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Brixity Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Become the Ultimate Brixmaster

Sandbox and city-building games have been around for about 4 decades or so but gamers these days, particularly the younger generations will most likely think about titles like Minecraft, Terraria, and The Sims series of games whenever the genre is mentioned. While there is a bigger chunk of video games available across every gaming platform has some forms of violence included to provide fun and excitement to its players, sandbox and city-building games are perfect examples of video games that can still be at least as fun and exciting while eliciting creativity and imagination well over other gaming skills.

brixity guide

Devsisters Corporation’s Brixity is a unique sandbox city-building game that mixes vibrant 3D graphics, a wholesome storyline, and simple gameplay mechanics to immerse players into a world that they will help create from scratch. With a plethora of different brix or building blocks, and a newbie-friendly user interface and control scheme, players are sure to find themselves easily just as easily hooked on discovering the near-endless possibilities of what can be created as it is to start the whole adventure.

Set in a future fantasy timeline where the Earth has long since become desolate and uninhabitable, you, as a Brixmaster, are among the chosen few sent back down to Earth to restore the planet with the use of Brix as a purifying element. There is almost absolute freedom as to how you can build your very own city and you will also get to recruit other Pipo or people to populate your ever-growing creation.

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With bits of narratives throughout your adventure, Brixity also comes packed with an introductory tutorial and there is no shortage of tips and guides along the way. Although simple, the abundance of activities to engage in can make it rather challenging as to what to focus on first. Although you are practically guaranteed to make progress regardless of what you do, a careful and strategic approach toward building and expanding can go a long way.

If you are eager to become an ace Brixmaster, you’re in the right place. We have come up with a bunch of tips, tricks and strategies for Brixity, so read on and check out our comprehensive Beginner’s Guide!

1. Master The Basics

As simple as Brixity is, you may miss a few important details in the early part of the adventure as you will be taking in a lot of information from the adventure’s story down to your goals as a Brixmaster and the tools needed to accomplish those goals. While the knowledge of having goals and a role you must take seems to imply work and tons of chores, the whole idea still revolves around having fun as you muster your creative juices to build a unique metropolis of your very own design.

Going about the creation and expansion of your city can be done in as many ways as you can think of and shifting from one activity to the next at your discretion can never go wrong. For those eager to make progress as fast and as efficiently as possible, however, it becomes important to master all the basics early on to focus on fewer things moving forward. In this regard, it is important to distinguish between activities that contribute to your city’s growth and development and activities that add more fun and color to the virtual world you create.

brixity year 2523

To start, the initial activities you will partake in after getting back on Earth revolve around restoring areas using Brix, purchasing blueprints, and finally building structures using the blueprints you have available. Restoring plots of land cost healing essences, which is a basic currency, and purchasing blueprints cost coins, which is another basic currency.

Building structures will not cost you anything and commercial buildings you put up come with their own set of rewards like healing essences and Exp. There are various other rewards and resources to obtain following the growth and development of your city in line with the missions.

brixity progress

When it comes to building structures from blueprints, the process is a lot faster than what most people might anticipate. You simply need to drag the correct Brix into the designated space and drop it for more of its kind to follow. This means that you do not necessarily have to lay brix one at a time. If any, the small challenge attributable to this activity is rotating the layout if the correct spot is not visible and this can easily be done with a sliding gesture on the screen or tapping the rotate button on the upper left side of the screen.

brixity cosmo's rocket

The restoration mission you have in Brixity is not exclusively limited to restoring the land and putting up a variety of structures. Doing so does contribute a lot to your city’s growth and development, but a progressive city cannot be left unpopulated so you have to also invite more and more Pipos to live and work in your town.

brixity blueprint

Primarily, you can recruit Pipos once you unlock the Space Port. You can spend crystals or tickets to recruit Pipos. Pipos you recruit, in turn, can be placed in the structures you have built in your city. There are currently 90 different Pipos to collect and each one has a unique appearance and personality. More importantly, higher-grade Pipos have extra perks that take effect when you assign them to a commercial property.

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2. Follow The Restoration Missions

Brixity leaves you with more and more activities to engage in as you tirelessly grow and develop your very own city on a planet in the process of rehabilitation. Following the natural flow of progression, however, some of these activities as well as the variety of structures, brix, and items you can add to your expanding collection, can only become accessible once you reach certain milestones in your adventure. In this regard, it is only reasonable to pursue these milestones at the soonest for a faster and more efficient growth rate.

Restoration Missions in Brixity are very much comparable to chapter missions or main quest lines in other RPGs and adventure games. Following the introductory tutorial session, the Restoration Missions continue to immerse you further into the world of Brixity by providing a list of tasks for you to accomplish. Restoration Missions may seem like an extra layer of tasks for complete beginners, but the tasks listed perfectly coincide with the usual activities you should be partaking in as you progress through your journey to becoming an elite Brixmaster.

brixity restoration missions

Restoration Missions can be accessed via the numbered icon on the right side of the screen. The number indicates your current phase and the surrounding green bar indicates the level of your progress in your current phase. Restoration Missions are divided into phases, which are like chapters, and each phase comes with 3 objectives to complete.

Naturally, you have to accomplish all 3 targets to clear the phase and move on to the next one. Each new phase you reach is an important milestone and comes packed with a host of new features to expand your world.

brixity upgrade

Completing a phase and starting the restoration activity takes a bit of time and each higher phase naturally takes a little while longer to complete. If you tap on the Restoration Missions icon while the clean-up is taking place, you can purchase or use Clean-Up Bot Boosters to cut down the processing time. As purchases can only be done using crystals, however, we recommend only using what you have and as sparingly as possible.

brixity clean-up boosters

On the other hand, there is an abundance of other activities to engage in while waiting to have access to the next phase’s set of objectives. We will discuss them a little later on but at this point, it is important to note that a few minutes of waiting for the clean-up process will seem a lot shorter if you take time to enjoy the rest of what Brixity has to offer.

3. Put The Right Pipo In The Right Place

An aptly populated city can be seen as a thriving one and with the abundance of Pipo you can invite to live and work in your very own metropolis, it is a fairly easy task to sustain an increasing population of Pipo in proportion with the continuous expansion of your city. You have absolute freedom to deploy and assign Pipos to whichever structure you deem fit. However, some considerations can yield more benefits for you relative to how Pipos are assigned.

brixity pipo

We mentioned earlier that you can recruit more Pipos to join your cause from the Space Port. Pipes have rarity grades, which are Citizen, Expert, and Master. Naturally, Master grade Pipos are the most difficult to acquire, considering their rarity but, at the same time, offer additional perks. Although you can deploy or assign Pipos to residential, commercial, or public structures, their benefits only apply to commercial buildings.

brixity space port

Mastery level affects the idle earnings you receive from every commercial building and Pipos, depending on rarity grade, can boost the mastery level accordingly. Citizen Pipos add 5 Mastery Points while Expert Pipos add 15 Mastery Points. Master grade Pipos can add 25 Mastery Points as well as provide extra perks that can further increase Mastery Points or even increase the business’ idle income generation.

Naturally, you would want to consider higher-grade Pipos for commercial structures. Deploying Pipo on other types of structures is mostly for cosmetic appeal. Despite that, you will often find yourself unable to resist placing Pipos in every spot available.

brixity hiring pipo

As you unlock more commercial structures and invite more higher-grade Pipos either from the Space Port or as rewards, be sure to always deploy the best ones and fill every slot in the commercial structures. To do so, simply tap on the commercial structure. You will see the Staff Board on the left side. Simply click on a slot and choose a Pipo on the right side to hire. Commercial structures can have strict requirements in terms of specialization.

This means that one or a couple of slots available on the Staff Board can only be filled with specific Pipos. If a Pipo is assigned to a slot and you click on the Pipo Selection to the right, there will be comparative displays of stats, particularly if there is a variance in the Mastery Points those Pipos provide.

4. Accomplish Daily Missions For Extra Rewards

The Restoration Missions can keep you immersed and entertained for several hours and the resulting rewards you obtain with every step of progress goes beyond the quantifiable items and features that pop up as you reach new phases. Although these missions are our recommended priorities as far as progression grows, Brixity provides extra missions for you to accomplish.

brixity daily missions

The Brix Pass icon at the right side of the screen houses your daily missions. Like restoration mission objectives, daily mission targets naturally fall well in line with the usual activities you should be engaging in. There are 6 daily objectives and clearing each one earns you 100 season points. In addition to the 600 season points you can earn after clearing all 6 objectives, you will also receive 3,000 coins by completing all daily missions.

brixity daily missions 2

Do not feel bad for only earning season points for the individual missions as the Pass Rewards on the other tab houses plenty of extra rewards you can earn with the season points you accumulate. Seasons run for 30 days and completing daily missions regularly can naturally earn you the top free rewards. On the other hand, purchasing a Brix Pass can earn you better rewards and while very beneficial, is not necessary.

5. Partake In Special Events

If the Restoration and Daily Missions still do not fully quench your thirst for more activities and rewards, then you would be happy to know that Brixity regularly provides several special events. All events can be accessed via the Events icon on the right side of the screen. The event screen typically holds a long list of items to check so be sure to scroll down on the left side to see all currently running events. This is where you can claim your daily login rewards as well.

brixity account linking

Most especially for new Brixmasters, there are special events that essentially work like an extra set of missions. These special events hold valuable resources like crystals as rewards for each task accomplished and, as can be expected, the tasks all fall well in line with what you should typically engage in. The “Together in BRIXITY” special event is a perfect example of events you should look into and make the most out of. In addition to the handsome rewards waiting for you to claim from this event, the list of objectives also serves as a guide towards progressing through the adventure.

brixity together in brixity

In the same manner, the Brixmastery 101 is also a special event that players should take advantage of. Like all other missions and event objectives, the Brixmastery 101 special event is strategically designed to immerse you into everything Brixity has to offer, which means that the first objective in line is considerably easier to accomplish than the latter.

Although there will be instances when you can accomplish some tasks down the line ahead of the current one, you will need to accomplish the earlier tasks and claim the rewards first before you can claim the latter ones.

brixity brixmastery 101

Although special events like Together in BRIXITY and Brixmastery 101 seem to be available for an unlimited time, most other special events are only available for a limited time. At the time of this writing, the “Train Station Incident!” is currently available.

This special event comes packed with its very own short story and, more importantly, an adventure-styled progression brimming with quest objectives and special rewards. Similar to other special events with objectives as well, the “Train Station Incident!” also hosts objectives that align with the usual activities you will engage in.

brixity the train station incident

Considering everything, you will naturally find yourself accomplishing several targets across different mission lists and special events if you stay active. What we recommend is to peek into each of these events and mission lists to determine specific objectives or targets you may be lagging in. After all, the plethora of activities to immerse yourself in within the world of Brixity can easily take more hours than you have on your hands daily. As such, checking different lists of objectives regularly can help you prioritize better.

6. Expand Your Creative Ideas

The initial activities of purchasing blueprints and building them on the recovered plots of land in your city can be too easy even for complete beginners. If simply building structures based on ready-made designs were all that Brixity offers, then most players would probably find it too monotonous at some point. What makes Brixity stand out from other city-building games is its sandbox element which, in this case, allows you to design your very own structures.

brixity brix kit

Brixity lets you design and create your very own structure through the Creator Mode feature. You can unlock this feature fairly early in your adventure and can be accessed via the drafting icon at the lower left side of the screen. Creating a structure has its attributable costs as well from the lot down to every brix you use to create your design. There are a good number of brix you can use at the start but as you make further progress in your adventure, more selections will become available.

brixity ribbon

Designing your very own buildings serves purposes beyond satisfying your craving to express creativity and have a truly unique city. Every new design you create comes with a blueprint that can be sold to other Brixmasters. There is also a separate set of goals to pursue. The Creative Activity Rewards lay out a very long list of milestones to reach, relative to the Creator EXP you earn with every new design you craft. There are various rewards you can obtain here that cannot be acquired anywhere else.

brixity blueprint management

7. Visit Other Brixmasters’ Cities

Despite having a ton of activities to engage in within the confines of your very own city, and even if creator mode can easily bring out your creative juices (even the ones you may not be aware of), There will always be plenty more room for you to further enhance your creativity and imagination. Yet another exciting feature of Brixity is that it lets you visit other players’ cities through the City Tour feature.

brixity city tour

Initially, the Space Port will be exclusively utilized as a means of recruiting Pipos to live and work within your city. However, the Pipo Arrivals stand as one of the features within the Space Port. After you tap on the City Tour banner, you will be presented with a list of cities to visit. Visits cost City Tour Coupons, which can be obtained in plenty of ways. City Tours not only lets you take a tour of another Brixmaster’s creation, but it also plays as a mini-game where you can search for gift boxes.

There are also Pipos you can interact with and there are opportunities to invite them to join your city as well. We recommend that you grab as much as you can with each visit. While you are at it, remember to leave likes and follows as well.

brixity travel guide

Another great way to the masterpieces of your fellow players is through the City Poll. Partaking in the City Poll lets you go through a quick tour of 3 random cities and give a rating to each one. Unlike in the City Tours where you can walk through the city from a Pipo’s perspective, City Poll only lets you scroll through the city’s layout. This will still enable you to get a good look at its entirety. You can rate each city on a scale of 1 to 5 and earn rewards after accomplishing the simple feat.

brixity city rating

There is just so much more content and features in Brixity that we cannot cover in-depth with just one guide. Although this is where we wrap up our beginner’s guide, we are very confident that the simple tips and strategies we shared with you more than sufficiently provide the necessary guidance to propel your progression rate to exemplary heights. If you happen to spend a good deal of time in the world of Brixity and have uncovered some cool tricks and strategies on top of what we have discussed, feel free to share them below!