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Tales of Crestoria SSR Heroes Tier List: Our Picks for the Best and Worst SSR Heroes in the Game

Two weeks following its global launch and Bandai Namco’s Tales of Crestoria continues to maintain respectable spots in top lists of new mobile games in countries where it is available. As the latest installment in the Tales series of RPGs, and the first to bring together protagonists from every Tales game, Tales of Crestoria stands as a huge treat for fans of the franchise.

With its fresh yet familiar mechanics and features packed with stylish anime graphics and dramatic turn-based action, Tales of Crestoria offers plenty for players avid RPG enthusiasts as well. Like any gacha RPG that offers a massive roster of characters, one of the game’s more exciting aspect centers around choosing from among the heroes which ones to join your team. With each hero having unique traits and skills, along with some being the main protagonists in their own Tales world, the decisions relative to which heroes you should invest in becomes a challenge on its own.

If you have just started diving into the world of Tales of Crestoria and still have not grasped the fundamental features and mechanics and looking for simple tips and strategies to jumpstart your adventure, then we suggest you read our Tales of Crestoria beginner’s guide first. Since we have also covered rerolling in our initial guide, then browsing through our tier list can help you choose the heroes you should aim to secure via reroll as well.

tales of crestoria characters

Tales of Crestoria currently holds 60 characters with 24 SSRs and 36 SRs. As much as we would like to consider SR heroes for a full tier list, they simply cannot be compared to SSR grade heroes in terms of power and overall utility. For one, SR heroes are currently capped at level 90, and while SSR heroes can only reach 10 levels higher, it can still widen the gap in stats and overall power. Another consideration is the Mystic Artes that are available only for SSR grade units.

Before we proceed to the tier list, we once again advise you that all tier lists, like this one, are highly opinionated so instead of entirely being influenced by our selection or anyone else’s, you should always take the time to look into each character yourself. Characters within the same tier are considered relatively equal and are arranged alphabetically.

Tales Of Crestoria S Rank Heroes

These are the cream of the crop and should be your prime targets if you choose to reroll in the game. When you secure any of these heroes, there are certainly no regrets in investing in them as they are viable for different game modes and will definitely carry you through the story with noticeable ease.

Cress [A Moment’s Peace] (Earth – Sword)

cress tales of crestoria

As the main protagonist of the first Tales game, Tales of Phantasia, Cress’ incarnation in Tales of Crestoria is a balanced warrior with decent attack and defense stats. With several hero passives that depend on hit count, Cress’ artes can quickly build up on those numbers if needed. His Awakened Passive, Swordman’s Stance boosts the attack of the team by 10% and he has a 3% chance to reset his skills’ cooldown time when using a Sword Arte.

His second arte, Phoenix Dance, deals 190% damage with 12 hits and comes with a 30% chance to inflict burn status on an enemy for 3 turns. Cress currently stands as one of the best character for Wind Raids and also an effective contender in PvP combat.

Kanonno E. [Greatsword Wielder] (Water – Longsword)

kanonno e greatsword wielder tales of crestoria

Kanonno Earhart is the main protagonist of the spin-off game Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology. Kanonno may have lower defense and HP but has high attack stats. She also has a passive skill, called Once Upon a Time, that boosts the attack of the entire party.

Additionally, her passive can recover 15% of her HP following a successful break. Her Mystic Arte, Unchained Note, deals a massive 360% damage. Kanonno is currently the top favorite in Fire Raids and also among the best considerations for both Water and Earth Raids.

Leon [Defiant Heart] (Dark – Dualblades)

leon tales of crestoria

A common favorite for fans of Tales of Destiny, temporary party member Leon Magnus is as powerful in Tales of Crestoria as his previous incarnations. He sports one of the highest attack values, counterbalanced by his low defense and HP stats. His awakened passive, Master Swordsman, likewise provides a 10% attack boost for the whole party and comes with a conditional boost that grants 20% additional attack to Dualblade types after achieving 20 hits.

Leon’s Mystic Arte, Infernal Suffering, deals 200% damage on an enemy with 29 hits and also has an 80% chance to inflict Curse on the target for 2 full turns. With his stats, skills, and dark elemental affinity, Leon is considered as the best choice for Light Raids and also among the top picks for all other raids as well as PvP combat.

Stahn [Energetic Soul] (Fire – Sword)

stahn tales of crestoria

Tales of Destiny’s main protagonist, Stahn Aileron, has been built very well for his in carnation in Tales of Crestoria. His stats are comparable to Leon and his awakened passive also provides 2 bonuses. Future Knight Captain grants allies an extra 6% attack boost and when Stahn uses a Fire Arte, there is a 4% chance for him to reset the cooldown of his skills.

His Mystic Arte, Phoenix, does 360% damage to a single target and his Second Arte, Searing Gale does 150%. Searing Gale has a 30% chance to inflict Burn status on the target as well. Stahn is considered as one of the top heroes to use in Earth Raids and a considerable option for both Fire and Wind Raids. Stahn is also an exceptional choice in PvP combat.

Velvet [Tainted by Vengeance] (Wind – Martial Arts)

velvet tales of crestoria

Velvet Crowe is the main protagonist in the latest main installment of the Tales RPG series, Tales of Berseria. In Tales of Crestoria, Velvet sports the highest attack stat among all characters, higher than both Leon and Stahn. She comes packed with a superb awakened passive as well. Feaster of Fiends provides a 10% attack boost to all allies and further boosts the attack of Martial Arts types by 20% after achieving 20 hits.

Although her Mystic Arte, Lethal Pain costs 270 Over Limit (OL), which is a lot more compared to most heroes, it deals 450% damage. Her Second Arte, Hell’s Claw does 215% with 4 hits and also has a 50% chance to afflict the target with a Curse status for 2 turns. Velvet currently stands as the best hero for Water Raids and likewise among the top considerations for Wind Raids.

Tales Of Crestoria A Rank Heroes

With only 5 heroes that we considered for S Tier, A rank heroes are still very much worth the investment considering the various game modes in Tales of Crestoria. These heroes still excel in a particular undertaking if not be the next viable substitutes for the heroes above.

Kanata [Blade Swatted in Sin] (Light – Longsword)

kanata tales of crestoria

Kanata Hjuger is the main protagonist in Tales of Crestoria and is a balanced type character on both versions in the game. Kanata’s awakened passive, Transgressor’s Strike, is potentially the best one to have in any party as it gives all characters an extra 15% attack.

A notable skill is Rending Bite, which is an AoE attack that does 110% damage to all targets. With his passive skill, Kanata is considered as one of the best heroes to use in PvP combat and is a great unit to have in both Light and Dark Raids as well.

Kanonno E. [Summer Holiday] (Wind – Longsword)

kanonno e summer holiday tales of crestoria

The recently added version of Kanonno sports fairly high values on both attack and defense stats. Her awakened passive, Lit by Summer Sun grants allies a 7% attack boost and grants all wind attribute teammates an extra 10% attack as well. Her Mystic Arte, Vortex Note, is a strong AoE attack that deals 160% damage to all enemies.

Another notable skill is her Second Arte, First Aid, which can restore 50% HP to an ally with a cooldown period of 3 turns. This version of Kanonno is also a popular character to use in PvP battles.

Kohaku [Sparkling in Battle] (Wind – Martial Arts)

kohaku tales of crestoria

A main character in Tales of Hearts, Kohaku Hearts is built to be an offensive unit in Tales of Crestoria. Though still considered average in terms of overall stats, her value largely comes from her passive skill and her support capabilities. Mistress of Kicks is an awakened passive that not just boosts HP of all allies by 12%, it can also increase the OL gauge of Martial Arts types by 10%.

Her First Arte, Anti-Magic guarantees to remove all physical ailments from an ally once every 3 turns. Though she currently does not excel in any particular game mode, her passive bonuses can be put to great use with the right team.

Ludger [Twilight Memories] (Dark – Dualblades)

ludger tales of crestoria

Ludger Will Kresnik is Tales of Xillia 2’s main protagonist. In Tales of Crestoria, Ludger has both above average attack and defense stats. His Awakened Passive, Jack of All Weapons, provides conditional buffs that activates after reaching the 20-hit mark. It grants an extra 10% attack to all teammates, and lodges an extra 12% attack boost to allies with a dark elemental affinity.

His Mystic Arte, Ritual of Destruction, does 340% damage to a target and banks 15 hits. Another notable skill is Time Disintegration, which does 140% and also reduces the defense of his target by 10%. Ludger is a definite plus for Dark Raids and is also one of the best heroes to use in Wind Raids.

Milla [Noble Hearted] (Light – Sword)

milla tales of crestoria

Milla Maxwell is a main protagonist in Tales of Xilla and in Tales of Crestoria, she exhibits an above average attack value paiered with a loosely average defense stats. Although her Awakened Passive, Women on a Mission, is conditional, the 20% HP boost it can provide to a full party of light elemental units is a huge defensive boost.

One notable skill is her Second Arte, Lightning, which deals 150% and also comes with a 40% chance to inflict Debilitated on the target. Milla is considered by many to be the best pick for Dark Raids and also among the best choices for Dark Raids.

Misella [The Blazing Doom] (Fire – Artes)

misella tales of crestoria

Misella is one of the 3 main protagonists in Tales of Crestoria and this SSR version is great to have as a support character in any team. Though her overall stats are generally average, she has good defense stats that sync well with a more defensive roster. Her awakened passive, Inviolable Flame, grants a massive 15% HP boost to her entire team. Her First Arte, Heat Aid, can restore 45% HP of an ally.

Her Second Arte, Igniting Pillar, is also commendable for the 180% damage it deals along with its 40% chance to inflict Burn status on the target for 3 turns. Misella’s Passive and ability to heal an ally makes her a top candidate for support in PvP combat.

Sorey [The Dawn’s Guidance] (Wind – Sword)

sorey tales of crestoria

The main protagonist in Tales of Zestiria, Sorey exhibits high defense stats. Though his awakened passive, Incorruptible Soul, only provides its 20% defense boost to fellow wind elemental units, it can certainly be a big defensive buff for largely, if not entirely, wind-based team rosters. His Mystic Arte, Bolt Tempest, does 320% damage but has a 60% chance to inflict Wildfire on an enemy for 2 turns. Wildfire gives damage to the target whenever he or she damages a member of your team.

His First Arte, Heat Wave Whirlwind is likewise noteworthy for its 220% damage and 30% chance to inflict Burn on the target for 3 turns. Sorey may not be the best in any specific raid but he is certainly among the prime candidates for Fire Raids and Water Raids.

Tales Of Crestoria B Rank Heroes

For most tier lists, being on the third tier will mostly mean holding off on heavy investments but considering that there are currently only 24 SSR heroes in the game, each of whom are better than SR heroes, you should still consider investing in these heroes especially if you do not have enough SSR heroes from the higher tiers. You can consider to limit resource investments after securing other SSR units more suitableto your needs but still, there are heroes within the B Tier that can excel in particular raids.

Chronos [Power Past Perception] (Dark – Martial Arts)

chronos tales of crestoria

Chronos is the master of spacetime and an antagonist in Tales of Xilla 2. Although his god-like powers should make him stand out among most characters in the game, his stats and skills are average in probably the strictest sense. His attack, HP, and defense values are basically at the mean if we consider the highest and lowest values of other heroes’ stats.

Chronos’ awakened passive recovers 8% HP of allies at the start of a wave and also boosts the attack of Light elemental units in the team by 8%. His Mystic Arte, Bit Force, is an AoE attack that deals 120% damage. His First Arte, Chronos Collider also does damage to multiple enemies amounting to 120%.

Estelle [Reading in the Flowers] (Light – Staff)

estelle tales of crestoria

As a main protagonist in Tales of Vesperia, Estellise Sidos Heurassein is a very effective healer. Her incarnation in Tales of Crestoria holds true to the core principles as she is the best healer in the game. She has the second highest HP as well although her attack is subpar and defense is average.

Her Awakened Passive, Preparation is Key!, provides two conditional buffs: it grants a 15% boost to HP of staff-type allies, and boosts defense of light elemental units in the team by 10%. Her Second Arte is a potent healing skill that restores 55% of an ally’s HP while her Mystic Arte, Sacred Penance heals all the HP of allies by 45%. Estelle is great to have in both Dark Raids and Light Raids.

Jude [Soul of Diligence] Light – Martial Arts)

jude tales of crestoria

One of the two main protagonists in Tales of Xilla, Jude Mathis is known as a melee fighter with minor healing skills. In Tales of Crestoria, Jude has average overall stats and works best in a team full of light elemental heroes.

His Awakened Passive, Friendly Med Student, boosts HP of light elemental allies by 12% and restores 5% HP as well when a wave starts. His most notable skill is his Second Arte, Recumbent Wolf, which boosts his own attack by 10% for 2 turns.

Luke [Shaken in the Wagon] (Fire – Sword)

luke tales of crestoria

Luke fon Fabre is the main protagonist in Tales of the Abyss and is incarnated as a well-balanced character in Tales of Crestoria. His Awakened Passive, Nobleman Shut-in, boosts HP of fire elemental allies. His First Arte, Burning Havoc, is notable for its 140% damage that can hit multiple enemies. Luke is considered as one of the best heroes to have in Earth Raids.

Reid [Serene Huntsman] (Fire – Sword)

reid tales of crestoria

As the main protagonist in Tales of Eternia, Reid Hershel is known to be a close combat expert who can wield a variety of melee weapons. His incarnation in Tales of Crestoria classifies him as a sword-wielder type although it maintains his high offensive capabilities as exhibited by his attack stat. His Awakened Passive, Hunter’s Insight, gives him a 5% chance to reset cooldowns of his skills after using a Fire Arte and also recovers 8% HP of fire elemental allies after a successful break.

His Mystic Arte, Burning Phoenix, deals a massive 380% damage with 11 hits. Another notable skill is his Second Arte, Rising Phoenix, which deals 230% damage along with a 30% to inflict Burn status on the target for 3 turns. Reid stands as one of the better choices of heroes to take with you on Earth Raids.

Rita [Flash in the Twilight] (Water – Artes)

rita tales of crestoria

Rita Mordio is a supporting character in Tales of Vesperia and is one of the most intelligent mages of Aspio. She exhibits decent stats in Tales of Crestoria and sports 2 passive conditional boost to allies. I’ll Send You Flying! boosts attack of water allies by 10% and additionally grants 10% attack to all allies, regardless of element, at 20 hits. Her Mystic Arte, Ancient Catastrophe, deals a massive 460% damage to its target although it OL cost is equally expensive.

Veigue [Midsummer Siesta] (Earth – Longsword)

veigue tales of crestoria

Veigue Lungberg is the main protagonist in Tales of Rebirth and while the only other version of him currently available is an SR grade, this one is an improvement overall. His Awakened Passive, Cold to Beat the Heat, boosts the defense of earth element allies by 11% and leaves a 5% chance for longsword type allies to reset their skills’ cooldowns after use. His Mystic Arte, Glacial Calibur, deals 150% damage to all enemies. Veigue is among the best considerations for Wind Raids.

Vicious [Jig of Hot Lead] (Dark – Gun)

vicious tales of crestoria

Vicious is one of the three main protagonists and an original character in Tales of Crestoria and while his name may give you the impression that he is all about assault and DPS, Vicious actually has low attack and defense stats but has the highest amount of HP in the game.

His Awakened Passive, Tandem Transgression, further supports his massive HP by granting a 15% boost to HP of all allies. His artes may not have special effects but each one, along with his basic attack, can rack up hits fast. Vicious I among the top considerations for Light Raids as well as Dark Raids.

Tales Of Crestoria C Rank Heroes

If you secure these SSR heroes after the possibility of doing a reroll, you still should not feel disappointed. By default, you should not consider investing in these heroes especially if you have heroes belonging to higher tiers.

Keep in mind, however, that gacha and luck may earn you more Memoria Stones for these heroes that you can use to awaken them and raise the effects of their passive skills. If such is the case, then you can consider banking on these heroes. Again, these are still better than SR heroes in the game so investing on them is not a waste at all.

Aegis [Lance that Lights the Way] (Water – Spear)

aegis tales fo crestoria

An original character in Tales of Crestoria, Aegis Alver is introduced as a knight in pursuit of the main protagonist. While his attack and HP stats are subpar, Aegis currently has the highest defense value in the game.

In addition to having high defense stats, Aegis can tremendously boost his allies’ defense with his Awakened Passive, Vow of Protection. He can boost the defense of fellow spear type users by 15% and can also boost defense of water elemental allies by 10%.

Asbel [Under an Azure Sky] (Water – Sword)

asbel tales of crestoria

Asbel Lhant is the main protagonist in Tales of Graces and maintains an overall balanced build in Tales of Crestoria. His Awakened Passive, To Know True Strength, can boost the attack of water elemental allies by 20% after reaching 20 hits.

A notable skill is his First Arte, Plasma Shock, which can boost his attack by 10% for 2 turns.His Mystic Arte, Stampede Strike, is fairly strong as well as it deals 370% damage with 9 hits. Asbel is a good choice of character to use in both Fire Raids and Water Raids.

Lloyd [Twilight Training] (Earth – Dualblades)

lloyd tales of crestoria

As the main protagonist in Tales of Symphonia, and was originally designed to specialize in speed in building combos. In Tales of Crestoria, however, Lloyd exhibits one of the highest defense values and lags a little behind in terms of attack and HP compared to other warriors.

His Awakened Passive, Twice as strong further adds to the defense of earth elemental allies by 20%. While his basic artes have low hit counts, his Mystic Arte, Falcon’s Crest, deals 320% damage and has 22 hits.

Yuri [At Yesteryear’s Window] (Earth – Sword)

yuri tales of crestoria

Yuri Lowell is the main protagonist in Tales of Vesperia and while he used to have a build focused on a balance between speed and power, his incarnation in Tales of Crestoria made him more of a defensive character. Yuri’s Awakened Passive, The Path I Chose has a 12% probability of removing all abnormalities from his allies. He can raise the attack values of earth elemental allies as well by 20% after achieving 20 hits. Yuri is a viable consideration for Wind Raids as well.

And that ends our Tales of Crestoria SSR tier list. Before we go, however, we would like to stress that heroes in the list are considered individually. Just because you have all the heroes in the top tier may mean that you will be unstoppable if you lump them all together. Be sure to consider passives, especially conditional effects when building a team.

Also, we understand and accept varying opinions as to which heroes you feel belong to which tier. If you want to share your views and opinions about how we ranked the heroes, we would be glad to hear from you so do not shy away from letting us know about it down in the comment section!