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BitLife Baby Mama Challenge Guide: How to Complete the Baby Mama Challenge

Challenges are of the things that has kept BitLife popular despite the fact it’s been around for almost two years as the top life simulation game for iOS and Android devices. Thanks to the good folks at Candywriter, you can now test your ability to live a life in a certain way by fulfilling certain requirements in these limited-time events. They’ve been around for quite a few months now, and the latest one should be a treat for those who are looking for something a bit more, uh, scandalous.

Candywriter realized the newest BitLife challenge just days after rolling out version 1.39, and this time, it’s all about following the folklore of Johnny Spillyourseed, as the game will helpfully tell you. We’re talking about none other than the Baby Mama Challenge, and while it is fairly easy compared to most other challenges, you will need to be especially fertile and especially patient, as you’ll need to be a male Bitizen with at least 20 wives and 20 kids, with each child born to a different wife.

As usual, we’re here to help all of you complete the challenge as quickly as possible while it’s still live, so check out this BitLife mini-strategy guide if you want to get through this challenge and complete it sooner rather than later!

Getting Started – Your Ideal Character Build

As you’ll see in the requirements for the Baby Mama challenge, and as you may logically guess, the first prerequisite is the most important, and the simplest — you need to be born male. This is a challenge exclusively for male Bitizens, and while it is possible to complete it while being gay, those who have God Mode may want to switch their character’s sexuality to Bisexual or Straight for the purposes of this challenge.

bitlife baby mama challenge requirements

Fertility also needs to be set high, and while these two stats are mostly optional, you may also want to increase Smarts and Looks to 70 and above — the former helps in getting into college and getting a high-paying job afterwards, the latter makes your character more, shall we say, dateable. You may need to re-roll a bit if you’re not on God Mode, but even if you end up with a gay character, you can ignore all sexuality-related prompts until you’re done with the challenge.

When it comes to schooling and employment, it is still best to strive for a trouble-free academic career as much as possible, though the important thing here is avoiding juvie and avoiding having to take out a student loan in college. Raising 20 kids isn’t cheap, so you want to qualify for a scholarship or, at the very least, have parents who are rich enough to pay for your tuition.

There’s no one specific course you should or should not take, but we would suggest something like Economics, Finance, Marketing, Political Science, or anything that would allow you to eventually earn around $100,000 a year without having to take a post-graduate course.

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For this challenge, we would actually advise against becoming a famous celebrity — you want to earn enough to support your super-large family, but not become rich enough for women to run to the hills when you ask them to sign a prenup. As we’ll explain below, prenuptial agreements will become very important as you get married again, and again, and again until you complete the challenge.

Choosing The Right Partners

Once you’re 16, you’ll be able to make love to your partners, and that’s the earliest point when you’ll be able to have kids — in most countries, you can only get married at 18, so the important thing here is marrying your first baby mama (and getting a part-time job in college) in the event of a teenage pregnancy. So what do you need to do when looking for someone to date, and eventually marry?

love interest in bitlife

During your schooling years, you can try pursuing your female classmates or using the Date option, and from the time you graduate college till the age of 39 or so, the Date option will become your best friend going forward, as this allows you to date women and view their basic stats without having to pay a fee.

Your best choices here would be someone with high Money and low Craziness stats. Low Money and high Craziness typically results in female Bitizens refusing to go off birth control and refusing to sign prenuptial agreements, so you should go for the opposite here — if it’s the woman who asks you to sign the prenup on account of the fact she’s richer than you, that’s just where you need to be in terms of the Baby Mama challenge.

how to use the dating app in bitlife

At the age of 40, the Date and Hook Up options will start yielding more results for older women — women who are oftentimes too old to realistically bear children, meaning those who are 50 and above. That’s where you can go ahead and use the Dating App, which costs $100 per use. We would suggest searching for women aged 20 to 29, with the income at around $58,000 a year, as this decreases the chances of ending up with someone with little to no net worth and therefore, a greater chance of complaining when the time comes for you to make them sign a prenup.

Propose At The Right Place, Choose A Cheap Wedding Plan, Make Them Sign A Prenup

When talking about the things you need to do before getting married, you’ll need to choose the right place to propose — Field of Tulips, Elegant Restaurant, Lighthouse, and Mountain are all recommended, though the rule of thumb is to choose an extra-romantic area that will allow you to propose to your partner without having to buy a ring.

proposal in bitlife

Early on in the challenge, we bought quite our share of wedding rings to increase the chances of proposing successfully, so if you must, it’s best to buy something in the $10,000 to $20,000 range, and avoid the fake jewelry store at all costs.

For the wedding plan, it’s as simple as choosing the cheapest one possible, and that automatically means choosing No Honeymoon in the second drop-down box. For the Venue drop-down box, keep it cheap by choosing Church, Courthouse, or Family Member’s House. Weddings at Restaurants, Golf Courses, and other chintzy places cost too much, so feel free to go as cheap as the drop-down options allow you to.

wedding planning in bitlife

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Last, but not the least is the matter of getting your partner to agree to the prenup — again, they will be likelier to agree if their Craziness is low and their net worth is similar to yours, and likelier to disagree with high Craziness and very low (think $10,000 or less) net worth. God Mode allows you to manipulate all these variables, but if you don’t have God Mode, it probably won’t hurt if you get married a few times without a prenup, especially once you’ve got eight kids or more and your bank balance has been affected a bit by taking care of all those little ones.

Get Married, Have A Kid, Get Divorced, Rinse And Repeat

The main components of the Baby Mama challenge are to be married at least 20 times, have at least 20 children, and make sure that each child is born to a different wife. (You can, however, have more than one child with any given wife.) But if you want to complete the challenge quickly, you’ll want to follow this pattern — find someone to date, propose to them, get married, have at least one kid, then get divorced after the child is born — either by using the Divorce option in your wife’s sub-menu under Relationships or simply by returning to the Love sub-menu under Activities and dating someone new. Children born out of wedlock also count toward completion, as long as you eventually get married to the kid’s mother.

family relationships in bitlife

You may face some resistance along the way — aside from rejected prenups, some wives may refuse to stop taking their birth control. If this happens, just wait one or two years after marriage and they’ll eventually get off the pill. You can also quit and restart if one of your children gets a life-threatening condition such as cancer, but if they suffer from a minor illness at any point, make sure to take them to the doctor ASAP. Just to be safe, you want all those kids to survive until the end of the challenge.

exes in bitlife

Basically, you just need to repeat the above sequence of actions at least 20 times — that way, there will be a good chance that you’ll be able to complete the challenge before the age of 65. And once the challenge is complete, you’ll be allowed to choose a prize chest and unlock a new hat or eyewear to add to your list of accessories!