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BitLife Groupie Challenge Guide: How to Complete the Groupie Challenge

Another week, another BitLife challenge. As you may be aware, Candywriter added some spice to its massively popular life simulator, BitLife, by introducing challenges several months ago — these are limited-time events where you are given at least three requirements, usually no more than five, and asked to live your character’s life based on those requirements.

For instance, the first-ever event of this type, the Alphabet Challenge, asked players to create a female character and have 26 kids, with each of their names corresponding to each letter of the alphabet. We’ve also seen challenges inspired by Netflix’s Tiger King documentary, as well as two recent ones that focused on rock stardom and movie stardom.

The latest challenge Candywriter launched is called the Groupie Challenge, and while its description makes reference to Yoko Ono, you don’t have to be a famous rock star to complete it. And you won’t exactly be breaking up your “band” like Ono allegedly did to the Beatles. Instead, this challenge focuses on the few real-life elements baked into the game, specifically the fact that you can get a job at Candywriter and share the same office space with the same people (albeit in NPC form) that helped create BitLife and make it the enduring hit it currently is. So with that said, join us for this BitLife mini guide, where we’ll show you how to complete the Groupie Challenge in as little time possible.

BitLife Groupie Challenge Requirements – Be Born In Tucson Or Miami

If you’ve already gotten the Teammate ribbon, this shouldn’t be anything new to you. But if you haven’t, or if you aren’t familiar with how to get it, this ribbon is awarded if you get a job with Candywriter, which has offices in Tucson, Arizona and Miami, Florida. As such, you would need to be born in either one of those cities, which you can easily set when creating a character. Decent Smarts is probably the only prerequisite, although our aptly-named test character started with below-average Smarts but got that stat up as he went through school.

bitlife groupie challenge requirements

And since you may have noticed that we went with a male character, take note that you may have an easier time completing the Groupie Challenge with a female Bitizen — we shall explain a little later on in this guide, but there is no specific gender requirement for completing the challenge.

As is often the case, staying out of trouble in school is very much advisable, same with studying hard whenever possible to improve your grades and getting your Smarts up (if needed) by reading books or joining clubs. Even a short 32-page children’s book should do the trick, as it did with our character. Just don’t act up in class, insult or mess with anyone, or react negatively if someone, may it be a classmate or a teacher, tries to pick on you.

After you graduate from high school, you’ll need to choose the right college course — Computer Science would be the most advisable, and if you followed the aforementioned steps, you should have no problem getting a scholarship. You may have to quit and restart the game before you see Computer Science among the available courses.

bitlife university application

If all else fails and your grades aren’t that good/your parents aren’t that rich and/or generous, you can always take out a student loan. Once again, joining a fraternity or sorority is recommended if you’ve got good Popularity or better, as this allows you to skip the interview stage in most cases — if you need to get your Popularity up, joining clubs or athletic teams, complimenting/conversing with classmates, and being part of a clique all can help.

Once you’ve graduated from college, simply look for Jr. App Developer in the Jobs menu and apply for it. If you get the job, you’ve completed the first main requirement of the Groupie Challenge by joining the Candywriter or BitLife team, respectively depending on whether you chose Tucson or Miami as your birthplace.

How To Quickly Get A Thousand BitLife Video Views

Another one of the three requirements of the Groupie Challenge is to post a BitLife video on social media that gets at least 1,000 views — out of the five in-game social media platforms, there are only two that allow you to post a BitLife clip, and those are TikTok and YouTube. So how can you get that elusive thousand-view video without having to luck out and go viral with one of them?

bitlife tiktok video views

Yes indeed, going viral with a social media upload is similar to winning the lottery in BitLife — based on our observations, only about one out of 15 to 20 posts will go viral. But if you want to speed up the process and go from mere double-digit views to quadruple digits, we suggest buying 5,000 subscribers for $145 on either platform.

We would further recommend doing this no more than twice and about three to five years apart from each other, because buying subscribers, especially if it’s done in consecutive years, could get your account suspended for spam! Our experience shows that the platforms won’t be so forgiving on most occasions, so it’s best to play it safe.

We also suggest signing up to TikTok and YouTube as early as possible — that would mean at the age of 13. The other three networks are merely optional, and we would, in fact, recommend leaving them as is so you could concentrate on posting TikTok and YouTube content. When it comes to the types of posts, it’s a good idea to mix in some dance videos, challenges, random videos, product reviews, and gaming clips (the latter is YT-only) while keeping your BitLife uploads at about 50 percent of your total posts. Just avoid political and inspirational quote posts, because both of these can be detrimental to your follower count!

buying followers in bitlife

As an added bonus, we just found out that it’s possible to become a Famous App Developer in the game. If you haven’t hit the magic 1,000 mark at that point, you certainly will once you reach celebrity status as an app developer, so don’t fret if you somehow forgot to pay close attention to your social media activity while trying to complete this challenge.

Marrying Someone From Candywriter Or BitLife – Why Do Female Bitizens Have An Edge?

As you’ll notice the moment you get hired by Candywriter or BitLife — in the game, that is — most of the employees are male. That means you’re going to have a much easier go at things when it comes to the final requirement, provided that your character is female or if you’re a gay male and there’s another gay male in the workplace.

You will also notice that most of the employees appear to be based on real people — Candywriter founders Nadir Khan and Kevin O’Neil are the Tucson and Miami bosses, respectively — and happen to be mostly 30 years old and below. We’re not quite sure if the rank-and-file employees are randomized, but the Tucson team in our playthrough was, for lack of a better term, initially a sausage party.

candywriter staff in bitlife

There’s also the fact that both offices are quite small, with only five rank-and-file employees and one supervisor each. Most likely, you’ll have to wait quite a while before tying the knot if you’re a straight male Bitizen joining a team almost exclusively made up of young men, though there is one guy, Eric Blanchard, who is 54 years old and therefore due to retire in 12 years, once he turns 66. Still, we went with a male character because we wanted to further challenge ourselves, and he got married to a female coworker at the age of 38. Most people that age already are married with kids, but for the purposes of the Groupie Challenge, that’s not too bad at all, especially given the circumstances we mentioned.

Regardless of your Bitizen’s gender or sexual orientation, the character you want to initially ask out would be one with above-average Coolness and Professionalism stats. Thankfully, both are typically high for the real-life Candywriter employees used in the game, and as an added bonus, most of them are single. (The aforementioned Mr. Blanchard, at least in our playthroughs, is not.) When it comes to fictional, generated NPCs, you’re essentially rolling the dice — their stats may or may not be conducive to a workplace relationship, and there’s also the chance that they might actually be married.

sharing assets with wife in bitlife

When you’ve found a coworker whom you like enough to ask out, make sure you get your Relationship bar up to around 75 percent or better — the best way to do this would be to compliment them and have a conversation with them at least once a year. Of course, low-Coolness characters may tell you to shut up even if you’re offering a compliment, but that’s why that stat and Professionalism are both important when vetting potential partners.

After you’ve entered a relationship with one of your co-workers, the usual steps follow — improve the Relationship bar with compliments, conversations, or gifts and/or by making love to them, buy a genuine ring in the $20,000 price range and above, propose to them at a nice and romantic location, then tie the knot, prenup or no prenup. Once again, you will be rewarded with a new hat or eyewear upon completing the challenge, depending on which of the four mystery prize chests you choose!