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.PXL Tips, Tricks & Cheats to Get a High Score

.PXL is a game for the iOS platform designed by Appsolute Games LLC, and it puts you in control of a pixel on an endless journey through a vibrant and abstract world composed of simplicity and filled with unexpected danger. The artwork here couldn’t be any more minimalist than it is, and all you have to do is tap on your iPhone or IPad – there aren’t any fancy-schmancy storylines to speak of, no special power-ups, no ability to save one’s game, nothing – it’s gaming stripped down to its purest form, not unlike the all-too-famous Flappy Bird. And since these games typically have just one goal – top your highest score or someone else’s – we’ve got a couple of useful .PXL tips and hints for doing just that.

1. There Are Two Ways To Move

You have two options when moving around in .PXL – you can ride along on the ground, or you can go airborne and bounce, not unlike a certain “Flappy” character invented by Dong Nguyen. Scoot around if you see a good opening – this is much safer than bouncing around or flying, which could end your game if you inadvertently bounce against something.

2. Practice Regularly

There are times when your high score would be an absolute lucky fluke. For example, you may start out your game with some of the hardest parts of a stage, or you may begin with easy scenarios right off the bat – that’s what you get when you’re relying mainly on the luck of the draw. Keep on playing and replaying, focus your practice on difficult levels, and soon enough it’ll all be second nature to you.

3. Take Breaks From The Game

Yes, this tip sounds a lot like the second one, but what we mean to say here is that you shouldn’t hesitate to take a rest for a few minutes if you’re playing one bad game after another. Once you return after that few minutes of rest, you’ll likely be feeling refreshed and ready to beat out those high scores.

4. Time Your Bounces Exquisitely

This is a mechanic that you most likely know from Flappy Bird – your bounces must be timed perfectly, in such a way that you can drop quickly if it means staying alive. But this is something that comes with regular practice; pay attention to the times where it appears as if you’re cutting too close, and time your character’s bounces accordingly.

5. How Can You Get Rid Of The Ads

Ads, of course, are what monetizes .PXL for its creator Appsolute. And you have the option of paying real money to get rid of the ads – your options are payments of $0.99, $1.99, or $2.99. There’s no difference to speak of with these three packages – you simply pay more if you really, really love the game and enjoy Appsolute’s titles. That’s a nominal fee, and if you really like this game a lot, it won’t hurt your wallet. But if you insist on playing the game with zero distractions – it is available to play offline. Turn your phone’s data or Wi-Fi off or put it on airplane mode to play without anything getting in the way.