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BitLife Frisky Business Challenge Guide: How to Complete the Frisky Business Challenge

At the time of this writing, we’re still waiting for the next major BitLife update, and the first of many more to come, as hinted in the Special Careers menu. (Reddit Troll has just been added to the list of upcoming careers, and so has Vampire — things should be getting more interesting really soon!) But Candywriter, as any BitLife player should know, has the perfect way to whet those appetites in the meantime. The company is still rolling out those weekly challenges for iOS and Android players alike, and they don’t seem to be running out of ideas.

This week’s BitLife challenge continues the ongoing trend of “classic” challenges that don’t take inspiration from any type of pop culture property or any famous celebrity. In other words, the Frisky Business Challenge has nothing to do with the similarly named Tom Cruise film (Risky Business).

bitlife frisky business challenge requirements

Instead, it has everything to do with being a controversial employee, one who isn’t above sleeping around with coworkers and knocking them up, and one who somehow hangs on to their job despite performing poorly at it. Much like those BitLife challenges of old, this is quite a tricky challenge, and it also happens to be a very nuanced one that gave us quite a bit of difficulty.

But we did complete it, and that’s why we’re here bringing you this BitLife mini-strategy guide to help you check off all the requirements in the Frisky Business Challenge without paying for a trip on the Time Machine or restarting your character’s life — both of which we did while trying to complete the challenge.

Getting Started: Swing Both Ways and Get Hired at a Financial Job

There aren’t any special statistical thresholds to keep in mind when creating a character for BitLife’s Frisky Business Challenge. You can aim for 50 percent Smarts or higher in order to ensure a good chance of getting into college on a scholarship, but Smarts can be increased by taking part in school activities and studying harder on a regular basis, so this isn’t exactly a strict requirement.

bitlife attributes

Your character can be male or female and can have any birthplace or hometown, though if you have God Mode enabled, you might want to set your sexuality to Bisexual. This gives you more coworker options when the time would come for you to complete the hookup requirement. If you don’t have God Mode, you have the option of waiting until you’re 12, checking the Sexuality sub-menu under Identity, then creating a new character if your current one turns out to be straight.

bitlife financial analyst job

Naturally, you’ll need to get good grades and avoid disciplinary issues while in school so you can get yourself a college scholarship. Make sure you are choosing Finance, Economics, or other similar courses that could ensure you a corporate job, and if your Popularity is above average or better, you can join a fraternity or sorority so that you can bypass the interview process in most cases. BitLife’s definition of “corporate job” is office work for a bank or as a number-cruncher for some company, so Financial Analyst, Banker, and similar jobs are all good choices if you’re trying to get the first requirement out of the way.

Hooking Up at Work: 15 Coworkers Isn’t Literal, But There’s a Catch

Hooking up with at least 15 coworkers may seem like a daunting task, especially since the typical BitLife workplace has only about ten to twelve employees, yourself and your supervisor included. The good news, though, is that this is not a literal requirement in the Frisky Business Challenge.

It’s actually more like 15 hookups, so if you hook up with one partner multiple times while trying to complete the challenge, those, um, “entanglements” will all count toward the 15 the challenge requires of you. But there is one tricky little catch that might throw you off if you’re trying to circumvent the limitations at your current workplace.

hook up at work in bitlife

Yes, it is true that in BitLife, not everyone will be amenable to a little hanky-panky away from the workplace. Even if you do as suggested earlier and create a bisexual character, straight and/or married coworkers are far more likely to turn down your advances than single and/or LGBTQ coworkers. As such, you may be tempted to hop from job to job in order to reach 15 hookups faster.

Unfortunately, that’s where the catch comes in, as the requirement will be unchecked and nullified if you switch jobs or get fired! Your hookup count will be reset to zero, so you will need to stay with the same employer until the very end of the challenge (i.e. when you beg to be rehired) in order to be credited for the 15-plus hookups.

Don’t Wait Too Long to Have Kids With Your Coworkers!

The next requirement of the Frisky Business Challenge is to have at least five children with your coworkers, and if you’ve been having unprotected you-know-what with your fellow employees, this shouldn’t be too difficult. But there are a few twists, with the most obvious one being that you shouldn’t wait too long before having kids.

In fact, the “magic number” to keep in mind here would be 40, as pregnancies after 40 in the BitLife universe are very rare. If you’re controlling a male character, this would be much less of an issue, though you will still need to target female coworkers aged 40 and below in order to complete this requirement. And if you’re controlling a female character, that’s where you’ll really need to make sure to get things done before you hit the big 4-0.

bitlife pregnancy

Marrying a coworker should be even easier — just choose the baby mama/baby daddy you’ve got the best relationship with, ask them out, wait a year or two, propose with a ring, get married, and you’re all good. You can even do this with any other coworker, just as long as you marry someone you worked with, or are working with.

bitlife marriage

Just one other important thing to remember — if you ask a coworker out, start dating them, then have a kid with them afterward, that will NOT count toward the five children requirement! All five kids need to have been conceived via office hookup, so wait till you’ve had your fifth child via this method before finding someone (from work) to settle down with.

To Get Rehired, You Need to Have a Good Relationship With Your Boss

The final requirement of the BitLife Frisky Business Challenge probably, more so than the other tasks, best describes why this is one of the more nuanced and tricky challenges we’ve ever completed. The obvious instinct for most players here would be to seduce their supervisor in order to get fired quickly, but the problem here is that your Relationship with your boss needs to be at about 80 percent or more if you want the best chances of getting your job back. Seducing your boss would immediately torpedo your Relationship stat with them, and naturally, they wouldn’t want to welcome back anyone who made uncomfortable advances toward them.

relationships at the company in bitlife

Instead of taking the easy (and ultimately futile) route by seducing your supervisor, we’d recommend pulling a series of pranks on or spreading rumors about various coworkers until your Performance bar turns orange. At that point, there’s a good chance you will be terminated after the next HR investigation is launched.

Provided you’ve got a very good relationship with your boss, as we detailed above, there’s a fairly good chance they will be able to “help” you, but you’ll still need to go through one more hurdle before completing this requirement — the sit-down meeting with your supervisor. The game will ask you if you wish to: politely ask for your job back, break down in tears in hopes your boss would show more mercy, seduce your boss, or change your mind and accept your dismissal.

bitlife job termination

The safest option (asking for your job back) is the best one in this case, so once you’ve been rehired, that should do it for the Frisky Business Challenge. Just as always, completing the challenge allows you to open a prize chest for a new hat or eyewear.