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Minecraft Pocket Edition Tips & Tricks: A Detailed Guide to Survival

Minecraft Pocket Edition had recently gotten a new update, and with this free patch, you can now access the Nether and all its people, its weather effects, and more. This update also lets players enjoy cross platform play with Windows 10 Beta Edition. All in all, this game has been available for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone for a while now, and with this update, things have gotten even better for longtime Minecraft Pocket Edition players.

We had recently rolled out a Minecraft Pocket Edition strategy guide that talks in depth about how you can transition into the game as a beginner, first-time player. And now that you know the basics, we’ve got a few more tips, this time dealing with survival. And that’s not just the mode we’re talking about here, but actually making it past your first few days of playing the game.

1. Start With A Good Seed

There are different seeds that could be considered “good,” but most tend to go with Cat, Canyon, and I Like to Move It. These all have great opportunities for survival that could allow you to learn as you play the game, but they also have a lot of ores, which is arguably more important when it comes to choosing seeds.

2. Working With Wood

Wood is one of the basic resources you need to gather in Minecraft Pocket Edition’s Survival Mode. And just as we said in the beginner strategy guide, you’ve got to find a tree, punch the wood with your hand, and collect the logs. Next step, as far as working with wood goes, is to make a crafting table so you can create more advanced items. The wood you had collected earlier should then be turned into planks, though you’ll want to save one block for another time, just so you have something stored. Finally, make a stick with your crafting table; this stick could then be used to make a wooden pickaxe.

3. Build A Shelter

This may sound like a rehash of our last set of tips, but just so you remember what to do, go to the mountainside or a rock face and make your first shelter. Make sure your shelter has a wooden door, or at the very least a block. Your shelter should ideally be done while the sun is still up, as most of the monsters in this game only come out at night.

4. Some Tips For Using The Pickaxe

The number of cobblestones you should gather may vary from strategy guide to strategy guide, but we would personally go with 14 cobblestones. With that, you can then add to your weaponry with a stone sword, and also create more advance items like a stone pickaxe. Also make a furnace, where you can then burn your wooden planks with a wooden block, thus creating coal.

5. Know Your Enemy

There are four different monster types in Minecraft Pocket Edition. Skeletons are the first, and they are ranged characters with bows and an unlimited supply of arrows. Best thing to do would be to kill skeletons from behind with a sword. Creepers are the green creatures that blow up when near, and you can take care of them by shooting them with a bow. Spiders have the ability to jump to blocks and stay hidden in their webs. They appear at any time of the day, but if you see them when the sun is up, you don’t need to be too scared as they’re harmless by then. That’s because they only attack when the sun is out. Lastly, zombies have only their fists to serve as weapons, and are extremely slow on their feet. Use a sword to fight back and gain the upper hand against them.

6. You Can Go To Sleep Now

Well, not really, as you have to check and see if there are any monsters nearby. Tapping on your display will skip from night to day and allow you to get the recommended hours of sleep. And if you don’t have any monsters to worry about, you can tap on the bed and go to sleep for the evening.

But what if you want to be absolutely, positively sure that no monsters will bother you while you sleep? We would advise digging down about 30 blocks, and moving your bed to that area. That puts some much-needed distance between you and the monsters, but you should also have a route going to the surface, so you don’t get stuck in the underground.