconds and, in return, your profits from clicking will be increased by 549% for the succeeding 30 seconds.

This means that you will get $6.49 per click instead of $1 at income level 1. In this sense, you will cut down time to earn as much cash for the next 30 seconds and it should be well worth the effort of playing the video ad.

raising the level in business empire richman

What we recommend is to make an effort to push towards raising the income level to 10 at the soonest. Surely enough, there will be plenty of tempting investment and business options as you tap away and earn enough cash to raise the income level one after another but just imagine how much easier it would be to amass the capitalization you need once you reach income level 10. Each click will be worth $10 and playing an ad boost at this point will still increase that amount by 549%.

Although, indeed, you always have the option to pend maxing out the income level, it is best to start earning $10 per click before you move on to the rest of what Business Empire: RichMan has to offer. If in case you are unable to reach income level 10 and have plenty of cash to be left idle for some time, you can always choose to invest it in stocks. What is important is that if you have some time to spend, it should be on reaching income level 10 before anything else.

3. Choose Your Investments Wisely

Yet another unique feature that sets Business Empire: RichMan apart from other idle clicker business games is that it leaves you with chances of incurring losses. Yes, you read that right. While it is almost always a given that you can never lose in any idle clicker business sim game, Business Empire: RichMan imposes the risk factor that comes with some businesses and investments more seriously.

In tandem with the differences as to how some businesses need to be managed, an important point to consider would be the risks that come with each investment. For this, it becomes important to have a good understanding of how investments and businesses work and be able to know well enough where you put your hard-earned cash in every instance.

business empire richman investing

For the investing option, you can choose to invest your cash in shares, real estate, or cryptocurrency. You cannot expect stock values to be consistent with how they are with the stock market in real life but fluctuations in value and corresponding dividends behave just about the same. Likewise, investing in stocks in Business Empire: RichMan can be as challenging as it is in real life as you will have to rely on trends as an investor along with gut feeling and luck.

business empire richman stock market

In case you are a complete newbie when it comes to investments, shares are units of stocks that represent ownership of the company. Each of the stocks you can purchase in Business Empire: RichMan represents a different corporation, with made-up names that somewhat still resemble their real-life counterparts.

Anyway, owning a share of stock of any corporation means having an investment in the firm’s capital. In this sense, an increase or decrease in the company’s capital, which is dependent on its business performance, will have a direct impact on the value of your individual shares or capital investment.

buying shares in business empire richman

In real life, there can be plenty of useful information you can rely on to help you predict whether a stock value will increase or decrease. However, stock investment in Business Empire: RichMan can be a lot more volatile with no external basis for your investment choices.

In any case, excess idle cash can easily be invested into shares, and if you want to get down to it, at least consider spreading your investment across a wider portfolio, meaning that you should choose to invest in as many different shares and not focus on just one or a couple. This way, natural fluctuations in the stock market will not adversely impact you in case a couple of the shares you own have a decline in value.

Investing in real estate is often considered a feasible option for people with loads of extra cash lying around. While risks can come in the form of fortuitous events or a housing market crash, these scenarios are typically improbable in most places across the world.

In real life, investing in fixed assets like houses is hardly a one-time disbursement of cash. You naturally have to spend on maintenance costs, annual property taxes, or even security in some instances. As these elements are not at all present in Business Empire: RichMan, purchasing houses is a guaranteed win and you will certainly enjoy regular income from each property you own.

rental income in business empire richman

The hourly income you earn from each of your properties largely depends on its market value and while there is a constant value assigned to each property at the time of your purchase, this can be further increased through spending on improvements. All properties can have 5 different improvements you can invest in and while these improvements in total will exceed the value of the property itself, we still recommend that you purchase them to increase the amount of your hourly income.

business empire richman available improvements

There are no depreciation costs or maintenance costs attributable to real properties in Business Empire: RichMan, which means that you will continue to enjoy receiving hourly idle income from each of the houses you own. In this sense, choosing to place as much investment into real estate is a solid option as doing so will enable you to afford investing more on everything else later on. More so, it is a hassle-free investment that does not require much of your time once all improvements have been purchased.

Investing in cryptocurrency has become less and less popular in the real world lately. Often compared with and contrasted with stock investments, cryptocurrency is considered even more volatile as there is a lot less information to rely on in trying to project its behavior in time. You would often hear or read people say to buy low and sell high and the same can be applied to cryptocurrency investments in Business Empire: RichMan.

This would naturally mean keeping tabs on a cryptocurrency’s value as often as you can and may require a lot more time and dedication than most casual players can afford. As such, we do not recommend delving into cryptocurrency unless you have lots of extra cash you can afford to lose and have plenty of extra time in your hands.

business empire richman cryptocurrency

In addition to everything related to investing in Business Empire: RichMan, doing so for real estate leads to profits without any further action or investment. On the other hand, investing in either shares of stocks or cryptocurrencies means that you would need to exercise sometime, effort, and patience for a higher chance of profit. In some cases, however, these 2 investment options can prove to be the most profitable ones as in the case of some real-life success stories you may have witnessed or heard of.

4. Pick The Business That Suits You

If the investment options in Business Empire: RichMan seem to overwhelm you with a lot of information to take in, then you should be ready for just a little more when it comes to starting a business. As we mentioned earlier, Business Empire: RichMan provides you with numerous business options to consider as opposed to running just a single business in all other business simulation games.

From opening up a retail shop or a factory down to owning an IT company or even an Oil and Gas company, there is sure to be a business and industry or 2 that will appeal to you over other investment options.

business empire richman businesses

Naturally, you cannot readily afford to open up a business for each type available as some will require an initial capitalization that is just beyond your reach at the moment. Do not fret, though, as patience along with the correct investment strategies will eventually net you more than enough cash to have it all, and we are not just talking about companies and investments.

The end game in Business Empire: RichMan is to have a plethora of extra idle cash to afford riches most people can only dream about in real life and the only way towards it is to make the right investment choices at the early stages of your adventure.

With so many business options to choose from, the proper approach to take is to begin with an end in mind relative to your choice of business. Surely enough, you can always choose to get into every possible business there is if you can financially afford to do so, but some of these businesses are more challenging to handle than others and, while some provide guaranteed income, some come with risks of losses as well. As an important note, do remember to type in your preferred business name before starting the business as changing it later on has extra costs.

business empire richman shop name

A great way to help you decide on what business types to prioritize is business mergers. On the business page, one of the buttons at the upper part of the screen lets you start a business and the other lets you peek into available business mergers. Business mergers in Business Empire: RichMan are vertical mergers that involve companies with different products or services combining to cut costs, provide better services, or both.

business empire richman business mergers

As an example, the most basic business merger you can aim to invest in well ahead of the others is a Clothing Brand. This requires a small factory, a large chain of shops, and a shipping company. In addition to certain requirements you need to achieve with each of the said types of businesses, you also need an initial capitalization of 3 million dollars to complete the merger. It would sure be a lot to muster from the early part of your adventure but, surely enough, the cash requirement is a lot easier to gain than the milestones needed for the 3 businesses.

With a merger in mind, you can now readily proceed to starting a business one by one and while you do not necessarily have to limit your options to the 3 business types needed to reach the desired merger, we recommend focusing activities as much as possible to the achievement of this goal.

The shop and the factory are the 2 most basic business types in Business Empire: RichMan and while each one can start out netting you the least earnings, these profits are guaranteed and can also exponentially grow with additional investments.

business empire richman shop type

Unlike what most might expect from a business in retail and manufacturing, building a shop and factory in Business Empire: RichMan will not involve risk factors and complex mechanics like supply purchases, spoilage, loss of materials or merchandise, or even changes in production and purchasing costs. What you will have instead is a consistent hourly income depending on your shop and factory’s status.

Any size of shop or factory will be profitable as is but you can increase the hourly income they generate by opening up additional outlets. Expansion naturally entails additional financial costs and expansion activities also take time to complete. Likewise, you can expect costs and waiting time to grow along with the business’ expansion level. On top of investing in expansions to fulfill the requirements of the business merger in mind, its bigger benefit comes in the form of an increased hourly income.

business empire richman expansion

Another pair of equally simple businesses to operate in Business Empire: RichMan is the Taxi Company and Shipping Company. Both types of business come in one size and can be further expanded later on to reap more idle profits. Unlike the shop and the factory, starting a taxi company or a shipping company will not make you readily profitable as is. Before you start earning, you will need to purchase a car, in the case of a taxi company, and a delivery vehicle in the case of the shipping company.

business empire richman gogo shipping

Additionally, you will also need to regularly tend to both the taxi company and the shipping company. Vehicles you purchase and own are essentially impacted by depreciation indicated by the limited mileage each one can go for. For the most part, more expensive vehicles earn more per hour and may have longer mileage limits but instead of keeping a mental note of those numbers, we recommend simply regularly checking and ensuring that you have vehicles to keep either business profitable.

business empire richman car fleet

On top of the cars and delivery vehicles you invest in that have actual expirations, the profitability of both the taxi company and delivery company can also be limited by the garage space. You will naturally have a limited space to store your vehicles early on but you can spend some extra cash to expand and add more parking slots for the business so you can purchase more vehicles.

business empire richman expansion time

Expansion in the taxi company and the shipping company essentially works much like expansions in the shop and factory, which costs money and takes some time to complete. However, instead of expanding 5 slots at a time for either the taxi company or the shipping company, you can choose to purchase 10 slots or even 20 slots immediately. These options are more convenient for you if you have tons of extra cash. However, we do not recommend it as it costs a lot more to do so.

Just to give you an idea of how simple the businesses we discussed are, we will provide a brief glimpse of some of the remaining businesses you can open in Business Empire: RichMan. The construction company, which only requires $35,400 to start up, seems like an appealing business venture to get into in the early part of your journey. However, having a construction company as is will not yield any idle income. You need to take on construction projects to earn income and these projects require resources like workers and construction materials.

business empire richman construction type

In addition to the additional costs that the men and materials require, construction projects also take time to complete. Unless you always choose to stock up on the exact amount of required men and materials for a construction project in mind, you will end up with excess materials that do not yield idle income. Likewise, it can be a challenge to also be able to check back in once the project is completed to receive the payment. Chances are that your construction company will sit idly with no pending projects unless you regularly take care of it.

business empire richman project list

Yet another very interesting yet challenging business to get your hands on in Business Empire: RichMan is the car dealership, which is also relatively affordable at only 40,000 dollars to invest upfront. Reasonably enough, you cannot also expect a car dealership company to start reeling in money as is.

A car dealership involves purchasing used cars, fixing them, and then selling them off. You can purchase a wide variety of used cars in the Used Car Market. Cars have different costs and conditions. Before purchasing, you can even pay for the services of a specialist to assess the condition of the car. Naturally, the poorer the car’s condition, the more you will have to spend on fixing it in your car service department.

business empire richman car diagnostics

You can choose from among 3 specialization types when it comes to servicing or fixing cars. Regardless of your choice, be sure to align your chosen specialization to the types of cars you purchase from the Used Car Market as the specialization of choice impacts costs attributable to repairs of specific vehicle types.

Your skills relative to repairs can also be leveled up by performing the type of repair up to a specified milestone. Higher skill levels increase the accuracy of condition prediction and can impact profits you can earn from the buy and sell aspect of the business.

business empire richman showroom

Similar to the taxi company and the shipping company, expansions are also available for the car dealership business. There is a separate expansion option for the car service area, where you hold cars for repairs, and a separate expansion for the showroom where cars available for sale are displayed. Expansions expectedly cost cash and also take time to complete.

Unless you have an abundance of time to spare with running a car dealership, though, we recommend considering other investment options as an expansive space for either one may not always be fully maximized.

business empire richman improvements and investments

Although there is still the bank, the oil and gas company, and the football club we want to leave for your discovery, we want to share some insights into the IT company, which is a rather appealing virtual business option that costs $350,000. Starting an IT company sounds cool but it also does not yield idle income right from the get-go. Even worse, you will start losing money once the company starts running as there will be IT professionals underemployment who earn salaries regardless of whether or not you have projects in line.

business empire richman interfaces layout

Like the construction company, you have to take on projects to start earning profits from your IT company and projects also entail having the right and sufficient number of IT professionals to start and complete the task at hand. If done right and projects are always engaged one after another or even simultaneously, this business will be a very profitable venture. However, if you do not tend to it as regularly as you have to, having employees and not having any pending projects will mean that you will lose money on salaries on an hourly basis.

business empire richman project

There is nothing wrong with engaging in other businesses other than the simple ones we mentioned. What is important to note is that while some can prove to be more profitable given the right circumstances, you should always leave an open mind for potential risks and failures and be willing to set aside losses through the sale as a final resort.

5. Keep As Little Idle Cash As Possible

As a basic rule in practically any idle clicker business sim game, it is always recommended to empty your supply of ash as much as possible. Surely enough, this can appear as a bizarre tactic for newer players who are more accustomed to all other game genres as the natural tendency in almost every other game is to hoard as much resource as you can to save for future use.

With Business Empire: RichMan, just like in any other game within the genre, cash is supposed to stream in without fail. Although we mentioned in several points within the guide that it is possible to incur financial losses with some investments and business types, a decent enough level of adherence to the tips and strategies we provided should keep you from losing more money than you can earn.

business empire richman balance

The basic concept in idle clicker business sim games is that there are no such things as expenses. Every bit of cash you spend practically translates as an investment. This means that whether the cash you spend is on shares cryptocurrencies real estate, or the opening and expansion of a business, the idea is that you will get more out of the cash you used at some point in the future. Again, there can be risks and losses in some of these choices but the general idea is that the more cash you invest, the more cash you will gain moving forward.

While we maintain our recommendation to primarily focus on investments and businesses that are guaranteed to earn you idle income and come with little to no hassles attached, there will certainly be instances when your remaining cash balance will not be sufficient to open up a new business or even pay for its expansion or improvement.

In such cases, you can always opt to spend some cash on the relatively cheaper investment options. Some shares of stocks and cryptocurrencies are very affordable and, again, spreading out even the little idle cash you have should still be considered.

If you are, however, close to having enough cash to start a new business or spend for its improvement or expansion, then keep in mind that the active income generation feature of Business Empire: RichMan will always be available.

At this point, it should already be well established that you should max out your income level early on, and tapping away for $10, or $64.90 with an active ad boost, per click should net you the extra funds you need for what you need to invest in. Otherwise, you can also wait for a while and earn more idle income, just be sure to hop right back in once the funds are sufficient for that planned purchase in mind.

6. Do Not Hesitate To Sell If Needed

Despite having an exponentially increasing amount of idle profits and growing businesses and investments, it is only natural to occasionally have an itch for more investments. Business Empire: RichMan is designed in such a way that there will always be more to want as some investment and business options are only available for a hefty price that can only be achieved after a lot of time and effort.

Although designed to be a casual game meant to be enjoyed by just about everyone who can spare a few minutes with each dive, even the mix of idle earnings and idle clicking for instant cash will take a long while before you can take on all of what Business Empire: RichMan has to offer.

On top of these choices for earnings, though, there is a commonly ignored option that you can take if you want more cash immediately and while it is not always recommended, selling some of your investments or businesses is an option that you should be open to entertain.

selling shares in business empire richman

For starters, you may have invested a lot of cash into shares of stock and cryptocurrencies even before considering starting some businesses. You may have also considered purchasing some in an attempt to empty your remaining idle cash as we recommended earlier.

At a certain point in your tycoon life, you may decide to focus on specific ventures or perhaps consider lowering risks and going for surefire idle profits. If such is the case, then you can always consider selling the shares of stock you own or the cryptocurrencies in your possession.

In the case of stocks and cryptos, you can sell them higher than the amount you spent to purchase them. For real estate properties as well as any of the businesses you opened and improved, however, sales tax and similar charges will ensure that you will get less money than what you originally invested.

If you happen to venture into the construction, car dealership, or IT industry, and then realize later that you do not have the luxury of the time to keep them as profitable as your other businesses, then do not hesitate to close them down. Most especially with the IT company, if it starts incurring losses and you feel that you cannot turn it around, then don’t have second thoughts about letting it go for whatever amount of cash you can get from doing so.

business empire richman business closure

Although the option to sell can potentially arise from an intent to have cash that can be invested in a more profitable venture, it can be equally or even more important to consider the option as a means of stopping losses from incurring further.

In this regard, be sure to frequently check your profile as well as the numbers presented in each feature to analyze the numbers and determine where the most idle income comes from. Though this consideration entails a bit of extra effort, doing so will enable you to best determine how to maximize your profits every step of the way.

7. Save The Luxuries For Absolute Last

In the real world, you can categorize outflows of cash into 3 distinct groups. The first one would be the needs, or the most important necessities you need like food, shelter, and so on. The second one is savings and investment, which is practically your buffer for your future as well as emergencies. Lastly, there are wants or stuff and other expenses, neither necessary nor important, but existent to satiate your cravings.

business empire richman aircraft shop

As there is no consideration of needs in Business Empire: RichMan, we can group expenditures or cash usage into the latter 2 categories. The investment schemes and business options we have discussed so far fall within the first category and are important especially if you yearn to become a top tycoon. The remaining options to spend cash on are not important in the sense that they will not earn you profits and can all be found within the Items menu of Business Empire: RichMan.

You can purchase cars, aircraft, and yachts just for the fun of it and collect rare coins, paintings, unique items, jewels, stamps, and even NFTs. You can even purchase islands to add to your collection of wealth. All these practically serve as trophies to collect as indicators of your success as an investor and entrepreneur. In any case, all these luxury items can also be sold at a fraction of their purchase price.

business empire richman islands

While the appeal of having a collection of these special luxuries can sometimes be very tempting, we recommend saving these for the absolute last part or end game of your idle tycoon career. If you happen to reach a point where there are no further investments or business options and improvements to spend extra cash on, then feel free to splurge your abundance of extra cash on these goodies.

8. Ads And Offline Mode

It should already go without saying that while not necessary, taking advantage of the ad offers in Business Empire: RichMan is recommended. The extra cash you can reel in for a limited period after playing a short ad as well as the waiting time reduction in expansions and improvements can be a huge timesaver as well.

Although Business Empire: RichMan does contain some extra video ads that pop up randomly while you play, it is very minimal. Keep in mind that the presence of these video ads effectively keeps the game available for everyone to play and enjoy for free. However, if the ads do bother you, you should know that you can always be rid of them. All you need to do is simply turn your Wi-Fi or mobile data off and play the game offline.

business empire richman cars

Doing so will ensure that no random ads will pop up while you play but the same will also prevent you from taking advantage of ad boosts. In any case, you will only need a lot of help from the ad boosts early on, especially when you are heavily reliant on the active income generated by the clicks you do. Once your businesses and investments pick up and earn you more than enough idle cash regularly, then you can always opt for the offline mode and still fully enjoy Business Empire: RichMan.

And that just about sums it all up for our Business Empire: RichMan Guide. We hope that our lengthier-than-usual guide has sufficiently enlightened you on what you should consider and aim for as you strive to become the richest tycoon in the land. If you happen to have a different or unique insight on Business Empire: RichMan that you would like to share, don’t hesitate to do so and drop us a message in the comments!