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Photo Spot Mania Answers to All Levels

Photo Spot Mania is available for Android and iOS devices, and it comes to us from a developer called Karzy. It is, according to the company, a “high quality picture puzzle game that will test your memory skill,” and that means spotting the differences between each of the photos. There are hundreds of high-quality photo sets where you can spot these differences and beat your friends in spotting the most of them, and each succeeding level gets harder and harder, truly challenging your memory and seeing how keen your eyes are at seeing what’s different.

This Photo Spot Mania answer key ideally shouldn’t be used as an instant crib sheet that will feed you all of the answers for all of the levels; we only recommend referring to it if you’re stuck with a certain puzzle. But if you need help figuring out Levels 1 to 16, we’ve got all the answers in here, so go check them out if you’re having a hard time with some of the pictures.

Level 1-1 Cupcake Window
Level 1-2 Pillow Wall
Level 1-3 Flowers Pots Ear
Level 2-1 Flower Mouth Umbrella stripe
Level 2-2 Duck Fountain
Level 2-3 Fire Pillow Window
Level 2-4 Spots Wires Lights
Level 2-5 Writing Shirt
Level 3-1 Windows Mailbox
Level 3-2 Mantel Lamp Presents
Level 3-3 Face Top cookie
Level 3-4 Chimney
Level 4-1 Words
Level 4-2 Bus Trash can Window
Level 4-3 Shadows Middle Icicles
Level 4-4 Ear Branch
Level 4-5 Wheels Fence

Level 5-1 Shoes Eyes
Level 5-2 Ball Blocks
Level 5-3 Teddy bear Box
Level 5-4 Red truck Bricks
Level 5-5 Pant stripes Data chip
Level 6-1 Numbers
Level 6-2 Eyes Tail
Level 6-3 Words
Level 6-4 Potatoes Peppers
Level 7-1 Middle pump Words
Level 7-2 Light Mirrors
Level 7-3 Kickstand Window
Level 7-4 Windows
Level 7-5 White tires Black tires
Level 8-1 Heads People
Level 8-2 Skyscraper Railing
Level 8-3 Bench Painting (bottom left, top right)
Level 8-4 Statue Light
Level 8-5 Pictures (bottom middle, top right)